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Æthelfrith King Bernicia King Deira

Eanfrith King Bernicia

Taloran King Picts

Oswald King Northumbria

Æthelwald King Deira

Oswiu King Bernicia -670

Ealhfrith King Deira

Ecgfrith King Deira King Northumbria

Ælfwine King Deira

Aldfrith King Northumbria

Ælfflæd Bernicia Abbess Wherwell


Ælla King Deira -588

Edwin King Bernicia King Deira 586-633

Eanfled Deira Abbess Whitby 626-685

Æthelric King Deira -604

Osric King Deira -634

Oswine King Deira -651


Godwin Godwinson 1st Earl Kent Earl Wessex 1001-1053

Sweyn Godwinson 1st Earl Hereford 1021-1052

Harold II King England 1022-1066

Gyrth Godwinson Earl East Anglia 1032-1066

Leofwine Godwinson 2nd Earl Kent 1035-1066


Creoda King Mercia 570-593

Pybba King Mercia 590-610

Penda King Mercia -655

Paeda King South Mercia -656

Wulfhere King Mercia 640-675

Cœnred King Mercia

Æthelred King Mercia -704

Ceolred King Mercia -716

Eowa King Mercia -642


Loefric Mercia Earl Mercia -1057

Ælfgar Mercia Earl Mercia Earl East Anglia -1060


Octa King Kent 500-543

Eormenric King Kent

Æthelberht King Kent 550-616

Eadbald King Kent -640

Eormenred King Kent -664

Eorcenberht King Kent -644

Ecgberht I King Kent -673

Eadric King Kent -686

Hlothhere King Kent -685

Ermenilda Oiscingas Abbess Minster-in-Sheppey Abbess Ely -703


Cerdic King Wessex -534

Cynric King Wessex

Ceol King Wessex

Cynegils King Wessex -641

Ceawlin King Wessex -592

Cuthwine King Wessex 565-

Caedwalla King Wessex 659-689

Mul King Kent -687

Ine King Wessex -726

Cuthburh Wessex Abbess Wimbourne Minster

Ealmund King Kent

Egbert King Wessex 773-839

Æthelwulf King Wessex -858

Æthelstan King Kent

Æthelswith Wessex Queen Consort Mercia 838-888

Æthelbald King Wessex -860

Æthelberht King Wessex -865

Æthelred King Wessex 847-871

Æthelhelm King Wessex

Alfred The Great King England 849-899

Edward Elder King Anglo-Saxons 874-924

Æthelstan I King Anglo-Saxons I King England 894-939

Edmund I King England 939-946

Eadwig All Fair I King England -959

Edgar Peaceful I King England 943-975

Edward Martyr I King England 962-978

Æthelred Unready II King England 966-1016

Edmund Ironside I King England -1016

Edgar Ætheling II King England 1051-1126

Cristina Wessex Abbess Romsey 1057-1093

Unamed Wessex Abbess Wherwell

Edward Confessor King England 1003-1066

Eadred I King England -955

Æthelgifu Wessex Abbess Shaftesbury


Wuffa King East Anglia

Tytila King East Anglia -616

Raedwald King East Anglia 570-624

Eorpwald King East Anglia -632

Anna King East Anglia -654

Seaxburh Wuffingas Abbess Ely -699

Æthelthryth Wuffingas Abbess Ely 636-679

Aethelhere King East Anglia -654

Aethelwold King East Anglia -664



Alexander Oldenburg I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1573-1627

Johann Christian Oldenburg I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1607-1653

Alexander Heinrich Oldenburg I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1608-1657

Ernest Günther Oldenburg Günther I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1609-1689

Frederick William Oldenburg William I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1668-1714

Christian August Oldenburg I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1696-1754

Frederick Christian Oldenburg Christian I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1721-1794

Frederick Christian Oldenburg Christian II Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1765-1814

Christian August Oldenburg August II Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1798-1869

Frederick Christian Oldenburg II Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1829-1880

Ernst Gunther Oldenburg Gunther Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1863-1921

August Philipp Oldenburg Philip I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck 1612-1675

Frederick Louis Oldenburg Louis I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck 1653-1728

Frederick William Oldenburg William II Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck 1687-1749

Peter August Oldenburg August I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck 1697-1775

Karl Anton Oldenburg Anton I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck -1759

Friedrich Karl Ludwig Oldenburg Karl I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck 1757-1816

Friedrich Wilhelm Glücksburg Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1785-1831

Karl Glücksburg Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1812-1878

Friedrich Glücksburg Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1814-1885

Friedrich Ferdinand Glücksburg Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1855-1934

Wilhelm Friedrich Christian Glücksburg Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1891-1965

Friedrich Ernst Peter Glücksburg Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1922-1980

Christian IX King Denmark 1818-1906

Frederick VIII King Denmark 1843-1912

Christian X King Denmark 1870-1947

Haakon VII King Norway 1872-1957

George I King Greece 1845-1913

Constantine I King Greece 1868-1923

George II King Hellenes 1890-1947

Alexander I King Greece 1893-1920

Paul I King Greece 1901-1964

Constantine II King Hellenes 1940-

Philip Mountbatten Duke Edinburgh 1921-

William Windsor 1st Duke Cambridge 1982-



William Aldeburgh 1st Baron Aldeburgh Harewood 1322-1388

William Aldeburgh 2nd Baron Aldeburgh Harewood 1348-1391


Francis Annesley 1st Viscount Valentia 1586-1660

Arthur Annesley 1st Earl Anglesey 1614-1686

James Annesley 2nd Earl Anglesey 1645-1690

James Annesley 3rd Earl Anglesey 1674-1702

John Annesley 4th Earl Anglesey 1676-1710

Arthur Annesley 5th Earl Anglesey 1680-1737

Altham Annesley 1st Baron Altham -1699

James Annesley 2nd Baron Altham -1701

Richard Annesley 3rd Baron Altham 1655-1701

Richard Annesley 6th Earl Anglesey 1693-1761

Arthur Annesley 1st Earl Mountnorris 1744-1816

George Annesley 2nd Earl Mountnorris 1770-1844


John Arundell 1421-1473

John Arundell 1530-1590

Thomas Arundell 1st Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1560-1639

Thomas Arundell 2nd Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1586-1643

Henry Arundell 3rd Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1607-1694

Thomas Arundell 4th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1633-1711

Henry Arundell 5th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire -1726

Henry Arundell 6th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1694-1746

Henry Arundell 7th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1717-1756

Henry Arundell 8th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1740-1808

James Everard Arundell 9th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1763-1817

James Everard Arundell 10th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1785-1834

Henry Benedict Arundell 11th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1804-1862

John Francis Arundell 12th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1831-1906

Everard Aloysius Gonzaga Arundell 13th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1834-1907

Edgar Clifford Arundell 14th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1859-1921

Gerald Arthur Arundell 15th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1861-1939

John Francis Arundell 16th Baron Arundel of Wardour in Wiltshire 1907-1944

John Arundell -1580

Richard Arundell 1st Baron Arundel of Trerice in Cornwall 1616-1687

John Arundell 2nd Baron Arundel of Trerice in Cornwall 1649-1698

John Arundell 3rd Baron Arundel of Trerice in Cornwall 1638-1706


Nicholas Audley 1st Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire 1289-1316

James Audley 2nd Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire 1313-1386

Nicholas Audley 3rd Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire 1328-1391

Hugh Audley 1st Baron Audley of Stratton Audley in Oxfordshire 1267-1347

James Audley 1318-1369

Hugh Audley 1st Earl Gloucester 1291-1347

Margaret Audley 2nd Baroness Audley of Stratton Audley in Oxfordshire 1318-1349


Bartholomew Badlesmere 1st Baron Badlesmere 1275-1322

Giles Badlesmere 2nd Baron Badlesmere 1314-1338


Hugh Bardolf 1st Baron Bardolf 1259-1304

Thomas Bardolf 2nd Baron Bardolf 1282-1357

John Bardolf 3rd Baron Bardolf 1314-1363

William Bardolf 4th Baron Bardolf 1349-1386

Thomas Bardolf 5th Baron Bardolf 1386-1408

Joan Bardolf 6th Baroness Bardolf -1447


Ralph Basset 1st Baron Basset Drayton 1265-1265

Ralph Basset 1st Baron Basset Drayton 1265-1299

Ralph Basset 2nd Baron Basset Drayton 1278-1343

Ralph Basset 3rd Baron Basset Drayton 1335-1390


Allen Bathurst 1st Earl Bathurst Sussex 1684-1775

Henry Bathurst 2nd Earl Bathurst Sussex 1714-1794

Henry Bathurst 3rd Earl Bathurst Sussex 1762-1834

Henry George Bathurst 4th Earl Bathurst Sussex 1790-1866

William Lennox Bathurst 5th Earl Bathurst Sussex 1791-1878

Allen Bathurst 6th Earl Bathurst Sussex 1832-1892

Seymour Bathurst 7th Earl Bathurst Sussex 1864-1943

Henry Allen John Bathurst 8th Earl Bathurst Sussex 1927-2011

Benjamin Bathurst 1692-1767


Lewis Bayly Bishop Bangor -1631

Edward Bayly 1st Baronet Plas Newydd Anglesey 1684-1741

Nicholas Bayly 2nd Baronet Plas Newydd Anglesey 1709-1782

Henry Paget 1st Earl Uxbridge 1744-1812

Henry William Paget 1st Marquess Anglesey 1768-1854

Henry Paget 2nd Marquess Anglesey 1797-1869

Henry Paget 3rd Marquess Anglesey 1821-1880

Henry Paget 4th Marquess Anglesey 1835-1898

Henry Cyril Toppy Paget 5th Marquess Anglesey 1875-1905

Charles Henry Alexander Paget 6th Marquess Anglesey 1885-1947

George Charles Henry Victor Paget 7th Marquess Anglesey 1922-2013

Charles Alexander Vaughan Paget 8th Marquess Anglesey 1950-


William Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp of Elmley in Worcestershire 1105-1170

William Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp of Elmley in Worcestershire 1142-1197

William Beauchamp 9th Earl Warwick 1237-1298

Guy Beauchamp 10th Earl Warwick 1272-1315

Thomas Beauchamp 11th Earl Warwick 1313-1386

Thomas Beauchamp 12th Earl Warwick 1338-1401

Richard Beauchamp 13th Earl Warwick 1382-1439

Henry Beauchamp 1st Duke Warwick 1425-1446

Anne Beauchamp 15th Countess Warwick 1443-1448

Anne Beauchamp 16th Countess Warwick 1426-1492

William Beauchamp 1st Baron Bergavenny 1343-1411

Richard Beauchamp 1st Earl Worcester 1397-1422

Elizabeth Beauchamp 3rd Baroness Bergavenny 1415-1448

John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp Warwick 1316-1360

John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp Powick in Worcestershire 1409-1475

Richard Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Powick in Worcestershire 1435-1503

Richard Beauchamp Bishop Hereford Bishop Salisbury -1481

Roger Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp Bletso in Bedfordshire 1335-1379

Roger Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Bletso in Bedfordshire 1363-1374

Roger Beauchamp 3rd Baron Beauchamp Bletso in Bedfordshire 1362-1406


John Bennet 1st Baron Ossulston of Ossulston in Middlesex 1616-1695

Charles Bennet 1st Earl Tankerville 1674-1722

Charles Bennet 2nd Earl Tankerville 1697-1753

Charles Bennet 3rd Earl Tankerville 1716-1767

Charles Bennet 4th Earl Tankerville 1743-1822

Henry Bennet 1st Earl Arlington 1618-1685

Isabella Bennet 2nd Countess Arlington 1655-1723


William Bentinck 1st Earl Portland 1649-1709

Henry Bentinck 1st Duke Portland 1682-1726

William Bentinck 2nd Duke Portland 1709-1762

William Cavendish-bentnick 3rd Duke Portland 1738-1809

William Henry Cavendish-scott-bentnick 4th Duke Portland 1768-1854

William Cavendish-scott-bentnick 5th Duke Portland 1800-1879


Richard Bertie 12th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1516-1582

Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1555-1601

Robert Bertie 1st Earl Lindsey 1582-1642

Montagu Bertie 2nd Earl Lindsey 1608-1666

Robert Bertie 3rd Earl Lindsey 1630-1701

Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1660-1723

Peregrine Bertie 2nd Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1686-1742

Peregrine Bertie 3rd Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1714-1778

Robert Bertie 4th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1756-1779

Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth Bertie 21st Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1761-1828

Brownlow Bertie 5th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1729-1809

Albermarle Bertie 9th Earl Lindsey 1744-1818

George Augustus Frederick Albemarle Bertie 10th Earl Lindsey 1814-1877

Montague Peregrine Bertie 11th Earl Lindsey 1815-1899

Montague Peregrine Albemarle Bertie 12th Earl Lindsey 1861-1938

James Bertie 1st Earl Abingdon 1653-1699

Montagu Venables-bertie 2nd Earl Abingdon 1673-1743

Willoughby Bertie 3rd Earl Abingdon 1692-1760

Willoughby Bertie 4th Earl Abingdon 1740-1799

Montagu Bertie 5th Earl Abingdon 1784-1854

Montagu Bertie 6th Earl Abingdon 1808-1884

Montagu Arthur Bertie 7th Earl Abingdon 1836-1928

Montagu Henry Edmund Cecil Towneley-bertie 8th Earl Abingdon 13th Earl Lindsey 1887-1963

Richard Bertie 9th Earl Abingdon 14th Earl Lindsey 1931-

Francis Bertie 1st Viscount Bertie Thame 1844-1919

Peregrine Bertie 1584-1639


Hugh Bigod 1st Earl Norfolk 1095-1177

Roger Bigod 2nd Earl Norfolk 1144-1221

Hugh Bigod 3rd Earl Norfolk 1182-1225

Roger Bigod 4th Earl Norfolk 1209-1270

Roger Bigod 5th Earl Norfolk 1245-1306


Walter Blount 1st Baron Mountjoy 1416-1474

Edward Blount 2nd Baron Mountjoy -1475

John Blount 3rd Baron Mountjoy 1450-1485

William Blount 4th Baron Mountjoy 1478-1534

Gertrude Blount 1st Marchioness Exeter 1504-1558

Charles Blount 5th Baron Mountjoy 1518-1544

James Blount 6th Baron Mountjoy 1533-1582

William Blount 7th Baron Mountjoy 1561-1594

Charles Blount 8th Baron Mountjoy 1563-1606


Humphrey Bohun 2nd Baron Trowbridge -1123

Henry Bohun 1st Earl Hereford 1176-1220

Humphrey Bohun 2nd Earl Hereford 1st Earl Essex 1204-1275

Humphrey Bohun 3rd Earl Hereford 2nd Earl Essex 1249-1298

Humphrey Bohun 4th Earl Hereford 3rd Earl Essex 1276-1322

John Bohun 5th Earl Hereford 4th Earl Essex 1307-1336

Humphrey Bohun 6th Earl Hereford 5th Earl Essex 1309-1361

William Bohun 1st Earl Northampton 1310-1360

Humphrey Bohun 7th Earl Hereford 6th Earl Essex 2nd Earl Northampton 1341-1373


Geoffrey Boleyn Lord Mayor of London 1406-1463

Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl Wiltshire 1st Earl Ormonde 1477-1539

