Maiden's Face Buckle

After 1423. St Peter's Church, Elford, Staffordshire. Monument to John Stanley 1423-1474. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Maiden's Face Buckle. Eagle and Baby Crest; the legend associated with Sir John's descent from his ancestor, Sir Thomas Latham, whose wanted his barren wife to adopt his illegitimate son so he placed the baby in a nearby eagle's nest and his was delighted with this 'miracle' and took the child as her own.

Arse Girdle

After 1394. St Boniface's Church, Bunbury, Cheshire. Monument to Hugh Calveley -1394. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Finely carved Calf's Head on the breastplate representing Hugh Calveley's canting arms. Calf's Head Crest. Arse Girdle.

After 1400. Monument to John Marmion 1343-1387 and Elizabeth St Quentin -1400. St Nicholas Church, West Tanfield, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire. Camail and Jupon Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Arse Girdle. Feathered Crest.

After 1418. St. Dubricius Church, Porlock, Somerset. John Harrington 4th Baron Harington 1384-1418 and Elizabeth Courtenay -1471. Finely carved alabaster monument of the Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Note the decorated orle and the plate gorget (throat protection), Arse Girdle and the Horses Head Crest. She wearing a Crespine Headress.

After 1432. St Chad's Church, Longford, Derbyshire. Monument to Ralph Longford 1400-1432. Early Plate Period (Bascinet and Gorget) Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Arse Girdle.

After 1448. Monument to Hugh Willoughby 1380-1448 and Margaret Freville 1401-1493 in St Mary & All Saints Church, Willoughby on the Wolds, Nottinghamshire. Early Plate Period (Bascinet and Gorget) Period. Arse Girdle. Butterfly Headress.