Great Helms and Crests

Ass's Head Crest

After 1399. St Mary's Church, Acton, Cheshire. Monument to William Mainwaring -1399. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Ass's Head Crest.

Calf's Head Crest

After 1394. St Boniface's Church, Bunbury, Cheshire. Monument to Hugh Calveley -1394. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Finely carved Calf's Head on the breastplate representing Hugh Calveley's canting arms. Calf's Head Crest. Arse Girdle.

Clenched Fist Crest

After 1473. Church of St Barlok, Norbury, Staffordshire. Monument to Nicholas Fitzherbert 1400-1473. Fluted Period. Fine set of weepers. Two wives shown on one end. Clenched Fist Crest usually left-handed; probably a mistake by the sculptor. Yorkist Suns and Roses Collar with the only extant example of the Yorkist Boar Pendant (as in Roman name for York = Ebor) pendant. Feet resting on a Lion.

After 1490. Church of St Barlok, Norbury, Staffordshire. Monument to Ralph Fitzherbert 1428-1484 and Elizabeth Marshall 1437-1490. Finely made in Chellaston alabaster of the Fluted Period. His effigy notable for being the only remaining with the boar of Richard III on his Yorkist Suns and Roses Collar. Bobbed hair with finely detailed ringlets. No facial hair. The chest finely made with weepers on the three extant sides. On one side five single men (a knight, a monk, two merchants and one unknown), and one couple. On the other side women, four single, two duos. Ralph and Elizabeth had twelve children, six male, six female so probable the weepers represent their children, possibly with spouses, possibly with offspring since in the two females duos there is a noticeable difference in height. Tudor Livery Collar. Fine sabbatons, the armoured feet, with spurs. Note the beadsman under the right foot. Unlikely the sculptor had ever seen a lion. Feet resting on a Lion. The Fitzherbert Clenched Fist Crest. A finely carved Butterfly Headress. A finely carved collar with Mary and baby Jesus pendant. A Bedesman looking somewhat bored. Excellent weepers on all sides, probably their issue, possibly with grandchildren, on the longer sides since they had six boys and six girls.

Cockerel Crest

After 1403. Monument to Edmund Cockayne 1356-1403 and his first wife Margaret Longford. Camail and Jupon Period. Cockerel Crest.

After 1438. Monument to John Cockayne 1370-1438. Early Plate Period (Bascinet and Gorget) Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Cockerel Crest (most of which is missing). Butterfly Headress.

After 1488. All Saints Church, Youlgreave, Derbyshire. Monument to Thomas Cockayne 1451-1488. A curious monument insofar as it half-life sized apparently as a result of his dying before his father. Killed in a fight, or duel, with his in-law Thomas Burdett over inheritance or dower. Fluted Period. Yorkist Suns and Roses Collar. Cockerel Crest.

Dogs Head Crest

After 1524. Church of St Peter and St Paul, Exton, Rutlandshire. Monument to John Harrington 1473-1524 and Alice Southill 1460-1490. Tudor Period. Probably Burton Harpur and Moorecock. Dogs Head Crest. Bedesman and Lion at his feet. Tudor Livery Collar. Dog(s) chewing at her dress.

After 1526. All Saints Church, Harewood, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire. Monument to Edward Redman Lord Harewood 1455-1510 and Elizabeth Huddlestone 1450-1526. Tudor Period. Tudor Livery Collar. Dogs Head Crest. She wearing a simple  headdress with veil falling low on the shoulders.

After 1530. St Oswald's Church, Malpas, Cheshire. Monument to Randle Brereton 1480-1530 and Eleanor Dutton 1484-1522. Alabaster. Tudor Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Dogs Head Crest. Dog(s) chewing at her dress. Possibly Burton Harpur and Moorecock; Swirling Lions Tail.

Eagle Crest

After 1456. All Saints Church, Kedleston, Derbyshire. Monument to John Curzon 1380-1456 and Joan Bagot. Fluted Period. Eagle Crest. Lancastrian Esses Collar.

Eagle and Baby Crest

After 1423. St Peter's Church, Elford, Staffordshire. Monument to John Stanley 1423-1474. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Maiden's Face Buckle. Eagle and Baby Crest; the legend associated with Sir John's descent from his ancestor, Sir Thomas Latham, whose wanted his barren wife to adopt his illegitimate son so he placed the baby in a nearby eagle's nest and his was delighted with this 'miracle' and took the child as her own.