Anne Boleyn Queen Consort England 1501-1536

George Boleyn 2nd Viscount Rochford 1503-1536


William Bonville 1st Baron Bonville 1392-1461

William Bonville 6th Baron Harington 1442-1460

Cecily Bonville 2nd Baroness Bonville 7th Baroness Harington 1460-1529


George Booth 1st Baron Delamer 1622-1684

Henry Booth 1st Earl Warrington 1652-1694

George Booth 2nd Earl Warrington 1675-1758


John Thynne of Longleat 1515-1580

John Thynne 1555-1604

Thomas Thynne 1578-1639

James Thynne 1605-1670

Thomas Thynne 1610-1669

Henry Thynne 1st Baronet Thynne Kempsford 1615-1680

Thomas Thynne 1st Viscount Weymouth 1640-1714

Thomas Thynne 2nd Viscount Weymouth 1710-1751

Thomas Thynne 1st Marquess Bath 1734-1796

Thomas Thynne 2nd Marquess Bath 1765-1837

Henry Frederick Thynne 3rd Marquess Bath 1797-1837

John Alexander Thynne 4th Marquess Bath 1831-1896

Thomas Henry Thynne 5th Marquess Bath 1862-1946

Henry Frederick Thynne 6th Marquess Bath 1905-1992

Alexander George Thynn 7th Marquess Bath 1932-

Henry Frederick Thynne 1832-1904

George Thynne 2nd Baron Carteret of Hawnes 1770-1838

Henry Carteret 1735-1826


William Botreaux 1st Baron Botreaux 1337-1391

William Botreaux 2nd Baron Botreaux 1367-1395

William Botreaux 3rd Baron Botreaux 1389-1462


Robert Bourchier 1st Baron Bourchier -1349

John Bourchier 2nd Baron Bourchier 1329-1400

Bartholomew Bourchier 3rd Baron Bourchier -1409

Elizabeth Bourchier 4th Baroness Bourchier 1399-1433

William Bourchier 1st Count Eu 1374-1420

Henry Bourchier 1st Earl Essex 1404-1483

Henry Bourchier 2nd Earl Essex -1540

Anne Bourchier 7th Baroness Bourchier 1517-1571

John Bourchier 6th Baron Ferrers of Groby 1438-1495

William Bourchier 9th Baron Fitzwarin 1415-1474

Fulk Bourchier 10th Baron Fitzwarin 1445-1479

John Bourchier 1st Earl Bath 1470-1539

John Bourchier 2nd Earl Bath 1499-1560

William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath 1557-1623

Edward Bourchier 4th Earl Bath 1590-1636

Henry Bourchier 4th Earl Bath 5th Earl Bath 1587-1654

John Bourchier 1st Baron Berners 1416-1474

John Bourchier 2nd Baron Berners 1467-1533

Margaret Bourchier Baroness Bryan 1468-1552

Thomas Bourchier 1418-1486


William Brandon 1425-1491

Charles Brandon 1st Duke Suffolk 1484-1545

Henry Brandon 1st Earl Lincoln 1523-1534

Henry Brandon 2nd Duke Suffolk 1535-1551

Charles Brandon 3rd Duke Suffolk 1537-1551


William Braose 1st Baron Bramber -1095

Phillip Braose 2nd Baron Bramber 1070-1134

William Braose 3rd Baron Bramber 1135-1179

William Braose 4th Baron Bramber 1144-1211

William Braose -1210

William Braose 1st Baron Braose 1224-1291

William Braose 2nd Baron Braose 1260-1326

Giles Braose Bishop Hereford -1215

Isabella Lady of Snowdon Braose Princess Wales 1222-1248

Loretta Braose 4th Countess Leicester 1185-1266


Edward Brooke 6th Baron Cobham 1415-1464

John Brooke 7th Baron Cobham 1447-1512

Thomas Brooke 8th Baron Cobham -1529

George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham 1497-1558

William Brooke 10th Baron Cobham 1527-1597

John Brooke 1st Baron Cobham 1575-1660


George Browne 1440-1483

Matthew Browne of Betchworth Castle 1563-1603

Ambrose Browne 1st Baronet Browne of Betchworth Castle in Surrey -1661

Adam Browne 2nd Baronet Browne of Betchworth Castle in Surrey 1626-1690

Anthony Browne 1500-1548

Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592

Anthony-Maria Browne 2nd Viscount Montague 1574-1629

Francis Browne 3rd Viscount Montague 1610-1682

Francis Browne 4th Viscount Montague -1708

Henry Browne 5th Viscount Montague -1717

Anthony Browne 6th Viscount Montague 1706-1767

Anthony Joseph Browne 7th Viscount Montague 1730-1787

George Samuel Browne 8th Viscount Montague 1769-1793

Henry Browne 1st Baronet Browne of Kiddington in Oxfordshire 1639-1689

Charles Browne 2nd Baronet Browne of Kiddington in Oxfordshire 1667-1751

George Browne 3rd Baronet Browne of Kiddington in Oxfordshire 1694-1754


Robert Brudenell 1461-1531

Thomas Brudenell 1st Earl Cardigan 1583-1663

Robert Brudenell 2nd Earl Cardigan 1607-1703

George Brudenell 3rd Earl Cardigan 1685-1732

George Montagu 1st Duke Montagu 1712-1790

James Brudenell 5th Earl Cardigan 1725-1811

Robert Brudenell 6th Earl Cardigan 1769-1837

James Brudenell 7th Earl Cardigan 1797-1868


Giles Brugge 4th Baron Chandos 1396-1466

Thomas Brugge 5th Baron Chandos 1427-1493

Giles Brugge 6th Baron Chandos 1462-1511

John Brydges 1st Baron Chandos of Sudeley 1492-1557

Edmund Brydges 2nd Baron Chandos of Sudeley -1573

Giles Brydges 3rd Baron Chandos of Sudeley 1548-1594

William Brydges 4th Baron Chandos of Sudeley 1552-1602

Grey Brydges 5th Baron Chandos of Sudeley 1580-1621

George Brydges 6th Baron Chandos of Sudeley 1620-1655

William Brydges 7th Baron Chandos of Sudeley 1621-1676

John Brydges 2nd Baronet Wilton 1623-1651

James Brydges 3rd Baronet Wilton 8th Baron Chandos of Sudeley 1642-1714

James Brydges 1st Duke Chandos 1673-1744

Henry Brydges 2nd Duke Chandos 1708-1771

James Brydges 3rd Duke Chandos 1731-1789

Thomas Brydges 1496-1559

Richard Brydges 1500-1558


Richard Willoughby 1290-1362

Henry Willoughby 1451-1528

Francis Willoughby 1546-1596


Richard Bulkeley 1501-1547

Richard Bulkeley 1533-1621

Robert Bulkeley 1st Viscount Warren Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary -1659

Robert Bulkeley 2nd Viscount Warren Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary -1688

Richard Bulkeley 3rd Viscount Warren Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary

Richard Bulkeley 4th Viscount Warren Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary -1724

Richard Bulkeley 5th Viscount Warren Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary -1738

James Bulkeley 6th Viscount Warren Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary -1753

Thomas Warren Bulkeley 7th Viscount Warren Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary 1752-1822

Launcelot Bulkeley Archbishop Dublin

Katharine Bulkeley Abbess Gostow


Robert Burghesh 1st Baron Burghesh 1254-1306

Stephen Burghesh 2nd Baron Burghesh 1283-1310

Maud Burghesh 3rd Baroness Burghesh 1304-1366

Henry Burghesh Bishop Lincoln 1292-1340

Bartholomew The Elder Burghesh 1st Baron Burghesh 1287-1355

Bartholomew The Younger Burghesh 2nd Baron Burghesh 1329-1369

Elizabeth Burghesh 3rd Baroness Burghesh 1342-1402


Robert Burnell Bishop Bath and Wells 1239-1292


George Byng 1st Viscount Torrington 1663-1733

Pattee Byng 2nd Viscount Torrington 1699-1747

George Byng 3rd Viscount Torrington 1701-1750

George Byng 4th Viscount Torrington 1740-1812

George Byng 1735-1789

John Byng 1st Earl Strafford 1772-1860

George Byng 2nd Earl Strafford 1806-1886

George Byng 3rd Earl Strafford 1830-1898

Henry Byng Page of Honour 1831-

Francis Edmund Cecil Byng Honorary Chaplain 1835-1918

Edmund Byng 6th Earl Strafford 1862-1951


John Byron 1st Baron Byron 1599-1652

Richard Byron 2nd Baron Byron 1606-1679

William Byron 3rd Baron Byron 1636-1695

William Byron 4th Baron Byron 1670-1736

William Byron 5th Baron Byron 1722-1798

George Gordon Noel 6th Baron Byron 1788-1824

George Byron 7th Baron Byron 1789-1868


Ralph Camoys 1st Baron Camoys -1336

Thomas Camoys 2nd Baron Camoys -1372

Thomas Camoys 1st Baron Camoys 1351-1421

Hugh Camoys 2nd Baron Camoys 1413-1426


Arthur Capell 1st Baron Capell Hadham 1608-1649

Arthur Capell 1st Earl Essex 1631-1683

Algernon Capell 2nd Earl Essex 1670-1710

William Capell 3rd Earl Essex 1697-1743

William Anne Capell 4th Earl Essex 1732-1799

George Capell 5th Earl Essex 1757-1839

Henry Capell 1st Baron Capell Tewkesbury 1638-1696


John Carey 1491-1552

Henry Carey 1st Viscount Falkland 1575-1633

Lucius Carey 2nd Viscount Falkland 1610-1643

Lucius Carey 3rd Viscount Falkland 1632-1649

Henry Carey 4th Viscount Falkland 1634-1663

Anthony Carey 5th Viscount Falkland 1656-1694

Lucius Carey 6th Viscount Falkland 1687-1730

Lucius Charles Carey 5th Viscount Falkland

William Carey 1500-1528

Catherine Carey 1524-1569

Henry Carey 1st Baron Hunsdon 1526-1596

George Carey 2nd Baron Hunsdon 1547-1603

John Carey 3rd Baron Hunsdon -1617

Henry Carey 1st Earl Dover 1580-1666

John Carey 2nd Earl Dover 1608-1677

Robert Carey 1st Earl Monmouth 1560-1639

Henry Carey 2nd Earl Monmouth 1596-1661


George Carteret 1610-1680

George Carteret 1st Baron Carteret of Hawnes 1667-1695

John Carteret 2nd Earl Granville 1690-1763

Robert Carteret 3rd Earl Granville 1721-1776

Philippe Carteret 1584-1643


William Catesby 1450-1485


John Cavendish 1346-1381

William Cavendish 1st Earl Devonshire 1552-1626

William Cavendish 2nd Earl Devonshire 1590-1628

William Cavendish 3rd Earl Devonshire 1617-1684

William Cavendish 1st Duke Devonshire 1640-1707

William Cavendish 2nd Duke Devonshire 1672-1729

William Cavendish 3rd Duke Devonshire 1698-1755

William Cavendish 4th Duke Devonshire 1720-1764

William Cavendish 5th Duke Devonshire 1748-1811

William Cavendish 6th Duke Devonshire 1790-1858

George Augustus Henry Cavendish 1st Earl Burlington 1754-1834

William Cavendish 1783-1812

William Cavendish 7th Duke Devonshire 1808-1891

Spencer Cavendish 8th Duke Devonshire 1833-1908

Victor Christian William Cavendish 9th Duke Devonshire 1868-1938

Edward William Spencer Cavendish 10th Duke Devonshire 1895-1950

Andrew Cavendish 11th Duke Devonshire 1920-2004

Charles Arthur Francis Cavendish 1905-1944

Charles Compton Cavendish 1st Baron Chesham 1793-1863

William George Cavendish 2nd Baron Chesham 1815-1882

Charles Cavendish 1620-1643

William Cavendish 1st Duke Newcastle upon Tyne 1592-1676

Henry Cavendish 2nd Duke Newcastle upon Tyne 1630-1691


John Charleton 1st Baron Cherleton 1268-1353

John Charleton 2nd Baron Cherleton -1360

John Charleton 3rd Baron Cherleton 1336-1374

John Charleton 4th Baron Cherleton 1362-1401

Edward Charleton 5th Baron Cherleton 1370-1421

Thomas Charleton Bishop Hereford -1344


Thomas Chaucer 1367-1434


George Chaworth 1st Viscount Chaworth in County Armagh 1568-1639

John Chaworth 2nd Viscount Chaworth in County Armagh 1605-1644

Patrick Chaworth 3rd Viscount Chaworth in County Armagh 1635-1693


William Cheney Constable Queensborough Castle 1423-1487

Francis Cheney Governor Queensborough Castle 1481-1513

Thomas Cheney Lord Lieutenant Kent 1485-1558

Henry Cheney 1st Baron Cheyne 1540-1587

John Cheney 1st Baron Cheyne 1442-1499


John Churchill 1st Duke Marlborough 1650-1722

Henrietta Churchill 2nd Duchess Marlborough 1681-1733


Walter Clifford 1st Baron Clifford 1113-1190

Walter Clifford 2nd Baron Clifford 1160-1221

Walter Clifford 3rd Baron Clifford 1181-1263

Robert Clifford 1st Baron Clifford 1274-1314

Roger Clifford 2nd Baron Clifford 1300-1322

Robert Clifford 3rd Baron Clifford 1305-1344

Robert Clifford 4th Baron Clifford 1329-1350

Roger Clifford 5th Baron Clifford 1333-1389

Thomas Clifford 6th Baron Clifford 1363-1391

John Clifford 7th Baron Clifford 1389-1422

Thomas Clifford 8th Baron Clifford 1414-1455

John Butcher Clifford 9th Baron Clifford 1435-1461

Henry Shepherd Lord Clifford 10th Baron Clifford 1454-1523

Henry Clifford 1st Earl Cumberland 1493-1542

Henry Clifford 2nd Earl Cumberland 1517-1570

George Clifford 3rd Earl Cumberland 1558-1605

Anne Clifford 14th Baroness Clifford 1590-1676

Francis Clifford 4th Earl Cumberland 1559-1641

Henry Clifford 5th Earl Cumberland 1581-1643

Catherine Clifford 3rd Baroness Greystoke 1369-1413


Robert Clinton 1st Baron Clinton 1258-1310

John Clinton 2nd Baron Clinton 1300-1335

John Clinton 3rd Baron Clinton 1326-1398

William Clinton 4th Baron Clinton 1378-1431

John Clinton 5th Baron Clinton 1410-1464

John Clinton 6th Baron Clinton 1429-1488

John Clinton 7th Baron Clinton 1470-1514

Thomas Clinton 8th Baron Clinton 1490-1517

Edward Clinton 1st Earl Lincoln 1512-1585

Henry Clinton 2nd Earl Lincoln 1539-1616

Thomas Clinton 3rd Earl Lincoln 1571-1619

Theophilus Clinton 4th Earl Lincoln 1600-1667

Edward Clinton 5th Earl Lincoln -1692

Francis Clinton 6th Earl Lincoln -1693

Henry Clinton 7th Earl Lincoln 1684-1728

George Clinton 8th Earl Lincoln 1718-1730

Henry Fiennes Pelham-clinton 2nd Duke Newcastle upon Tyne 1720-1794

Thomas Pelham-clinton 3rd Duke Newcastle upon Tyne 1752-1795

Henry Pelham-clinton 4th Duke Newcastle upon Tyne 1785-1851

Henry Pelham-clinton 5th Duke Newcastle upon Tyne 1811-1864

William Clinton 1st Earl Huntingdon


John Cobham Chief Baron of the Exchequer 1240-1300

Henry Cobham 1st Baron Cobham 1260-1339

John Cobham 2nd Baron Cobham 1290-1355

John Cobham 3rd Baron Cobham 1321-1408

Reginald Cobham 1st Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 1295-1361

