23 Feb 2020 - Church of St John the Baptist, Drakelow, Derbyshire

Around 1470. Monument to Richard Barley. Alabaster. Fluted Period. Much mutilated unfortunately.

After 1653, Monument to Elizabeth Meverell 1st Countess Ardglass -1653. Elizabethan Period.

After 1653, Monument to Robert Meverell -1628 and Elizabeth Fleming -1628. Elizabethan Period.

Church of the Holy Cross, Ilam, Staffordshire.

Monument to St Bertrand.

Monument to David Pike Watts. Sculpted by Francis Leggatt Chantrey 1781-1841.

Monument to George Newell.

Font with Images representing Life of St Berrand.


Church of St John the Baptist, Drakelow, Derbyshire.