Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period

After 1390. Monument to Sampson Strelley -1390 and Elizabeth Hercy in All Saints' Church, Strelley, Nottinghamshire. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period Finely made in Chellaston alabaster. The detail of the mail incomplete. Bascinet, no orle, moustache. Great helm with Saracen's Head Crest, strangled as denoted by the tongue out. Extended mantling. She wearing an early form of Crespine Headress. Holding Hands.

After 1390. Tewkesbury Abbey, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Monument to Guy de Brienne. Alabaster with, unusually, portraits rather than a generic face. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period.

After 1391. St Peter's Church, Elford, Staffordshire. Monument to Thomas Arderne 1337-1391 and Catherine Stafford 1338-1392. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Holding Hands.

After 1394. St Boniface's Church, Bunbury, Cheshire. Monument to Hugh Calveley -1394. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Finely carved Calf's Head on the breastplate representing Hugh Calveley's canting arms. Calf's Head Crest. Arse Girdle.

After 1396. Monument to Robert Willoughby 4th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1349-1396 and his third wife Elizabeth Latimer 5th Baroness Latimer Corby 1357-1395 in St James' Church, Spilsby, Lincolnshire. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Remarkable helm on which the Baron's head rests. The effigy of a bearded man, possibly generic. The presence of a coronet or crown may suggest the face is that of Edward III King England 1312-1377 in whose reign Robert died. Excellent orle around the Baron's bascinet.

After 1399. St Mary's Church, Acton, Cheshire. Monument to William Mainwaring -1399. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Ass's Head Crest.

After 1418. St. Dubricius Church, Porlock, Somerset. John Harrington 4th Baron Harington 1384-1418 and Elizabeth Courtenay -1471. Finely carved alabaster monument of the Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Note the decorated orle and the plate gorget (throat protection), Arse Girdle and the Horses Head Crest. She wearing a Crespine Headress.

After 1419. Monument to Michael Pole 2nd Earl Suffolk 1361-1415 and Katherine Stafford 1376-1419 in St Andrew's Church, Wingfield, Suffolk. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period.

After 1423. St Peter's Church, Elford, Staffordshire. Monument to John Stanley 1423-1474. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Maiden's Face Buckle. Eagle and Baby Crest; the legend associated with Sir John's descent from his ancestor, Sir Thomas Latham, whose wanted his barren wife to adopt his illegitimate son so he placed the baby in a nearby eagle's nest and his was delighted with this 'miracle' and took the child as her own.

After 1425. Monument to Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425 and his wives Margaret Stafford 1364-1396 and Joan Beaufort 1379-1440 in St Mary's Church, Staindrop, County Durham. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period.

After 1439. All Saints Church, Harewood, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire. Monument to William Rhyther 1379-1440 and Sybil Aldeburgh 1363-1439. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Crespine Headress.