Reginald Cobham 2nd Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 1348-1403

Reginald Cobham 3rd Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 1381-1446

Reginald Cobham 4th Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 1412-1446

Thomas Cobham 5th Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 1412-1471

Anne Cobham 6th Baroness Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 1467-1526


John Cockayne -1438

Charles Cockayne 1st Viscount Cullen 1602-

Charles Cockayne 2nd Viscount Cullen 1631-1687

John Cockayne Chief Baron of the Exchequer 1360-1429


Thomas Coke 1st Earl Leicester 1697-1759


Henry Compton 1st Baron Compton of Compton in Warwickshire 1544-1589

William Compton 1st Earl Northampton -1630

Spencer Compton Mster of the Robes to the Prince of Wales 1601-1643

James Compton 3rd Earl Northampton 1622-1681

George Compton 4th Earl Northampton 1664-1727

James Compton 5th Earl Northampton 1687-1754

Charlotte Compton 15th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley 7th Baroness Compton of Compton in Warwickshire -1770

George Compton 6th Earl Northampton 1692-1758

Charles Compton 7th Earl Northampton 1737-1763

Spencer Compton 8th Earl Northampton 1738-1796

Charles Compton 1st Marquess Northampton 1760-1828

Spencer Compton 2nd Marquess Northampton 1790-1851

Charles Compton 3rd Marquess Northampton 1816-1877

William Compton 4th Marquess Northampton 1818-1897

William George Spencer Scott Compton 5th Marquess Northampton 1851-1913

Alwyne Compton Bishop Ely 1825-1906

Spencer Compton 1st Earl Wilmington 1673-1743

Henry Compton Bishop Oxford Bishop London 1632-1713


Marmaduke Constable 1457-1518

Marmaduke Constable 1480-1545

Robert Constable 1495-1558


John Conyers -1490

William Conyers 1st Baron Conyers 1468-1524

Christopher Conyers 2nd Baron Conyers 1491-1538

John Conyers 3rd Baron Conyers 1524-1557


William Craven 2nd Baron Craven 1668-1711

William Craven 3rd Baron Craven 1700-1739

Fulwar Craven 4th Baron Craven -1764

William Craven 5th Baron Craven 1705-1769

William Craven 6th Baron Craven 1738-1791

William Craven 1st Earl Craven in Yorkshire 1608-1697

John Craven 1st Baron Craven of Ryton in Shropshire 1610-1648


Ralph Cromwell 1st Baron Cromwell 1341-1398

Ralph Cromwell 2nd Baron Cromwell 1368-1417

Ralph Cromwell 3rd Baron Cromwell 1403-1456

Maud Cromwell 4th Baroness Cromwell -1497

Thomas Cromwell 1st Earl Essex 1485-1540

Gregory Cromwell 1st Baron Cromwell Oakham 1520-1551

Henry Cromwell 2nd Baron Cromwell Oakham 1538-1592

Edward Cromwell 3rd Baron Cromwell Oakham 1560-1607

Thomas Cromwell 1st Earl Ardglass 1594-1653

Wingfield Cromwell 2nd Earl Ardglass 1624-1668

Thomas Cromwell 3rd Earl Ardglass 1653-1682

Vere Essex Cromwell 4th Earl Ardglass 1625-1687


John Curzon 1st Baronet Kedleston 1598-1686

Nathaniel Curzon 2nd Baronet Kedleston 1640-1719

John Curzon 3rd Baronet Kedleston 1674-1727

Nathaniel Curzon 4th Baronet Kedleston 1676-1758

Nathaniel Curzon 1st Baron Scarsdale 1726-1804

Nathaniel Curzon 2nd Baron Scarsdale 1752-1837

Nathaniel Curzon 3rd Baron Scarsdale 1781-1856

Alfred Nathaniel Holden Curzon 4th Baron Scarsdale 1831-1916

George Nathaniel Curzon 1st Marquess Curzon Kedleston 1859-1925

Mary Irene Curzon 1st Baroness Ravensdale Kedleston 1896-1966

Assheton Curzon 1st Viscount Curzon Penn Buckinghamshire 1730-1820

Richard William Penn Curzon-howe 1st Earl Howe 1796-1870

George Augustus Frederick Louis Curzon-howe 2nd Earl Howe 1821-1876

Richard William Penn Curzon-howe 3rd Earl Howe 1822-1900

Robert Curzon 14th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1810-1873


Ralph Dacre 1st Baron Dacre Gilsland 1290-1339

William Dacre 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland 1319-1361

Ralph Dacre 3rd Baron Dacre Gilsland 1321-1375

Hugh Dacre 4th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1335-1383

William Dacre 5th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1357-1398

Thomas Dacre 6th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1387-1458

Joan Dacre 7th Baroness Dacre Gilsland 1433-1486

Ralph Dacre 1st Baron Dacre Gilsland 1412-1461

Humphrey Dacre 1st Baron Dacre Gilsland 1424-1485

Thomas Dacre 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland 1467-1525

William Dacre 3rd Baron Dacre Gilsland 1493-1563

Thomas Dacre 4th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1527-1566

George Dacre 5th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1561-1569


John Darcy 1st Baron Darcy Knayth 1280-1347

John Darcy 2nd Baron Darcy Knayth 1317-1356

John Darcy 3rd Baron Darcy Knayth 1351-1362

Philip Darcy 4th Baron Darcy Knayth 1341-1398

John Darcy 5th Baron Darcy Knayth 1376-1411

Philip Darcy 6th Baron Darcy Knayth 1397-1418

John Darcy 7th Baron Darcy Knayth 1404-1458

Thomas Darcy 1st Baron Darcy Darcy Templehurst 1467-

George Darcy 1st Baron Darcy Aston -1558

John Darcy 2nd Baron Darcy Aston 1540-1602

John Darcy 3rd Baron Darcy Aston 1602-

Conyers Darcy 7th Baron Darcy Knayth 1st Baron Darcy Meinhill 4th Baron Conyers 1570-1653

Conyers Darcy 1st Earl Holderness 1599-1689

Conyers Darcy 2nd Earl Holderness 1622-1692

Robert Darcy 3rd Earl Holderness 1681-1721

Robert Darcy 4th Earl Holderness 1718-1778

Amelia Darcy 9th Baroness Conyers 12th Baroness Darcy Knayth 1754-1784


William Deincourt 1st Baron Deincourt 1301-1364

William Deincourt 2nd Baron Deincourt 1357-1381


Edmund of Cheshunt Denny Chief Baron of the Exchequer 1461-1520

Anthony Denny 1501-1549

Edward Denny 1st Earl Norwich 1569-1637


Hugh Despencer 1st Baron Despencer 1223-1265

Hugh Elder Despencer 1st Earl Winchester 1261-1326

Hugh Younger Despencer 1286-1326

Hugh Despencer 2nd Baron Despencer 1308-1349

Edward Despencer 1st Baron Despencer 1335-1375

Thomas Despencer 1st Earl Gloucester 1373-1400

Richard Despencer 4th Baron Burghesh 1396-1414

Henry Despencer Bishop Norwich 1341-1406

Philip Despencer 1st Baron Despencer 1342-1402

Philip Despencer 2nd Baron Despencer 1365-1424

Margery Despencer 3rd Baroness Despencer


Robert Digby 1st Baron Digby of Geashill in Offaly 1599-1642

Kildare Digby 2nd Baron Digby of Geashill in Offaly 1631-1661

Robert Digby 3rd Baron Digby of Geashill in Offaly 1654-1677

Simon Digby 4th Baron Digby of Geashill in Offaly 1657-1685

William Digby 5th Baron Digby of Geashill in Offaly 1661-1752

Essex Digby Bishop Dromore -1683

John Digby 1st Earl Bristol 1580-1653

George Digby 2nd Earl Bristol 1612-1677

John Digby 3rd Earl Bristol 1634-1698


Theobald Dillon 1st Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1557-1624

Lucas Dillon 2nd Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1610-1629

Theobald Dillon 3rd Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1629-1630

Thomas Dillon 4th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1615-1672

Thomas Dillon 5th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo -1674

Lucas Dillon 6th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo -1682

Theobald Dillon 7th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo -1691

Henry Dillon 8th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo -1713

Richard Dillon 9th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo -1737

Charles Dillon 10th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo -1741

Henry Dillon 11th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1705-1787

Charles Dillon-lee 12th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1745-1813

Henry Dillon-lee 13th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1777-1832

Charles Henry Dillon 14th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1810-1865

Theobald Dominick Dillon 15th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1811-1865

Arthur Edmund Denis Dillon 16th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1812-1892

Harold Arthur Lee-dillon 17th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo 1844-1932

James Dillon 1st Earl Roscommon 1550-1641

Robert Dillon 2nd Earl Roscommon -1642

Carey Dillon 5th Earl Roscommon 1627-1689

Robert Dillon 6th Earl Roscommon -1715


John Dinham 1359-1428

John Dinham 1st Baron Dinham 1433-1501


Robert Dormer 1st Baronet Dormer of Wyng in Buckinghamshire 1st Baron Dormer 1551-1616

Robert Dormer 1st Earl Carnarvon 1610-1643

Charles Dormer 2nd Earl Carnarvon 1632-1709

Rowland Dormer 4th Baron Dormer 1651-1712

Charles Dormer 5th Baron Dormer 1668-1728

Charles Dormer 6th Baron Dormer -1761

John Dormer 7th Baron Dormer 1691-1785

Charles Dormer 8th Baron Dormer 1725-1804

Charles Dormer 9th Baron Dormer 1753-1819

John Evelyn Pierrepont Dormer 10th Baron Dormer 1771-1826

Joseph Thaddeus Dormer 11th Baron Dormer 1790-1871


William Drury 1550-1590

William Drury 1527-1579


Ralph Dutton 1st Baronet Dutton 1645-1721

John Dutton 2nd Baronet Dutton 1683-1743


Robert Dymoke 1461-1544

Edward Dymoke 1508-1566


John Black Sir John Egerton 1551-1614

Roland Egerton 1st Baronet Egerton and Oulton -1646

John Egerton 2nd Baronet Egerton and Oulton

Thomas Egerton 1st Viscount Brackley 1540-1617

John Egerton 1st Earl Bridgewater 1579-1649

John Egerton 2nd Earl Bridgewater 1623-1686

John Egerton 3rd Earl Bridgewater 1646-1701

Scroop Egerton 1st Duke Bridgewater 1681-1744

John Egerton 2nd Duke Bridgewater 1727-1748

Francis Egerton 3rd Duke Bridgewater 1736-1803

Henry Egerton Bishop Hereford 1689-1746


William Eliot 2nd Earl St Germans 1767-1845

Edward Granville Eliot 3rd Earl St Germans 1798-1877

William Gordon Cornwallis Eliot 4th Earl St Germans 1829-1881

Henry Cornwallis Eliot 5th Earl St Germans 1835-1911

John Granville Cornwallis Eliot 6th Earl St Germans 1890-


William Eure 1st Baron Eure 1483-1548

William Eure 2nd Baron Eure -1594

Ralph Eure 3rd Baron Eure 1558-1617

William Eure 4th Baron Eure


Francis Fane 1st Earl Westmoreland 1580-1629

Mildmay Fane 2nd Earl Westmoreland 1602-1666

Charles Fane 3rd Earl Westmoreland 1635-1691

Vere Fane 4th Earl Westmoreland 1645-1693

Vere Fane 5th Earl Westmoreland 1678-1698

Thomas Fane 6th Earl Westmoreland 1681-1736

John Fane 7th Earl Westmoreland 1685-1762

Francis Fane 1698-1757

Thomas Fane 8th Earl Westmoreland 1701-1771

John Fane 9th Earl Westmoreland 1728-1774

John Fane 10th Earl Westmoreland 1759-1841

John Fane 11th Earl Westmoreland 1784-1859

Francis William Henry Fane 12th Earl Westmoreland 1825-1891

Anthony Fane 13th Earl Westmoreland 1859-1922

Vere Fane 14th Earl Westmoreland 1893-1948

David Fane 15th Earl Westmoreland 1924-1993

Anthony David Francis Fane 16th Earl Westmoreland 1951-

Henry Fane of Wormsley 1703-1777

John Fane of Wormsley 1751-1824

Francis Fane 1752-1813

Charles Fane 1st Viscount Fane 1676-1744

George Fane of Burston 1581-


Walter Fauconberg 1st Baron Fauconberg 1220-1304

Walter Fauconberg 2nd Baron Fauconberg 1264-1318

John Fauconberg 3rd Baron Fauconberg 1290-1349

Walter Fauconberg 4th Baron Fauconberg 1319-1362

Thomas Fauconberg 5th Baron Fauconberg 1345-1407


William Feilding 1st Earl Denbigh 1587-1643

Basil Feilding 2nd Earl Denbigh 1608-1675

George Feilding 1st Earl Desmond 1614-1665

William Feilding 3rd Earl Denbigh 2nd Earl Desmond 1640-1685

Basil Feilding 4th Earl Denbigh 3rd Earl Desmond 1668-1717

William Feilding 5th Earl Denbigh 4th Earl Desmond 1697-1755

Basil Feilding 6th Earl Denbigh 5th Earl Desmond 1719-1800

William Feilding 7th Earl Denbigh 6th Earl Desmond 1796-1865


Hugh Ferrers 6th Baron Burford 1167-1204

Robert Ferrers 1st Earl Derby 1062-1139

Robert Ferrers 2nd Earl Derby -1162

William Ferrers 3rd Earl Derby 1136-1189

William Ferrers 4th Earl Derby 1168-1247

William Ferrers 5th Earl Derby 1193-1254

Robert Ferrers 6th Earl Derby 1239-1279

John Ferrers 1st Baron Ferrers of Chartley 1271-1324

Robert Ferrers 2nd Baron Ferrers of Chartley 1309-1350

John Ferrers 3rd Baron Ferrers of Chartley 1331-1367

Robert Ferrers 4th Baron Ferrers of Chartley 1358-1413

Edmund Ferrers 5th Baron Ferrers of Chartley 1386-1435

William Ferrers 6th Baron Ferrers of Chartley 1412-1450

Anne Ferrers 7th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley -1469

Robert Ferrers 1st Baron Ferrers of Wem 1341-1380

Robert Ferrers 2nd Baron Ferrers of Wem 1373-1393

William Ferrers 1st Baron Ferrers of Groby 1272-1325

Henry Ferrers 2nd Baron Ferrers of Groby 1303-1343

William Ferrers 3rd Baron Ferrers of Groby 1333-1372

Henry Ferrers 4th Baron Ferrers of Groby 1355-1388

William Ferrers 5th Baron Ferrers of Groby 1372-1445

Elizabeth Ferrers 6th Baroness Ferrers of Groby 1419-1483


Roger Fiennes 1384-1449

Richard Fiennes 7th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1415-1483

