Baronet Devereux Castle Bromwich

1st Edward Devereux created on 25 Nov 1611 [67]

Baronet Dunham Massey

1st George Booth created

Baronet Easton Maudit

1st Christopher Yelverton created

Baronet Eastwell in Kent

1st Moyle Finch created on 1611 [61]

2nd Theophilius Finch succeeded

Baronet Fortescue

1st John Fortescue created on 17 Feb 1636

Baronet Glentworth

1st William Wray created on 25 Nov 1611 [56]

2nd John Wray succeeded on 13 Aug 1617 [31]

3rd John Wray succeeded on 31 Dec 1655 [36]

Baronet Palmer

1st Thomas Palmer created

Baronet Scorborough

1st John Hotham created

Baronet Tong Castle

1st Thomas Harries created on 12 Apr 1623 [73]

Baronet Walton

1st Francis of Walton and Aldwark Foljambe created on 24 Jul 1622 [32]

Baronet Willoughby

2nd Thomas Willoughby succeeded on 1688 [16]

1st Francis Willoughby created

Baronet Wilton

3rd James Brydges succeeded on 1651 [9]

3rd James Brydges succeeded on 16 Oct 1714 [41]