Monument to John Dutton 1594-1657

Grinling Gibbons 1648-1721

Monument to Baptist Noel 3rd Viscount Campden 1611-1683

Pierre-Étienne Monnot 1657-1733

John Cecil 5th Earl Exeter 1648-1700


Louis-François Roubiliac 1702-1762

Monument to John Montagu 2nd Duke Montagu 1690-1749

Monument to Mary Churchill 1689-1751

John Michael Rysbrack 1694-1770

Monument to Edward Seymour 4th Baronet Seymour of Berry Pomeroy 1633-1708

Monument to John Dutton 2nd Baronet Dutton 1683-1743

Nathaniel Curzon 4th Baronet Kedleston 1676-1758

John Bacon 1740-1799

Monument to Henry Willoughby 5th Baron Middleton 1726-1800, Francis Willoughby 3rd Baron Middleton, Thomas Willoughby 4th Baron Middleton and Dorothy Cartright

Thomas Banks 1735-1805

Penelope's Tomb

Richard Westmacott I 1747-1808

Monument to James Lenox Dutton 1713-1776 and his second wife Jane Bond -1776

Peter Matthias van Gelder 1739-1809

Monument to Mary Montagu 1711-1775

Antonio Trentanove 1745-1812

Memorial to Corisande Emma Bennet

Joseph Nollekens 1737-1823

Monument to Baptist Noel 4th Earl Gainsborough 1708-1751, Elizabeth Chapman 1708-1771 and Thomas Noel 1705-1788

Monument to Bennett Noel -1766 and Elizabeth Adams -1784

Maria Archer 1768-1789

John Flaxman 1755-1826

Memorial to Harriet Susan, Viscountess Fitzharris


Francis Leggatt Chantrey 1781-1841

Monument to Mary Anne Boulton wife of Matthew Robinson Boulton

Francis Chantry's "Sleeping Children"

Memorial to Charlotte Elizabeth Digby

Memorial to Lieutenant General Sir George Prevost

Richard Westmacott II 1775-1856

Monument to Caroline Anne Julie Campbell -1815

Thomas Warren Bulkeley 7th Viscount Warren Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary 1752-1822

Monument to William Harry Vane 1st Duke Cleveland 1766-1842

Memorial of George Errington

Memorial to Andrew Newton

Thomas Campbell 1790-1858

Monument to Elizabeth Montagu 1743-1827

Thomas Gaffin 1819-1869

Monument to Anne Constance Dutton 1816-1858

Richard Westmacott III 1799-1872

Monument to those contained in the vault: Richard Fitzpatrick 1st Baron Gowran of Bowran in County Kilkenny -1727 and Anne Robinson -1744, their son John Fitzpatrick 1st Earl Upper Ossory 1719-1758 and his wife Evelyn Leveson-gower 1725-1763, their son John Fitzpatrick 2nd Earl Upper Ossory and his wife Anne Liddell

Monument to Anne Fitzpatrick -1841

Monument to Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton 1824-1845

Henry Weekes 1807-1877

Memorial to Percy Bysshe Shelley

Joseph Edgar Boehm 1834-1890

Monument to John Montagu 2nd Duke Montagu 1690-1749

William Theed 1804-1891

Monument to James Dutton 1st Baron Sherborne 1744-1820

Monument to Elizabeth Howard 1803-1845

Thomas Woolner 1825-1892

Monument to Frederick Cavendish 1836-1882

New Sculpture

Henry Hugh Armstead 1828-1905

Francis Close

James Forsyth 1827-1910

Monument to Madelina Lance -1839


Effigy of Bishop James Atlay

John Adams-Acton 1830-1910

Samuel Waldegrave, 57th Bishop of Carlisle

Léon-Joseph Chavalliaud 1858-1919

Monument to Hugh Lupus Grosvenor 1st Duke Westminster 1825-1899

George Frampton 1860-1928

Monument to Lady Isabel Wilson 1879-1905

Monument to Charles Henry Wilson, 1st Baron Nunburnholme 1833-1907

Monument to Gerald Valerian Wilson 1885-1908

Statue of St George

Bishop John Wordsworth

Hamo Thornycroft 1850-1925

Monument to William Owen Stanley Lord Lieutenant Anglesey 1802-1884

Harvey Goodwin, 58th Bishop Carlisle

Bertram McKennal 1863-1931

Memorial to Reverend Frederic Iremonger

Memorial to General Sir Redvers Henry Buller VC

Henry Alfred Pegram 1862-1937

Captain Harry Farr Yeatman

Percy Bryant Baker 1881-1970

Monument to Archdeacon Hemming