Thomas Fiennes 8th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1472-1534

Thomas Fiennes 9th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1515-1541

Gregory Fiennes 10th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1539-1594

Margaret Fiennes 11th Baroness Dacre Gilsland 1541-1612

James Fiennes 1st Baron Saye and Sele 1395-1450

William Fiennes 2nd Baron Saye and Sele 1428-1471

Henry Fiennes 3rd Baron Saye and Sele 1446-1476

Richard Fiennes 4th Baron Saye and Sele 1471-1501

Edward Fiennes 5th Baron Saye and Sele 1502-1527

Richard Fiennes 6th Baron Saye and Sele 1520-1573

Richard Fiennes 7th Baron Saye and Sele 1555-1613

William Fiennes 1st Viscount Saye and Sele 1582-1662


Moyle Finch 1st Baronet Eastwell in Kent 1550-1614

Theophilius Finch 2nd Baronet Eastwell in Kent 1573-1619

Thomas Finch 2nd Earl Winchelsea 1578-1639

Heneage Finch 3rd Earl Winchelsea 1628-1689

Charles Finch 4th Earl Winchelsea 1672-1712

Heneage Finch 5th Earl Winchelsea 1657-1726

John Finch 6th Earl Winchelsea 1683-1729

Heneage Finch 1580-1631

Heneage Finch 1st Earl Nottingham 1621-1682

Daniel Finch 2nd Earl Nottingham 7th Earl Winchelsea 1647-1730

Daniel Finch 3rd Earl Nottingham 8th Earl Winchelsea 1689-1769

George Finch 4th Earl Nottingham 9th Earl Winchelsea 1752-1826

George Finch-hatton 1747-1823

George Finch-hatton 5th Earl Nottingham 10th Earl Winchelsea 1791-1858

George Finch-hatton 6th Earl Nottingham 11th Earl Winchelsea 1815-1887

Murray Finch-hatton 7th Earl Nottingham 12th Earl Winchelsea 1851-1898

Henry Finch-hatton 8th Earl Nottingham 13th Earl Winchelsea 1852-1927

Guy Montagu George Finch-hatton 9th Earl Nottingham 14th Earl Winchelsea 1885-1939

Christopher Finch-hatton 10th Earl Nottingham 15th Earl Winchelsea 1911-1950

Heneage Finch 1st Earl Aylesford 1649-1719

Heneage Finch 2nd Earl Aylesford 1683-1757

Heneage Finch 3rd Earl Aylesford 1715-1777

Heneage Finch 4th Earl Aylesford 1751-1812

Heneage Finch 5th Earl Aylesford 1786-1859

Heneage Finch 6th Earl Aylesford 1824-1871

Henage Finch 7th Earl Aylesford 1849-1885


Robert Fitzharding 1st Baron Berkeley 1096-1171

Maurice Berkeley 2nd Baron Berkeley 1120-1190

Robert Berkeley 3rd Baron Berkeley 1165-1220

Thomas Berkeley 4th Baron Berkeley 1170-1243

Maurice Berkeley 5th Baron Berkeley 1218-1281

Thomas Berkeley 6th Baron Berkeley 1st Baron Berkeley 1245-1321

Maurice Berkeley 7th Baron Berkeley 2nd Baron Berkeley 1271-1326

Thomas Rich Berkeley 8th Baron Berkeley 3rd Baron Berkeley 1296-1361

Maurice Berkeley 8th Baron Berkeley 4th Baron Berkeley 1320-1368

Thomas 3rd Baron Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire 1352-1417

Elizabeth 4th Baroness Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire 1386-1422

James Berkeley 1st Baron Berkeley 1394-1463

William Berkeley 1st Marquess Berkeley 1426-1492

Maurice Berkeley 3rd Baron Berkeley 1435-1506

Maurice Berkeley 4th Baron Berkeley 1467-1523

Thomas Berkeley 5th Baron Berkeley 1472-1533

Thomas Berkeley 6th Baron Berkeley 1505-1534

Henry Berkeley 7th Baron Berkeley 1534-1613

Thomas Berkeley 1575-1611

George Berkeley 8th Baron Berkeley 1601-1658

George Berkeley 1st Earl Berkeley 1628-1698

Charles Berkeley 2nd Earl Berkeley 1649-1710

James Berkeley 3rd Earl Berkeley 1679-1736

Augustus Berkeley 4th Earl Berkeley 1715-1755

Frederick Augustus Berkeley 5th Earl Berkeley 1745-1810

Richard Berkeley 1531-1605

Charles Berkeley 2nd Viscount Fitzhardinge of Berehaven in Kerry 1599-1668

Maurice Berkeley 3rd Viscount Fitzhardinge of Berehaven in Kerry 1628-1690

Charles Berkeley 1st Earl Falmouth 1630-1665

John Berkeley 4th Viscount Fitzhardinge of Berehaven in Kerry 1650-1712

John Berkeley 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton in Cornwall 1602-1678

Charles Berkeley 2nd Baron Berkeley of Stratton in Cornwall -1681

John Berkeley 3rd Baron Berkeley of Stratton in Cornwall 1663-1697

William Berkeley 4th Baron Berkeley of Stratton in Cornwall 1663-1741

John Berkeley 5th Baron Berkeley of Stratton in Cornwall 1697-1773

Henry Berkeley 1579-1667

James Berkeley Bishop Exeter -1327


Thomas Fitzherbert 1514-1591

Thomas Fitzherbert 1552-1640

Thomas Fitzherbert 1550-


Henry Fitzhugh 1st Baron Fitzhugh -1356

Hugh Fitzhugh 2nd Baron Fitzhugh -1386

Henry Fitzhugh 3rd Baron Fitzhugh 1358-1425

William Fitzhugh 4th Baron Fitzhugh 1399-1452

Henry Fitzhugh 5th Baron Fitzhugh 1429-1472

Richard Fitzhugh 5th Baron Fitzhugh 1457-1487

Robert Fitzhugh Bishop London -1436


Osbern Fitzrichard 2nd Baron Burford 1045-1100

Richard Scrope 1st Baron Scrope Bolton 1327-1403

Roger Scrope 2nd Baron Scrope Bolton 1370-1403

Richard Scrope 3rd Baron Scrope Bolton 1393-1420

Henry Scrope 4th Baron Scrope Bolton 1418-1459

John Scrope 5th Baron Scrope Bolton 1437-1498

Henry Scrope 6th Baron Scrope Bolton 1468-1506

Henry Scrope 7th Baron Scrope Bolton 1480-1533

John Scrope 8th Baron Scrope Bolton 1510-1549

Henry Scrope 9th Baron Scrope Bolton 1534-1592

Thomas Scrope 10th Baron Scrope Bolton 1567-1609

Emanuel Scrope 1st Earl Sunderland 1584-1630

Adrian Scrope 1601-1660

William Scrope 1st Earl Wiltshire 1350-1399

Henry Scrope 1st Baron Scrope Masham 1312-1392

Stephen Scrope 2nd Baron Scrope Masham 1345-1406

Henry Scrope 3rd Baron Scrope Masham 1373-1415

John Scrope 4th Baron Scrope Masham 1388-1455

Thomas Scrope 5th Baron Scrope Masham 1429-1483

Thomas Scrope 6th Baron Scrope Masham 1459-1493

Alice Scrope 7th Baroness Scrope Masham -1502

Henry Scrope 8th Baron Scrope Masham -1512

Ralph Scrope 9th Baron Scrope Masham -1515

Geoffrey Scrope 10th Baron Scrope Masham 1475-1517

Richard Scrope Archbishop York 1350-1405

William Scrope 1325-1367

Hugh Fitzosbern 3rd Baron Burford 1080-1140

Hugh Say 4th Baron Burford 1136-1191

Hugh Say 5th Baron Burford 1161-1197

Margaret Say 6th Baroness Burford 1182-1242


Francis of Walton and Aldwark Foljambe 1st Baronet Walton 1590-1640


Thomas Furnival 1st Baron Furnivall 1260-1332

Joan Furnival 5th Baroness Furnivall 1375-1395


John Gage Lord Chamberlain 1479-1556

John Gage 1st Baronet Gage of Firle in Suffolk 1570-1663

Thomas Gage 2nd Baronet Gage of Firle in Suffolk 1597-1656

Edward Gage 1st Baronet Gage of Firle in Suffolk 1617-1707

William Gage 2nd Baronet Gage of Firle in Suffolk 1651-1727

Thomas Gage 3rd Baronet Gage of Firle in Suffolk 1710-1741

John Gage 4th Baronet Gage of Firle in Suffolk 1712-1767


William Godolphin 1515-1570

Francis Godolphin 1540-1608

William Godolphin 1567-1613

Francis Godolphin 1605-1667

William Godolphin 1st Baronet Godolphin 1640-1710

Sidney Godolphin 1st Earl Godolphin 1645-1712

Francis Godolphin 2nd Earl Godolphin 1678-1766

Henry Godolphin 1648-1733

Francis Godolphin 2nd Baron Goldolphin 1706-1785

Sidney Godolphin 1610-1643


Thomas Gower 1st Baronet Gower of Stittenham in Yorkshire 1584-1651

Thomas Gower 2nd Baronet Gower of Stittenham in Yorkshire 1605-1672

John Leveson-gower 1st Baron Gower 1675-1709

John Leveson-gower 1st Earl Gower 1694-1754

Granville Leveson-gower 1st Marquess Stafford 1721-1803

George Granville Leveson-gower 1st Duke Sutherland 1758-1833

George Leveson-gower 2nd Duke Sutherland 1786-1861

George Leveson-gower 3rd Duke Sutherland 1828-1892

Francis Egerton 1st Earl Ellesmere 1800-1857

George Egerton 2nd Earl Ellesmere 1823-1862

Francis Egerton 3rd Earl Ellesmere 1847-1914

John Francis Granville Scrope Egerton 4td Earl Ellesmere 1872-1944

Algernon Fulke Leveson-gower 1825-1891

Granville Leveson-gower 1st Earl Granville 1773-1846

Frederick Leveson-gower 1819-1907


John Gresham Lord Mayor of London 1495-1556

Thomas Gresham of Titsey Place 1547-1630

Richard Gresham Lord Mayor of London 1485-1549


Fulke Greville 4th Baron Willoughby Broke 12th Baron Latimer 1536-1606

Margaret Greville 6th Baroness Willoughby Broke 14th Baroness Latimer 1561-1632

Fulk Greville 5th Baron Willoughby Broke 13th Baron Latimer 1st Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court 1554-1628

Robert Greville 2nd Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court 1607-1643

Francis Greville 3rd Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court -1658

Robert Greville 4th Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court 1639-1677

Fulke Greville 5th Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court 1643-1710

Fulke Greville 6th Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court 1693-1711

William Greville 7th Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court 1695-1727

Francis Greville 1st Earl Brooke Warwick Castle 1st Earl Warwick 1719-1773

George Greville 2nd Earl Brooke Warwick Castle 2nd Earl Warwick 1746-1816

Henry Greville 3rd Earl Brooke Warwick Castle 3rd Earl Warwick 1779-1853

George Greville 4th Earl Brooke Warwick Castle 4th Earl Warwick 1818-1893

Francis Greville 5th Earl Brooke Warwick Castle 5th Earl Warwick 1853-1924

Leopold Guy Francis Maynard Greville 6th Earl Brooke Warwick Castle 6th Earl Warwick 1882-0258