Elephant and Castle Crest

After 1582. Memorial to Thomas St Paul -1582 and Faith Grantham in St Lawrence's Church, Snarford, Lincolnshire. Elephant and Castle Crest.

Feathered Crest

After 1400. Monument to John Marmion 1343-1387 and Elizabeth St Quentin -1400. St Nicholas Church, West Tanfield, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire. Camail and Jupon Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Arse Girdle. Feathered Crest.

After 1447. Monument to William Phelip 6th Baron Bardolf 1383-1441 and Joan Bardolf 6th Baroness Bardolf 1390-1447 in St Mary's Church, Dennington, Suffolk. Early Plate Period (Bascinet and Gorget) Period. Feathered Crest. Detail of the Wyvern on which her feet rest. Detail of Eagle, possibly hawk, on which his feet rest. Crespine Headress covering her hair. He wearing a bascinet with orle and IHC lettering. Both wearing a Lancastrian Esses Collar. Leg Garter below the left knee.

Horses Head Crest

After 1418. St. Dubricius Church, Porlock, Somerset. John Harrington 4th Baron Harington 1384-1418 and Elizabeth Courtenay -1471. Finely carved alabaster monument of the Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Note the decorated orle and the plate gorget (throat protection), Arse Girdle and the Horses Head Crest. She wearing a Crespine Headress.

After 1426. All Saints Church, Harewood, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire. Monument to Richard Redman 1350-1426 and Elizabeth Aldeburgh 1362-1417. Early Plate Period (Bascinet and Gorget) Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar albeit interwoven with another device. Horses Head Crest. Elaborate Crespine Headress.

Maiden's Face

After 1465. All Saints Church, Harewood, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire. Monument to William Gascoigne 1409-1465 and Margaret Clarell. Fluted Period. Yorkist Suns and Roses Collar. His bare head, with finely detailed hair, no facial hair, rests on an unusual helm which appears to be a Maiden's Face, with an orle. Below the waist faulds and tasses under which mail may be seen. Both rest on a chest tomb with finely detailed weepers on each side. She, on his right, with a Widow's Barbe (from the French for beard) drawn up to her chin at the finely carved end of her dress two dogs, one pulling at the foldsDog(s) chewing at her dress.

Peacock Crest

Saracen's Head Crest

After 1390. Monument to Sampson Strelley -1390 and Elizabeth Hercy in All Saints' Church, Strelley, Nottinghamshire. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period Finely made in Chellaston alabaster. The detail of the mail incomplete. Bascinet, no orle, moustache. Great helm with Saracen's Head Crest, strangled as denoted by the tongue out. Extended mantling. She wearing an early form of Crespine Headress. Holding Hands.

After 1503. Monument to John Pole 2nd Duke Suffolk 1442-1492 and Elizabeth York 1444-1503 in St Andrew's Church, Wingfield, Suffolk. Finely made Fluted Period alabaster monument. Both wearing their ducal coronets. He wearing a Leg Garter. His head resting on a great helm with Saracen's Head Crest, feet resting on a Lion.

After 1533. Monument to John Strelley 1456-1501 and Sanchia Willoughby 1452-1533All Saints' Church, Strelley, Nottinghamshire. Tudor Period. Described as the finest alabaster monument in the country. Chellaston alabaster. Bare headed, bobbed hair to the shoulder. Feet resting on a Lion, two fine beadsmen, one male, one female. Great helm with Saracen's Head Crest, strangled as denoted by the tongue out. Extended mantling. Four arms above the effigies represent, from left to right:
Strelley impaled Kempe - his father Robert Strelley 1423-1488 and his mother Isabel Kempe -1459
Strelley impaled Willoughby - John and his wife
Strelley impaled Pierrepoint - John's paternal great-grandfather Nicholas Strelley -1430 and great-grandmother Elizabeth Pierrepoint.

Sphinx Crest

After 1528.St Leonard's Church, Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. Monument to Henry Willoughby 1451-1528. A fine chest tomb monument in sandstone (rather than alabaster), somewhat damaged, with his four wives, two each side. Early Lancastrian Esses Collar somehwat unusual given the 1528 date of his death. Sphinx Crest. Cadaver underneath. Henry Willoughby's Arms including Willoughby top left hand corner (water bougets from Willoughy family original name Bugge).