Richard Grey 1202-1271

Henry Grey 1st Baron Grey of Codnor 1255-1308

Richard Grey 2nd Baron Grey of Codnor 1282-1335

John Grey 3rd Baron Grey of Codnor 1305-1392

Richard Grey 4th Baron Grey of Codnor 1371-1418

John Grey 5th Baron Grey of Codnor 1396-1430

Henry Grey 6th Baron Grey of Codnor 1405-1444

Henry Grey 7th Baron Grey of Codnor 1435-1496

Robert Grey 1st Baron Fitzpayn 1321-1393

Reginald Grey 1st Baron Grey of Wilton 1240-1308

John Grey 2nd Baron Grey of Wilton 1268-1323

Roger Grey 1st Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1290-1353

Reginald Grey 2nd Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1322-1388

Reginald Grey 3rd Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1362-1440

John Grey 1387-1439

Edmund Grey 1st Earl Kent 1416-1490

George Grey 2nd Earl Kent 1454-1505

Richard Grey 3rd Earl Kent 1481-1524

Henry Grey 4th Earl Kent 1495-1562

Reginald Grey 5th Earl Kent 1541-1573

Henry Grey 6th Earl Kent 1541-1615

Charles Grey 7th Earl Kent -1623

Henry Grey 8th Earl Kent 1583-1639

Anthony Grey 9th Earl Kent 1557-1643

Henry Grey 10th Earl Kent 1594-1651

Anthony Grey 11th Earl Kent 1645-1702

Henry Grey 1st Duke Kent 1671-1740

Edward Grey 6th Baron Ferrers of Groby 1415-1457

Thomas Grey 1st Marquess Dorset 1455-1501

Thomas Grey 2nd Marquess Dorset 1477-1530

Henry Grey 1st Duke Suffolk 1517-1554

Jane Nine Day Queen I Queen England and Ireland 1536-1554

Henry Grey 1st Baron Grey of Groby 1547-1614

Henry Grey 1st Earl Stamford 1599-1673

Thomas Grey 2nd Earl Stamford 1654-1720

Harry Grey 3rd Earl Stamford 1685-1739

Harry Grey 4th Earl Stamford 1715-1768

George Grey 5th Earl Stamford 1st Earl Warrington 1737-1819

George Grey 6th Earl Stamford 2nd Earl Warrington 1765-1845

George Harry Grey 8th Baron Grey of Groby 1802-1835

George Grey 7th Earl Stamford 3rd Earl Warrington 1827-1883

Booth Grey 1783-1850

Harry Grey 8th Earl Stamford 1812-1890

William Grey 9th Earl Stamford 1850-1910

Roger Grey 10th Earl Stamford 1896-1976

Leonard Grey 1st Viscount Grane 1479-1541

Richard Grey 1457-1483

Edward Grey 1st Viscount Lisle 1432-1492

John Grey 2nd Viscount Lisle 1481-1504

Elizabeth Grey 3rd Viscountess Lisle 1505-1519

Elizabeth Grey 6th Baroness Lisle 1480-1525

Henry Grey 3rd Baron Grey of Wilton 1282-1342

Reginald Grey 4th Baron Grey of Wilton 1312-1370

Henry Grey 5th Baron Grey of Wilton 1342-1396

Richard Grey 6th Baron Grey of Wilton 1393-1442

Reginald Grey 7th Baron Grey of Wilton 1421-1493

John Grey 8th Baron Grey of Wilton 1448-1498

Edmund Grey 9th Baron Grey of Wilton 1469-1511

George Grey 10th Baron Grey of Wilton -1515

Thomas Grey 11th Baron Grey of Wilton 1497-1518

Richard Grey 12th Baron Grey of Wilton 1507-1520

William Grey 13th Baron Grey of Wilton 1509-1562

Arthur Grey 14th Baron Grey of Wilton 1536-1593

Thomas Grey 15th Baron Grey of Wilton 1576-1614

John Grey 1st Baron Grey of Rotherfield 1271-1311

John Grey 2nd Baron Grey of Rotherfield 1300-1359

John Grey 3rd Baron Grey of Rotherfield 1316-1375

Bartholomew Grey 4th Baron Grey of Rotherfield 1347-1375

Robert Grey 5th Baron Grey of Rotherfield 1349-1387

Joan Grey 6th Baroness Grey of Rotherfield

Thomas Grey 1280-1344

Thomas Grey 1328-1369

Henry Grey 1st Baronet Howick 1691-1749

Henry Grey 2nd Baronet Howick 1722-1808

Charles Grey 1st Earl Grey 1729-1807

Charles Grey 2nd Earl Grey 1764-1845

Henry George Grey 3rd Earl Grey 1802-1894

Albert Henry George Grey 4th Earl Grey 1851-1917

Charles Robert Grey 5th Earl Grey 1879-1963

Edward Grey Bishop Hereford 1782-1837

William Grey 1st Baron Grey of Werke in Northumberland 1593-1674

Ralph Grey 2nd Baron Grey of Werke in Northumberland 1630-1675

Ford Grey 1st Earl Tankerville 1655-1701

William Grey Bishop Ely -1478

John Grey 1st Earl Tankerville 1384-1421

Henry Grey 2nd Earl Tankerville 1418-1450

Richard Grey 3rd Earl Tankerville 1436-1466

John Grey 1st Baron Grey of Powis 1460-1497

John Grey 2nd Baron Grey of Powis 1485-1504

Edward Grey 3rd Baron Grey of Powis

William Grey Bishop London -1436

Walter Grey Archbishop York 1216-1255

William Grey 1st Baron Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk 1719-1781

Thomas Grey 2nd Baron Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk -1818

George Grey 3rd Baron Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk 1776-1831

Thomas Grey 4th Baron Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk 1778-1839

Thomas Grey 5th Baron Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk 1804-1870

Thomas Grey 6th Baron Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk 1843-1919


Ralph Greystoke 1st Baron Greystoke 1299-1323

William Greystoke 2nd Baron Greystoke 1321-1359

Ralph Greystoke 3rd Baron Greystoke 1353-1418

John Greystoke 4th Baron Greystoke 1389-1426

Ralph Greystoke 5th Baron Greystoke 1414-1487


Robert Grosvenor 1695-1755

Richard Grosvenor 1st Earl Grosvenor 1731-1802

Robert Grosvenor 1st Marquess Westminster 1767-1845

Richard Grosvenor 2nd Marquess Westminster 1795-1869

Hugh Lupus Grosvenor 1st Duke Westminster 1825-1899

Hugh Richard Arthur Bendor Grosvenor 2nd Duke Westminster 1879-1953

Richard Grosvenor 1st Baron Stalbridge 1837-1912

Robert Grosvenor 1st Baron Ebury 1801-1893

Richard Erle-drax-grosvenor 1762-1819


Richard Guildford 1450-1506

Henry Guildford 1489-1532


John Harrington 1st Baron Harington 1281-1347

John Harrington 2nd Baron Harington 1328-1363

Robert Harrington 3rd Baron Harington 1356-1406

John Harrington 4th Baron Harington 1384-1418

William Harrington 5th Baron Harington 1390-1457

William Harrington 1373-1440

Thomas Harrington 1400-1460

James Harrington 1430-1485

John Harrington 1st Baron Harington of Exton 1540-1613

John Harrington 1st Baron Harington of Exton 1592-1614

James Harrington 1st Baronet Ridlington 1542-1614


Henry Hastings 1235-1269

John Hastings 13th Baron Bergavenny 1st Baron Hastings 1262-1313

John Hastings 14th Baron Bergavenny 2nd Baron Hastings 1286-1325

Laurence Hastings 1st Earl Pembroke 1319-1348

John Hastings 2nd Earl Pembroke 1347-1375

John Hastings 3rd Earl Pembroke 1372-

Hugh Hastings 6th Baron Hastings 1336-1369

Hugh Hastings 7th Baron Hastings 1350-1386

Edward Hastings 8th Baron Hastings 1382-1437

John of Gressenhall Hastings 9th Baron Hastings 1412-1477

Hugh Hastings 10th Baron Hastings 1437-1488

John Hastings 11th Baron Hastings 1466-1504

George Hastings 12th Baron Hastings -1504

John Hastings 13th Baron Hastings 1496-1514

Hugh Hastings 14th Baron Hastings 1505-1540

John Hastings 14th Baron Hastings 1531-1542

William Hastings 1st Baron Hastings 1431-1483

Edward Hastings 2nd Baron Hastings 1466-1506

George Hastings 1st Earl Huntingdon 1488-1544

Francis Hastings 2nd Earl Huntingdon 1514-1561

Henry Hastings 3rd Earl Huntingdon 1535-1595

George Hastings 4th Earl Huntingdon 1540-1604

Henry Hastings 5th Earl Huntingdon 1586-1643

Ferdinando Hastings 6th Earl Huntingdon 1608-1656

Theophilus Hastings 7th Earl Huntingdon 1650-1701

George Hastings 8th Earl Huntingdon 1677-1704

Theophilus Hastings 9th Earl Huntingdon 1696-1746

Francis Hastings 10th Earl Huntingdon 1729-1789

Elizabeth Hastings 13th Baroness Hastings 1731-1808

Henry Hastings 1st Baron Loughborough 1610-1666

Hans Francis Hastings 11th Earl Huntingdon 1779-1828

Francis Theophilus Henry Hastings 12th Earl Huntingdon 1808-1875

Francis Power Plantagenet Hastings 13th Earl Huntingdon 1841-1885

Warner Francis John Plantagenet Hastings 14th Earl Huntingdon 1868-1939

Francis John Clarence Westenra Plantagenet Hastings 15th Earl Huntingdon 1901-1990

Edward Hastings 1st Baron Hastings Loughborough 1521-1571

Ralph Hastings -1495

Richard Hastings 9th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1433-1503


Thomas Heneage 1532-1595

Elizabeth Heneage 1st Countess Winchelsea 1556-1634


John Hervey 1st Earl Bristol 1665-1751

John Hervey 2nd Baron Hervey of Ickworth in Suffolk 1696-1743

George William Hervey 2nd Earl Bristol 1721-1775

Augustus John Hervey 3rd Earl Bristol 1724-1779

Frederick Augustus Hervey 4th Earl Bristol 1730-1803

Frederick Hervey 1st Marquess Bristol 1769-1859

Frederick Hervey 2nd Marquess Bristol 1800-1864

Frederick William John Hervey 3rd Marquess Bristol 1834-1907

Frederick Hervey 4th Marquess Bristol 1863-1951

Arthur Hervey Bishop Bath and Wells 1808-1894


Robert Holland 1st Baron Holland 1283-1328

Robert Holland 2nd Baron Holland 1311-1373

Thomas Holland 1st Earl Kent 1314-1360

Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent 1350-1397

Thomas Holland 1st Duke Surrey 1374-1400

Edmund Holland 4th Earl Kent 1384-1408

John Holland 1st Duke Exeter 1352-1400

John Holland 2nd Duke Exeter 1395-1447

Henry Holland 3rd Duke Exeter 1430-1475


William Holles Lord Mayor of London 1471-1542

John Holles 1st Earl Clare 1564-1637

John Holles 2nd Earl Clare 1595-1666

Gilbert Holles 3rd Earl Clare 1633-1689

John Holles 1st Duke Newcastle upon Tyne 1662-1711

Denzil Holles 1st Baron Holles 1599-1680

Francis Holles 2nd Baron Holles 1627-1690

Denzil Holles 2nd Baron Holles 1675-1692


John Howard 1st Duke Norfolk 1425-1485

Thomas Howard 2nd Duke Norfolk 1443-1524

Thomas Howard 3rd Duke Norfolk 1473-1554

Henry Howard 1516-1547

Thomas Howard 4th Duke Norfolk 1536-1572

Philip Howard 20th Earl Arundel 1557-1595

Thomas Howard 4th Earl Surrey 21st Earl Arundel 1st Earl Norfolk 1586-1646

Henry Howard 5th Earl Surrey 22nd Earl Arundel 2nd Earl Norfolk 1608-1652

Thomas Howard 5th Duke Norfolk 1627-1677

Henry Howard 6th Duke Norfolk 1628-1684

Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk 1655-1701

Thomas Howard 8th Duke Norfolk 1683-1732

Edward Howard 9th Duke Norfolk 1686-1777

Philip Howard 1629-1694

Charles Howard 10th Duke Norfolk 1720-1786

Charles Howard 11th Duke Norfolk 1746-1815

William Woods Clarenceux King of Arms Garter King of Arms 1785-1842

Albert Woods Garter King of Arms 1816-1904

Bernard Howard 12th Duke Norfolk 1765-1842

Henry Charles Howard 13th Duke Norfolk 1791-1856

Henry Granville Fitzalan 14th Duke Norfolk 1815-1860

Henry Fitzalan-howard 15th Duke Norfolk 1847-1917

Bernard Fitzalan 16th Duke Norfolk 1908-1975

Edmund Bernard Fitzalan-howard 1st Viscount Fitzalan Derwent Derby 1855-1947

Henry Edmund Fitzalan-howard 2nd Viscount Fitzalan Derwent Derby 1883-1962

Edward George Fitzalan-howard 1st Baron Howard of Glossop in Derbyshire 1818-1883

Francis Edward Fitzalan-howard 2nd Baron Howard of Glossop in Derbyshire 1859-1924

Bernard Fitzalan-howard 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop in Derbyshire 1885-1972

Miles Stapleton-fitzalan-howard 17th Duke Norfolk 1915-2002

Henry Howard-molyneux-howard 1766-1824

William Howard 1st Viscount Stafford 1614-1680

Henry Stafford Howard 1st Earl Stafford 1648-1719

William Stafford Howard 2nd Earl Stafford 1690-1734

William Mathias Stafford Howard 3rd Earl Stafford 1718-1751

John Paul Stafford Howard 4th Earl Stafford 1700-1762

Anastasia Stafford Howard 6th Baroness Stafford 1722-1807

Thomas Howard 1st Earl Suffolk 1561-1626

Theophilus Howard 2nd Earl Suffolk 1582-1640

James Howard 3rd Earl Suffolk 1606-1688

George Howard 4th Earl Suffolk 1625-1691

Henry Howard 5th Earl Suffolk 1627-1709

Henry Howard 6th Earl Suffolk 1670-1718

Charles William Howard 7th Earl Suffolk 1693-1722

Edward Howard 8th Earl Suffolk 1672-1731

Charles Howard 9th Earl Suffolk 1685-1733

Henry Howard 10th Earl Suffolk 1706-1745

Thomas Howard 1st Earl Berkshire 1587-1669

Charles Howard 2nd Earl Berkshire 1615-1679

Thomas Howard 3rd Earl Berkshire 1619-1706

Henry Bowes Howard 4th Earl Berkshire 11th Earl Suffolk 1686-1757

Henry Howard 5th Earl Berkshire 12th Earl Suffolk 1739-1779

Henry Howard 6th Earl Berkshire 13th Earl Suffolk 1779-1779

Thomas Howard 7th Earl Berkshire 14th Earl Suffolk 1721-1783

John Howard 8th Earl Berkshire 15th Earl Suffolk 1739-1820

Thomas Howard 9th Earl Berkshire 16th Earl Suffolk 1776-1851

Charles Howard 10th Earl Berkshire 17th Earl Suffolk 1804-1876

Edward Howard 1st Baron Howard of Escrick -1675

Thomas Howard 2nd Baron Howard of Escrick 1625-1678

William Howard 3rd Baron Howard of Escrick -1694

Charles Howard 4th Baron Howard of Escrick

Charles Howard 1st Earl Carlisle 1629-1685

Edward Howard 2nd Earl Carlisle 1646-1692

Charles Howard 3rd Earl Carlisle -1738

Henry Howard 4th Earl Carlisle 1694-1758

Frederick Howard 5th Earl Carlisle 1748-1825

George Howard 6th Earl Carlisle 1773-1848

George Howard 7th Earl Carlisle 1802-1864

William George Howard 8th Earl Carlisle 1808-1889

George Howard 9th Earl Carlisle 1843-1911

Charles James Stanley Howard 10th Earl Carlisle 1867-1912

George Josslyn LEstrange Howard 11th Earl Carlisle 1895-1963

Charles James Ruthven Howard 12th Earl Carlisle 1923-1994

George William Beaumont Howard 13th Earl Carlisle 1949-

Henry Howard 1st Earl Northampton 1540-1614

Thomas Howard 1st Viscount Howard Bindon 1520-1582

Henry Howard 2nd Viscount Howard Bindon -1590

Thomas Howard 3rd Viscount Howard Bindon -1611

Edward Howard 1476-1513

Edmund Howard 1478-1539

Catherine Howard Queen Consort England 1523-1542

William Howard 1st Baron Howard of Effingham 1510-1573

Charles Howard 1st Earl Nottingham 1536-1624

Charles Howard 2nd Earl Nottingham 1579-1642

Charles Howard 3rd Earl Nottingham 1610-1681

Francis Howard 5th Baron Howard of Effingham 1643-1695

Thomas Howard 6th Baron Howard of Effingham -1725

Francis Howard 1st Earl Effingham 1683-1743

Thomas Howard 2nd Earl Effingham 1714-1763

Thomas Howard 3rd Earl Effingham 1746-1791

Richard Howard 4rd Earl Effingham 1748-1816

Kenneth Alexander Howard 1st Earl Effingham 1767-1845

Frances Howard 1st Countess Hertford


Walter Hungerford

Thomas Hungerford -1397

Walter Hungerford 1st Baron Hungerford 1378-1449

Robert Hungerford 2nd Baron Hungerford 1400-1459

Robert Hungerford 3rd Baron Hungerford 1431-1464

Mary Hungerford 4th Baroness Hungerford 1466-1553

Walter Hungerford -1516

Walter Hungerford 1st Baron Hungerford of Heytesbury 1503-1540

Mary Hungerford 4th Baroness Hungerford 1468-1533

Anthony Hungerford 1608-1657

Edward Hungerford 1632-1711


William Hussey of Sleaford 1443-1495

John Hussey 1st Baron Hussey Sleaford 1465-1536

Christopher Hussey 1599-1686


Henry Hyde 1563-1634

Edward Hyde 1st Earl Clarendon 1609-1674

Henry Hyde 2nd Earl Clarendon -1709

Edward Hyde 3rd Earl Clarendon 1661-1723

Edward Hyde 9th Baron Clifton -1713

Theodosia Hyde 10th Baroness Clifton 1695-1722

Lawrence Hyde 1st Earl Rochester 1642-1711

Henry Hyde 2nd Earl Rochester 4th Earl Clarendon 1672-1753


Thomas Jermyn 1482-1552

Thomas Jermyn Lord Lieutenant Suffolk 1573-1645

Thomas Jermyn 1622-1659

Thomas Jermyn 2nd Baron Jermyn of St Edmundsbury in Suffolk 1633-1703

Henry Jermyn 1st Earl St Albans 1605-1684



Arnold Keppel 1st Earl Albermarle 1670-1718

William Anne Keppel 2nd Earl Albermarle 1702-1754

George Keppel 3rd Earl Albermarle 1724-1772

William Charles Keppel 4th Earl Albermarle 1772-1849

Augustus Frederick Keppel 5th Earl Albermarle 1794-1851

George Thomas Keppel 6th Earl Albermarle 1799-1891

Augustus Keppel 1st Viscount Keppel of Elveden in Suffolk 1725-1786

William Keppel 1727-1782

Frederick Keppel Bishop Exeter 1728-1777



William Killigrew of Hanworth 1555-1622

Robert Killigrew of Hanworth 1580-1633

William Killigrew 1606-1695

Henry Killigrew 1652-1712


Francis Knollys 1512-1596

Lettice Knollys 1st Countess Essex 1st Countess Leicester 1543-1634

William Knollys 1st Earl Banbury 1544-1632


Thomas Knyvet 1st Baron Knyvet of Escrick -1622


Ilbert Lacy 1st Baron Lacy of Pontefract 1045-1093

Robert Lacy 2nd Baron Lacy of Pontefract -1130

Ilbert Lacy 3rd Baron Lacy of Pontefract -1141

Henry Lacy 4th Baron Lacy of Pontefract -1177

Robert Lacy 5th Baron Lacy of Pontefract

Gilbert Lacy 3rd Baron Lacy -1163

Hugh Lacy 4th Baron Lacy 1135-1186

Walter Lacy Lord Meath 1166-1241


Edwin Lascelles 1st Baron Harewood of Harewood in Yorkshire 1713-1795

Edward Lascelles 1st Earl Harewood in Yorkshire 1740-1820

Henry Lascelles 2nd Earl Harewood in Yorkshire 1767-1841

Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl Harewood in Yorkshire 1797-1857

Henry Thynne Lascelles 4th Earl Harewood in Yorkshire 1824-1892

Henry Ulrick Lascelles 5th Earl Harewood in Yorkshire 1846-1929

Henry Lascelles 6th Earl Harewood in Yorkshire 1882-1947

George Henry Hubert Lascelles 7th Earl Harewood in Yorkshire 1923-2011


William Latimer 1st Baron Latimer of Corby 1243-1304

William Latimer 2nd Baron Latimer of Corby 1276-1327

William Latimer 3rd Baron Latimer of Corby 1300-1335

William Latimer 4th Baron Latimer of Corby 1330-1381

Elizabeth Latimer 5th Baroness Latimer of Corby 1357-1395


Henry Lee 1st Baronet Lee of Quarrendon in Buckinghamshire -1632

Francis Lee 2nd Baronet Lee of Quarrendon in Buckinghamshire 1616-1639

Henry Lee 3nd Baronet Lee of Quarrendon in Buckinghamshire -1659

Francis Lee 4th Baronet Lee of Quarrendon in Buckinghamshire 1639-1667

Edward Lee 1st Earl Lichfield 1663-1716

George Henry Lee 2nd Earl Lichfield -1743

George Henry Lee 3rd Earl Lichfield 1718-1772

Robert Lee 4th Earl Lichfield 1706-1776


William Legge -1670

George Legge 1st Baron Dartmouth 1647-1691

William Legge 1st Earl Dartmouth 1672-1750

William Legge 2nd Earl Dartmouth 1731-1801

George Legge 3rd Earl Dartmouth 1755-1810

William Legge 4th Earl Dartmouth 1784-1853

William Legge 5th Earl Dartmouth 1823-1891

William Legge 6th Earl Dartmouth 1851-1936

Edward Legge Bishop Oxford 1756-1827

Henry Bilson-legge 2nd Baron Stawell of Somerton in Somerset 1708-1764


Robert Lisle 1st Baron Lisle of Rougemont 1288-1344

John Lisle 2nd Baron Lisle of Rougemont 1318-1355

Robert Lisle 3rd Baron Lisle of Rougemont 1336-1399

William Lisle 4th Baron Lisle of Rougemont

Gerard 1st Baron Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire 1304-1360

Warin 2nd Baron Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire 1330-1382

Margaret 3rd Baroness Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire 1362-1391


Nicholas Longford 1288-1356

Nicholas IV Longford 1373-1415

Ralph Longford 1400-1432


John Lovell 1st Baron Lovell of Titchmarsh 1254-1311

John Lovell 2nd Baron Lovell of Titchmarsh 1289-1314

John Lovell 3rd Baron Lovell of Titchmarsh -1347

John Lovell 4th Baron Lovell of Titchmarsh 1340-1361

John Lovell 5th Baron Lovell of Titchmarsh 1341-1408

John Lovell 6th Baron Lovell of Titchmarsh 1375-1414

William Lovell 7th Baron Lovell of Titchmarsh 1397-1455

William Lovell 8th Baron Marshal 7th Baron Morley 1427-1476

Henry Lovell 9th Baron Marshal 8th Baron Morley -1489

Alice Lovell 10th Baroness Marshal 9th Baroness Morley 1467-1518

John Lovell 8th Baron Lovell of Titchmarsh 1433-1463

Francis Lovell 1st Viscount Lovell 1456-1488


Ralph Lumley 1st Baron Lumley 1360-1400

Thomas Lumley 1st Baron Lumley 1408-1485

George Lumley 2nd Baron Lumley 1445-1507

Richard Lumley 3rd Baron Lumley 1477-1510

John Lumley 4th Baron Lumley 1492-1545

John Lumley 1st Baron Lumley 1533-1609

Richard Lumley 1st Viscount Lumley 1589-1663

Richard Lumley 1st Earl Scarborough 1650-1721

Richard Lumley 2nd Earl Scarborough 1686-1740

Thomas Lumley-sanderson 3rd Earl Scarborough 1691-1752

Richard Lumley-sanderson 4th Earl Scarborough 1725-1782

George Lumley-sanderson 5th Earl Scarborough 1753-1807

Richard Lumley-sanderson 6th Earl Scarborough 1757-1832

John Lumley-savile 7th Earl Scarborough 1761-1835

John Lumley-savile 8th Earl Scarborough 1788-1856

Marmaduke Lumley Bishop Carlisle Bishop Lincoln -1450


John Maltravers 1st Baron Maltravers 1290-1365

Eleanor Maltravers 2nd Baroness Maltravers 1345-1405


George Manners 11th Baron Ros Helmsley 1470-1513

Thomas Manners 1st Earl Rutland 1492-1543

Henry Manners 2nd Earl Rutland 1526-1563

Edward Manners 3rd Earl Rutland 1549-1587

Elizabeth Manners 15th Baroness Ros Helmsley 1575-1591

John Manners 4th Earl Rutland 1559-1588

Roger Manners 5th Earl Rutland 1576-1612

Francis Manners 6th Earl Rutland 1578-1632

Katherine Manners 18th Baroness Ros Helmsley -1649

George Manners 7th Earl Rutland 1580-1641

John Manners 8th Earl Rutland 1604-1679

John Manners 1st Duke Rutland 1638-1711

John Manners 2nd Duke Rutland 1676-1721

John Manners 3rd Duke Rutland 1696-1779

Charles Manners 4th Duke Rutland 1754-1787

John Henry Manners 5th Duke Rutland 1778-1857

Charles Manners 6th Duke Rutland 1815-1888

John James Robert Manners 7th Duke Rutland 1818-1906

Henry John Brinsley Manners 8th Duke Rutland 1852-1925

John Henry Montagu Manners 9th Duke Rutland 1886-1940

Charles John Robert Manners 10th Duke Rutland 1919-1999

Charles Manners-sutton Archbishop Canterbury 1755-1828

Thomas Manners-sutton 1st Baron Manners 1756-1842

Richard Manners 1510-1551


John Marshal 7th Earl Warwick 1212-1242

William Marshal 1st Baron Marshal 1277-1314

John Marshal 2nd Baron Marshal 1292-1317

Hawise Marshal 3rd Baroness Marshal 1300-1327

William Marshal 1st Earl Pembroke 1146-1219

William The Younger Marshal 2nd Earl Pembroke 1190-1231

Richard Marshal 3rd Earl Pembroke 1191-1234

Gilbert Marshal 4th Earl Pembroke 1197-1241

Walter Marshal 5th Earl Pembroke 1199-1245

Anselm Marshal 6th Earl Pembroke 1208-1245


John Mohun 1st Baron Mohun Dunster 1269-1330

John Mohun 2nd Baron Mohun Dunster 1320-1375

Philippa Mohun 2nd Duchess York -1431


Thomas Monck of Potheridge 1570-1627

George Monck 1st Duke Albermarle 1608-1670

Christopher Monck 2nd Duke Albermarle 1653-1688

Nicholas Monck Bishop Hereford 1610-1661


Simon Montagu 1st Baron Montagu 1250-1316

William Montagu 2nd Baron Montagu 1275-1319

William Montagu 1st Earl Salisbury 1301-1349

William Montagu 2nd Earl Salisbury 1328-1397

John Montagu 1st Baron Montagu 1330-1390

Edward Montagu 1485-1557

Edward Montagu 1530-1602

Edward Montagu 1st Baron Montagu of Boughton in Northamptonshire 1563-1644

Edward Montagu 2nd Baron Montagu of Boughton in Northamptonshire 1616-1684

Ralph Montagu 1st Duke Montagu 1638-1709

John Montagu 2nd Duke Montagu 1690-1749

Henry Montagu 1st Earl Manchester 1563-1642

Edward Montagu 2nd Earl Manchester 1602-1671

Robert Montagu 3rd Earl Manchester 1634-1683

Charles Montagu 1st Duke Manchester 1662-1722

William Montagu 2nd Duke Manchester 1700-1739

Robert Montagu 3rd Duke Manchester 1710-1762

George Montagu 4th Duke Manchester 1737-1788

William Montagu 5th Duke Manchester 1771-1843

George Montagu 6th Duke Manchester 1799-1855

George Montagu 1st Earl Halifax 1684-1739

Charles Montagu 1st Earl Halifax 1661-1715

James Montagu Bishop Winchester

Edward Montagu 1st Earl Sandwich 1625-1672

Edward Montagu 2nd Earl Sandwich 1648-1688

Edward Montagu 3rd Earl Sandwich 1670-1729

John Montagu 4th Earl Sandwich 1718-1792

John Montagu 5th Earl Sandwich 1744-1814

George Montagu 6th Earl Sandwich 1773-1818

John William Montagu 7th Earl Sandwich 1811-1884

John Montagu 3rd Earl Salisbury 1350-1400

Thomas Montagu 4th Earl Salisbury 1388-1428

Simon Montagu Bishop Worcester Bishop Ely -1345

Edward Montagu 1st Baron Montagu -1361

Maud Montagu Abbess Barking


John Mordaunt 1455-1504

John Mordaunt 1st Baron Mordaunt 1480-1562

John Mordaunt 2nd Baron Mordaunt 1508-1571

Lewis Mordaunt 3rd Baron Mordaunt 1538-1601

Henry Mordaunt 4th Baron Mordaunt 1567-1608

John Mordaunt 1st Earl Peterborough -1642

Henry Mordaunt 2nd Earl Peterborough 1621-1697

John Mordaunt 1st Viscount Mordaunt of Avalon 1626-1675

Charles Mordaunt 3rd Earl Peterborough 1st Earl Monmouth 1658-1735

John Mordaunt 1681-1710

Charles Mordaunt 4th Earl Peterborough 2nd Earl Monmouth 1708-1779

Charles Henry Mordaunt 5th Earl Peterborough 3rd Earl Monmouth 1758-1814

John Mordaunt 1709-1767

Estrange Mordaunt 1st Baronet Massingham Parva 1572-1627

Robert Mordaunt 2nd Baronet Massingham Parva -1638

Charles Mordaunt 3rd Baronet Massingham Parva -1648

Charles Mordaunt 4th Baronet Massingham Parva -1665

John Mordaunt 5th Baronet Massingham Parva -1721

Charles Mordaunt 6th Baronet Massingham Parva -1778

John Mordaunt 7th Baronet Massingham Parva 1734-1806

Charles Mordaunt 8th Baronet Massingham Parva 1771-1823

John Mordaunt 9th Baronet Massingham Parva 1808-1845

Charles Mordaunt 10th Baronet Massingham Parva 1836-1897

Osbert Mordaunt 11th Baronet Massingham Parva 1884-1934


William Morley 1st Baron Morley -1302

Robert Morley 3rd Baron Marshal 2nd Baron Morley -1360

William Morley 4th Baron Marshal 3rd Baron Morley 1319-1379

Thomas Morley 5th Baron Marshal 4th Baron Morley 1354-1416

Thomas Morley 6th Baron Marshal 5th Baron Morley 1393-1435

Robert Morley 7th Baron Marshal 6th Baron Morley 1418-1443

Alianore Morley 8th Baroness Marshal 7th Baroness Morley 1442-1476


Roger Mortimer 1st Baron Mortimer Wigmore 1231-1282

Edmund Mortimer 2nd Baron Mortimer Wigmore 1251-1304

Roger Mortimer 1st Earl March 1287-1330

Roger Mortimer 2nd Earl March 1328-1360

Edmund Mortimer 3rd Earl March 5th Earl Ulster 1352-1381

Roger Mortimer 4th Earl March 6th Earl Ulster 1374-1398

Edmund Mortimer 7th Earl Ulster 5th Earl March 1391-1425

Roger Mortimer 1st Baron Mortimer Chirk 1256-1326


Hugh Mortimer-woodham 1st Baron Mortimer Burford 1219-1274

Robert Mortimer-woodham 2nd Baron Mortimer Burford 1246-1287

William Zouche 1st Baron Zouche Mortimer 1265-1336

Alan Zouche 2nd Baron Zouche Mortimer 1317-1346

Robert Zouche 4th Baron Zouche Mortimer 1330-

Hugh Zouche 3rd Baron Zouche Mortimer 1330-1368

Hugh Mortimer-woodham 3rd Baron Mortimer Burford 1271-1304


Thomas Musgrave 1st Baron Musgrave 1302-1372


James Dutton 1st Baron Sherborne 1744-1820

John Dutton 2nd Baron Sherborne 1779-1862

James Henry Legge Dutton 3rd Baron Sherborne 1804-1883

Edward Lenox Dutton 4th Baron Sherborne 1831-1919

Frederick Dutton 5th Baron Sherborne 1840-1920

James Dutton 6th Baron Sherborne 1873-1949

Charles Dutton 7th Baron Sherborne 1911-1982

Ralph Stawell Dutton 7th Baron Sherborne -1985

Ralph Heneage Dutton 1821-1892


Ralph Neville 1st Baron Neville Raby 1262-1331

Ralph Neville 2nd Baron Neville Raby 1291-1367

John Neville 3rd Baron Neville Raby 1337-1388

Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425

Ralph Neville 2nd Earl Westmoreland 1406-1484

John Neville 1st Baron Neville Raby 1410-1461

Ralph Neville 3rd Earl Westmoreland 1456-1499

Ralph Neville 4th Earl Westmoreland 1498-1549

Henry Neville 5th Earl Westmoreland 1525-1563

Charles Neville 6th Earl Westmoreland 1542-1601

Humphrey Neville of Brancepeth 1439-1469

Richard Neville 5th Earl Salisbury 1400-1460

Richard Kingmaker Neville 16th Earl Warwick 6th Earl Salisbury 1428-1471

Isabel Neville 1st Duchess Clarence 1451-1476

Anne Neville Queen Consort England 1456-1485

John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu 1431-1471

George Neville 1st Duke Bedford 1461-1483

George Neville Archbishop York 1432-1476

Thomas Neville 1431-1460

Robert Neville Bishop Salisbury Bishop Durham

William Neville 1st Earl Kent 1405-1463

George Neville 1st Baron Latimer of Snape 1407-1469

Richard Neville 2nd Baron Latimer of Snape 1468-1530

John Neville 3rd Baron Latimer of Snape 1493-1543

John Neville 4th Baron Latimer of Snape 1520-1577

Edward Neville 3rd Baron Bergavenny 1414-1476

George Neville 4th Baron Bergavenny 1440-1492

George Neville 5th Baron Bergavenny 1469-1535

Henry Neville 6th Baron Bergavenny 1530-1587

Mary Neville 7th Baroness Bergavenny 3rd Baroness Despencer 1554-1626

Edward Neville 1471-1538

Edward Neville 7th Baron Bergavenny 1526-1588

Edward Neville 8th Baron Bergavenny 1550-1622

Henry Neville 9th Baron Bergavenny 1580-1641

John Neville 10th Baron Bergavenny 1614-1662

George Neville 11th Baron Bergavenny 1641-1666

George Neville 12th Baron Bergavenny 1665-1695

George Neville 13th Baron Bergavenny 1659-1721

George Neville 14th Baron Bergavenny 1702-1723

Edward Neville 15th Baron Bergavenny 1705-1724

William Neville 16th Baron Bergavenny 1701-1744

George Neville 1st Earl Bergavenny 1727-1785

Henry Neville 2nd Earl Bergavenny 1755-1843

John Neville 3rd Earl Bergavenny 1789-1845

William Neville 4th Earl Bergavenny 1792-1868

William Neville 1st Marquess Abergavenny 1826-1915

Reginald Neville 2nd Marquess Abergavenny 1853-1927

Henry Neville 3rd Marquess Abergavenny 1854-1938

Guy Larnach Neville 4th Marquess Abergavenny 1883-1954

John Henry Guy Neville 5th Marquess Abergavenny 1914-2000

Christopher Neville 6th Marquess Abergavenny 1955-

Thomas Neville 1475-1542

Thomas Neville 5th Baron Furnivall 1362-1406

Maud Neville 6th Baroness Furnivall 1392-1423

John Neville 6th Baron Latimer of Corby 1382-1430

Alexander Neville Archbishop York 1341-1392

Hugh Neville 1st Baron Neville Essex 1276-1335

John Neville 2nd Baron Neville Essex 1299-1358


Francis Newport 1555-1623

Richard Newport 1st Baron Newport of High Ercall in Shropshire 1587-1651

Francis Newport 1st Earl Bradford 1620-1708

Richard Newport 2nd Earl Bradford 1644-1723

Henry Newport MP Bishops Castle 1683-1734

Thomas Newport 4th Earl Bradford 1696-1762

Thomas Newport 1st Baron Torrington of Torrington in Devon 1655-1719

Andrew Newport 1620-1699


Edward Noel 2nd Viscount Campden 1582-1643

Baptist Noel 3rd Viscount Campden 1611-1682

Edward Noel 1st Earl Gainsborough 1641-1689

Wriothesley Baptist Noel 2nd Earl Gainsborough 1661-1690

Baptist Noel 3rd Earl Gainsborough 1684-1714

Baptist Noel 4th Earl Gainsborough 1708-1751

Baptist Noel 6th Earl Gainsborough 1740-1759

Henry Noel 7th Earl Gainsborough 1743-1798

Varney Noel 1st Baronet Noel -1670

William Noel 2nd Baronet Noel 1642-1675

Thomas Noel 3rd Baronet Noel 1662-1688

John Noel 4th Baronet Noel 1668-1697

Clobery Noel 5th Baronet Noel 1695-1733

Edward Noel 1st Viscount Wentworth 1715-1774

Thomas Noel 2nd Viscount Wentworth 1745-1815


John Norreys 1400-1466

William Norreys 1441-1507

Henry Norreys 1st Baron Norreys Rycote 1525-1601

Francis Norreys 1st Earl Berkshire 1579-1622

Elizabeth Norreys 3rd Baroness Norreys Rycote 1603-1645


Francis North 1st Baron Guildford 1637-1685

Francis North 2nd Baron Guildford 1673-1729

Francis North 1st Earl Guilford 1704-1790

Frederick North 2nd Earl Guilford 1732-1792

George Augustus North 3rd Earl Guilford 1757-1802

Francis North 4th Earl Guilford 1761-1817

Frederick North 5th Earl Guilford 1766-1827

Brownlow North Bishop Lichfield Bishop Worcester 1741-1820

Dudley North 6th Earl Guilford 1829-1860

Dudley Francis North 7th Earl Guilford 1851-1885

Frederick George North 8th Earl Guilford 1876-1949

Edward Francis North 9th Earl Guilford 1933-1999


William Paget 1st Baron Paget Beaudasert 1506-1563

Henry Paget 2nd Baron Paget Beaudasert 1539-1568

Thomas Paget 3rd Baron Paget Beaudasert 1544-1590

William Paget 4th Baron Paget Beaudasert 1572-1629

William Paget 5th Baron Paget Beaudasert 1609-1678

William Paget 6th Baron Paget Beaudasert 1637-1713

Henry Paget 1st Earl Uxbridge 1663-1743

Henry Paget 2nd Earl Uxbridge 1719-1769


William Parker 10th Baron Marshal 9th Baron Morley 1465-1510

Henry Parker 11th Baron Marshal 10th Baron Morley 1476-1556

Henry Parker 1514-1552

Henry Parker 12th Baron Marshal 11th Baron Morley 1533-1577

Henry or Edward Parker 13th Baron Marshal 12th Baron Morley 1550-1618

William Parker 4th Baron Monteagle 14th Baron Marshal 13th Baron Morley 1575-1622

Henry Parker 15th Baron Marshal 14th Baron Morley 5th Baron Monteagle 1600-1655

Thomas Parker 16th Baron Marshal 15th Baron Morley 6th Baron Monteagle -1686

Jane Parker 2nd Viscountess Rochford 1505-1542


Thomas Parr 1407-1464

William Parr 1434-1483

Catherine Parr Queen Consort England 1512-1548

William Parr 1st Marquess Northampton 1512-1571

William Parr 1st Baron Parr Horton 1483-1547


John Paston 1444-1504

William Paston 1479-1554

Eleanor Paston 1st Countess Rutland 1495-1551


William Paulet 1st Marquess Winchester 1483-1572

John Paulet 2nd Marquess Winchester 1510-1576

William Paulet 3rd Marquess Winchester 1532-1598

William Paulet 4th Marquess Winchester 1560-1629

John Paulet 5th Marquess Winchester 1598-1675

Charles Paulet 1st Duke Bolton 1630-1699

Charles Paulet 2nd Duke Bolton 1661-1722

Charles Powlett 3rd Duke Bolton 1685-1754

Harry Powlett 4th Duke Bolton 1691-1759

Charles Powlett 5th Duke Bolton 1718-1765

Harry Powlett 6th Duke Bolton 1720-1794

Nassau Powlett 1698-1741

John Poulett 1st Baron Poulett 1585-1649

John Poulett 2nd Baron Poulett 1615-1665

John Poulett 3rd Baron Poulett 1641-1679

John Poulett 1st Earl Poulett 1688-1743

John Poulett 1st Earl Poulett 1708-1764

Vere Poulett 3rd Earl Poulett 1710-1788

John Poulett 4th Earl Poulett 1756-1819

John Poulett 5th Earl Poulett 1783-1864

William Henry Poulett 6th Earl Poulett 1827-1899


Walter Paveley 3rd Baron Burghesh -1327

Walter Paveley 4th Baron Burghesh 1319-1375


John Perceval 1st Earl Egmont 1683-1748

John Perceval 2nd Earl Egmont 1711-1770

John Perceval 3rd Earl Egmont 1738-1822

John Perceval 4th Earl Egmont 1767-1835

Henry Perceval 5th Earl Egmont 1796-1841

Charles Perceval 2nd Baron Arden 1756-1840


William Phelip 6th Baron Bardolf 1383-1441


Henry Pierrepoint -1452

Henry Pierrepoint 1546-1616

Robert 1st Earl Kingston upon Hull 1584-1643

Henry 2nd Earl Kingston upon Hull 1606-1680

William Pierrepoint 1608-1678

Robert 3rd Earl Kingston upon Hull 1660-1682

William 4th Earl Kingston upon Hull 1662-1690

Evelyn 4th Earl Kingston upon Hull 1st Duke Kingston upon Hull 1655-1726

Evelyn 2nd Duke Kingston upon Hull 1711-1773

Gervase Pierrepoint 1st Baron Pierrepoint of Ardglass 1st Baron Pierrepoint Hanslape Buckingham 1649-1715

Robert Pierrepoint 1638-1681


Michael Pole 1st Earl Suffolk 1330-1389

Michael Pole 2nd Earl Suffolk 1361-1415

Michael Pole 3rd Earl Suffolk 1394-1415

William Jackanapes Pole 1st Duke Suffolk 1396-1450

John Pole 2nd Duke Suffolk 1442-1492

John Pole 1st Earl Lincoln 1462-1487

Edmund Pole 3rd Duke Suffolk 1471-1513

Katherine Pole Abbot Barking -1473

Henry Pole 1st Baron Montagu 1492-1539

Reginald Pole 1500-1558

Joan Pole 4th Baroness Cobham 1378-1434


William Ponsonby 1st Viscount Duncannon of Duncannon in Wexford 1659-1724

Brabazon Ponsonby 1st Earl Bessborough 1679-1758

William Ponsonby 2nd Earl Bessborough 1704-1793

Frederick Ponsonby 3rd Earl Bessborough 1758-1844

John Ponsonby 4th Earl Bessborough 1781-1847

John George Brabazon Ponsonby 5th Earl Bessborough 1809-1880

Frederick George Brabazon Ponsonby 6th Earl Bessborough 1815-1895

Walter William Brabazon Ponsonby 7th Earl Bessborough 1821-1906

Edward Ponsonby 8th Earl Bessborough 1851-1920

Vere Brabazon Ponsonby 9th Earl Bessborough 1880-1956

Frederick Edward Neuflize Ponsonby 10th Earl Bessborough 1913-1993

Arthur Mountifort Longfield Ponsonby 11th Earl Bessborough 1912-2002

William Francis Spencer Ponsonby 1st Baron Mauley 1787-1855

Charles Frederick Ashley Cooper Ponsonby 2nd Baron Mauley 1815-1896

William Ponsonby 1st Baron Ponsonby 1744-1806

John Ponsonby 1st Viscount Ponsonby of Imokilly in Cork 1770-1855


Thomas Poynings 1st Baron Poynings 1294-1339

Michael Poynings 2nd Baron Poynings 1318-1369

Thomas Poynings 3rd Baron Poynings 1349-1375

Richard Poynings 4th Baron Poynings 1359-1387

Robert Poynings 5th Baron Poynings 1382-1446

Thomas Poynings 1st Baron Poynings 1512-1545

Luke Poynings 4th Baron St John Basing 1317-1376

Thomas Poynings 5th Baron St John Basing 1351-1429


Robert Poyntz 1450-1520

Anthony Poyntz 1480-1533

Nicholas Poyntz 1510-1556

Nicholas Poyntz 1528-1585


Saer Quincy 1st Earl Winchester 1170-1219

Margaret Quincy 2nd Countess Lincoln 1206-1266

Roger Quincy 2nd Earl Winchester 1195-1264


John Radclyffe 9th Baron Fitzwalter 1452-1496

Robert Radclyffe 1st Earl Sussex 1483-1542

Henry Radclyffe 2nd Earl Sussex 1507-1557

Thomas Radclyffe 3rd Earl Sussex 1525-1583

Henry Radclyffe 4th Earl Sussex 1532-1593

Robert Radclyffe 5th Earl Sussex 1573-1629

Edward Radclyffe 6th Earl Sussex 1559-1643


Matthew Redman 1329-1390

Richard Redman 1350-1426

Richard Redman Bishop Ely

Edward Redman Lord Harewood 1455-1510


Baldwin Redvers 1st Earl Devon -1155

Baldwin Redvers 2nd Earl Devon -1162

Baldwin Redvers 3rd Earl Devon 1160-1188

Richard Redvers 4th Earl Devon -1193

William Redvers 5th Earl Devon -1217

Baldwin Redvers 6th Earl Devon 1217-1245

Baldwin Redvers 7th Earl Devon 1236-1262

Isabella Redvers 8th Countess Devon 1237-1293


Richard Rich 1st Baron Rich Leez 1497-1567

Robert Rich 2nd Baron Rich Leez 1537-1581

Robert Rich 1st Earl Warwick 1559-1619

Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick 1587-1658

Robert Rich 3rd Earl Warwick 1611-1659

Charles Rich 4th Earl Warwick 1615-1673

Henry Rich 1st Earl Holland 1590-1649

Robert Rich 5th Earl Warwick 1619-1675


Edward Rodney 1590-1657

George Brydges Rodney 1st Baron Rodney of Rodney Stoke in Somerset 1718-1792

George Rodney 2nd Baron Rodney of Rodney Stoke in Somerset 1753-1802

George Rodney 3rd Baron Rodney of Rodney Stoke in Somerset 1782-1842

Thomas James Rodney 4th Baron Rodney of Rodney Stoke in Somerset 1784-1843

Spencer Rodney 5th Baron Rodney of Rodney Stoke in Somerset 1785-1846


Robert Ros 1172-1226

William Ros 1st Baron Ros Helmsley 1255-1316

William Ros 2nd Baron Ros Helmsley 1285-1343

William Ros 3rd Baron Ros Helmsley 1329-1352

Thomas Ros 4th Baron Ros Helmsley 1335-1384

John Ros 5th Baron Ros Helmsley -1393

William Ros 6th Baron Ros Helmsley 1370-1414

John Ros 7th Baron Ros Helmsley 1397-1421

Thomas Ros 8th Baron Ros Helmsley 1407-1430

Thomas Ros 9th Baron Ros Helmsley 1427-1464

Edmund Ros 10th Baron Ros Helmsley 1455-1508

Robert Ros 1st Baron Ros Werke 1206-1269

William Ros 1st Baron Ros Kendal

Thomas Ros 2nd Baron Ros Kendal 1391-

Robert Ros 3rd Baron Ros Kendal

Robert Ros 4th Baron Ros Kendal

William Ros 1st Baron Ros Kendal


John Russell 1st Earl Bedford 1485-1554

Francis Russell 2nd Earl Bedford 1527-1585

Edward Russell 3rd Earl Bedford 1572-1627

William Russell 1st Baron Russel Thornhaugh 1560-1613

Francis Russell 4th Earl Bedford 1593-1641

William Russell 1st Duke Bedford 1616-1700

Wriothesley Russell 2nd Duke Bedford 1680-1711

Wriothesley Russell 3rd Duke Bedford 1708-1732

John Russell 4th Duke Bedford 1710-1771

Francis Russell 5th Duke Bedford 1765-1802

John Russell 6th Duke Bedford 1766-1839

Francis Russell 7th Duke Bedford 1788-1861

William Russell 8th Duke Bedford 1809-1872

Francis Russell Russell 9th Duke Bedford 1819-1891

George William Sackville 10th Duke Bedford 1852-1893

Herbrand Arthur Sackville 11th Duke Bedford 1858-1940

Hastings William Russell 12th Duke Bedford 1888-1953

John Ian Robert Russell 13th Duke Bedford 1917-2002

Henry Robin Ian Russell 14th Duke Bedford 1940-2003

Andrew Ian Henry Russell 15th Duke Bedford 1962-

Edward Russell 1st Earl Orford 1653-1727


Henry Sacheverell 1566-1625


Thomas Sackville 1st Earl Dorset 1536-1608

Robert Sackville 2nd Earl Dorset 1561-1609

Richard Sackville 3rd Earl Dorset 1589-1624

Edward Sackville 4th Earl Dorset 1591-1652

Richard Sackville 5th Earl Dorset 1622-1677

Charles Sackville 6th Earl Dorset 1st Earl Middlesex 1643-1706

Lionel Cranfield Sackville 1st Duke Dorset 1688-1765

Charles Sackville 2nd Duke Dorset 1711-1769

John Frederick Sackville 3rd Duke Dorset 1745-1799

George Frederick Sackville 4th Duke Dorset 1793-1815

Charles Sackville 5th Duke Dorset 1767-1843


Edward Salisbury 1st Baron Trowbridge 1st Baron Chitterne -1130

Maud Salisbury 2nd Baroness Trowbridge

Walter Salisbury 2nd Baron Chitterne

Patrick Salisbury 1st Earl Salisbury 1122-1168

William Salisbury 2nd Earl Salisbury 1150-1196

Ela Salisbury Abbess Lacock 1187-1261


John Savage 1422-1495

John VIII Savage 1444-1492

John Savage 1st Baronet Savage -1615

Thomas Savage 1st Viscount Savage 1586-1635

John Savage 2nd Earl Rivers 1603-1654

Thomas Savage 3rd Earl Rivers 1628-1694

Richard Savage 4th Earl Rivers 1654-1712

Thomas Savage Archbishop York 1449-1507


Roger Scales 1st Baron Scales -1304

Roger Scales 2nd Baron Scales -1324

Roger Scales 3rd Baron Scales -1369

Roger Scales 4th Baron Scales 1354-1386

Robert Scales 5th Baron Scales 1372-1402

Robert Scales 6th Baron Scales 1395-1418

Thomas Scales 7th Baron Scales 1397-1460

Elizabeth Scales 8th Baroness Scales -1473


Stephen Segrave 1171-1241

Nicholas Segrave 1st Baron Segrave 1238-1295

John Segrave 2nd Baron Segrave 1256-1325

Stephen Segrave 3rd Baron Segrave 1285-1325

John Segrave 4th Baron Segrave 1315-1353

Elizabeth Segrave 5th Baroness Segrave

Gilbert Segrave Bishop London 1266-1316


John Seymour 1474-1536

Edward Seymour 1st Duke Somerset 1500-1552

Edward Seymour 1st Baronet Seymour of Berry Pomeroy 1563-1613

Edward Seymour 2nd Baronet Seymour of Berry Pomeroy 1580-1659

Edward Seymour 4th Baronet Seymour of Berry Pomeroy 1633-1708

Edward Seymour 5th Baronet Seymour of Berry Pomeroy 1661-1740

Edward Seymour 8th Duke Somerset 1694-1757

Edward Seymour 9th Duke Somerset 1717-1792

Webb Seymour 10th Duke Somerset 1718-1793

Edward Seymour 11th Duke Somerset 1775-1855

Edward Adolphus Seymour 12th Duke Somerset 1804-1885

Archibald Seymour 13th Duke Somerset 1810-1891

Algernon St Maur 14th Duke Somerset 1813-1894

Algernon St Maur 15th Duke Somerset 1846-1923

Edward Hamilton Seymour 16th Duke Somerset 1860-1931

Evelyn Francis Edward Seymour 17th Duke Somerset 1882-1954

Percy Hamilton Seymour 18th Duke Somerset 1910-1984

John Michael Edward Seymour 19th Duke Somerset 1952-

Francis Seymour-conway 1st Marquess Hertford 1718-1794

Francis Seymour-conway 2nd Marquess Hertford 1743-1822

Henry Seymour 1st Baronet Seymour of Langley 1674-1714

Edward Seymour 1st Earl Hertford 1539-1621

William Seymour 2nd Duke Somerset 1588-1660

William Seymour 3rd Duke Somerset 1654-1671

John Seymour 4th Duke Somerset 1646-1675

Francis Seymour 1st Baron Seymour Trowbridge 1590-1664

Charles Seymour 2nd Baron Seymour Trowbridge 1621-1665

Francis Seymour 5th Duke Somerset 1658-1678

Charles Seymour 6th Duke Somerset 1662-1748

Algernon Seymour 7th Duke Somerset 1684-1750

Elizabeth Seymour 2nd Baroness Percy 1716-1776

Thomas Seymour 1st Baron Seymour Sudeley 1508-1549

Jane Seymour Queen Consort England 1509-1537


Robert Sheffield 1462-1518

Edmund Sheffield 1st Baron Sheffield of Butterwick in Lincolnshire 1521-1549

John Sheffield 2nd Baron Sheffield of Butterwick in Lincolnshire 1538-1568

Edmund Sheffield 1st Earl Mulgrave 1564-1646

Edmund Sheffield 2nd Earl Mulgrave 1611-1658

John Sheffield 1st Duke Buckingham and Normandby 1648-1721

Edmund Sheffield 2nd Duke Buckingham and Normandby 1716-1735


Henry Sidney Lord Deputy of Ireland 1529-1586

Philip Sidney 1554-1586

Robert Sidney 1st Earl Leicester 1563-1626

Robert Sidney 2nd Earl Leicester 1595-1677

Philip Sidney 3rd Earl Leicester 1619-1698

Robert Sidney 4th Earl Leicester 1649-1702

Philip Sidney 5th Earl Leicester 1676-1705

John Sidney 6th Earl Leicester 1680-1737

Jocelyn Sidney 7th Earl Leicester 1682-1743

Henry Sidney 1st Earl Romney 1641-1704


Ralph Somery 1st Baron Dudley 1156-1211

Roger Somery 2nd Baron Dudley 1190-1273

Roger Somery 3rd Baron Dudley 1255-1291

John Somery 4th Baron Dudley 1279-1322


Robert Spencer 1st Baron Spencer Wormleighton 1570-1627

William Spencer 2nd Baron Spencer Wormleighton 1591-1636

Henry Spencer 1st Earl Sunderland 1620-1643

Robert Spencer 2nd Earl Sunderland 1641-1702

Charles Spencer 3rd Earl Sunderland 1675-1722

Robert Spencer 4th Earl Sunderland 1701-1729

Charles Spencer 3rd Duke Marlborough 1706-1758

George Spencer 4th Duke Marlborough 1739-1817

George Spencer-churchill 5th Duke Marlborough 1766-1840

George Spencer-churchill 6th Duke Marlborough 1793-1857

John Winston Spencer-churchill 7th Duke Marlborough 1822-1883

George Charles Spencer-churchill 8th Duke Marlborough 1844-1892

Charles Richard John Spencer-churchill 9th Duke Marlborough 1871-1934

Francis Almeric Spencer 1st Baron Churchill Wychwood in Oxfordshire 1779-1845

Francis George Spencer 2nd Baron Churchill Wychwood in Oxfordshire 1802-1886

Victor Albert Francis Spencer 3rd Baron Churchill Wychwood in Oxfordshire 1864-1934

Charles Spencer 1740-1820

Aubrey Spencer Bishop Newfoundland Bishop Jamaica 1795-1872

George Spencer Bishop Madras 1799-1866

John Spencer 1st Earl Spencer 1734-1783

George John Spencer 2nd Earl Spencer 1758-1834

John Charles Spencer 3rd Earl Spencer 1782-1845

Frederick Spencer 4th Earl Spencer 1798-1857

John Poyntz Spencer 5th Earl Spencer 1835-1910

Charles Robert Spencer 6th Earl Spencer 1857-1922

Edward John Spencer 7th Earl Spencer 1892-1975

John Spencer 8th Earl Spencer 1924-1992

Charles Spencer 9th Earl Spencer 1964-

Richard Spencer 1593-1661

Robert Spencer 1st Viscount Teviot 1629-1694

Elizabeth Spencer 2nd Baroness Hunsdon 1552-1618


William Spring 1st Baronet Spring of Pakenham in Suffolk 1613-1654

William Spring 2nd Baronet Spring of Pakenham in Suffolk 1642-1684

Thomas Spring 3rd Baronet Spring of Pakenham in Suffolk 1672-1704

William Spring 4th Baronet Spring of Pakenham in Suffolk 1697-1736

John Spring 5th Baronet Spring of Pakenham in Suffolk 1674-1740

St John

John St John 1st Baron St John Basing 1273-1329

Hugh St John 2nd Baron St John Basing 1310-1335

Isabel St John 4th Baroness St John Basing 1333-1393

Edmund St John 3rd Baron St John Basing 1334-1347

Oliver St John 1st Baron St John Bletso 1522-1582

John St John 2nd Baron St John Bletso -1596

Oliver St John 3rd Baron St John Bletso 1540-1618

Oliver St John 1st Earl Bolingbroke 1580-1646

Oliver St John 5th Baron St John Bletso 1603-1642

Oliver St John 2nd Earl Bolingbroke 1634-1688

Paulet St John 3rd Earl Bolingbroke 1634-1711

Oliver St John 1598-1673

John St John 1st Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire 1585-1648

Walter St John 3rd Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire 1622-1708

Oliver St John 1st Viscount Grandison 1559-1630

St Leger

Anthony St Leger Lord Deputy of Ireland 1496-1559

Thomas St Leger 1440-1483


Edmund Stafford 1st Baron Stafford 1272-1308

Ralph Stafford 1st Earl Stafford 1301-1372

Hugh Stafford 2nd Earl Stafford 1336-1386

Thomas Stafford 3rd Earl Stafford 1368-1392

William Stafford 4th Earl Stafford 1375-1395

Edmund Stafford 5th Earl Stafford 1378-1403

Humphrey Stafford 1st Duke Buckingham 1402-1460

Henry Stafford 2nd Duke Buckingham 1454-1483

Edward Stafford 3rd Duke Buckingham 1478-1521

Henry Stafford 1st Baron Stafford 1501-1563

Dorothy Stafford Mistress of the Robes 1526-1604

Henry Stafford 2nd Baron Stafford -1565

Edward Stafford 3rd Baron Stafford 1535-1603

Edward Stafford 4th Baron Stafford 1572-1625

Henry Stafford 5th Baron Stafford 1621-1637

Roger Stafford 6th Baron Stafford 1572-1640

Elizabeth Stafford 3rd Duchess Norfolk 1497-1558

Henry Stafford 1st Earl Wiltshire 1479-1523

John Stafford 1st Earl Wiltshire 1427-1473

Edward Stafford 2nd Earl Wiltshire 1470-1499

Hugh Stafford 4th Baron Bourchier 1st Baron Stafford

Edmund Stafford Bishop Exeter 1344-1419

Humphrey Stafford 1st Earl Devon 1439-1469

Humphrey Stafford 1400-1450

Edward Stafford 1552-1605


Edward Stanhope 1462-1511

Philip Stanhope 1st Earl Chesterfield 1584-1656

Philip Stanhope 2nd Earl Chesterfield 1634-1714

Philip Stanhope 3rd Earl Chesterfield 1673-1726

Philip Stanhope 4th Earl Chesterfield 1694-1773

Philip Stanhope 5th Earl Chesterfield 1755-1815

George Stanhope 6th Earl Chesterfield 1805-1866

James Stanhope 1st Earl Stanhope 1673-1721

Philip Stanhope 2nd Earl Stanhope 1714-1786

Charles Stanhope 3rd Earl Stanhope 1753-1816

Philip Henry Stanhope 4th Earl Stanhope 1781-1855

Philip Stanhope 5th Earl Stanhope 1805-1875

William Stanhope 1st Earl Harrington 1683-1756

William Stanhope 2nd Earl Harrington 1719-1779

Charles Stanhope 3rd Earl Harrington 1753-1829

Charles Stanhope 4th Earl Harrington 1780-1851

Leicester FitzGerald Charles Stanhope 5th Earl Harrington 1784-1862

John Stanhope 1st Baron Stanhope of Harrington 1549-1621

Charles Stanhope 2nd Baron Stanhope of Harrington 1593-1675

Michael Stanhope 1549-1621


John Stanley 1350-1414

Thomas Stanley 1st Baron Stanley 1405-1459

Thomas Stanley 1st Earl Derby 1435-1504

George Stanley 5th Baron Mohun Dunster 9th Baron Strange Knockin 1460-1504

Thomas Stanley 2nd Earl Derby 1485-1521

Edward Stanley 3rd Earl Derby 1509-1572

Henry Stanley 4th Earl Derby 1531-1593

Ferdinando Stanley 5th Earl Derby 1559-1594

William Stanley 6th Earl Derby 1561-1642

James Stanley 7th Earl Derby 1607-1651

Charles Stanley 8th Earl Derby 1628-1672

William Stanley 9th Earl Derby 1655-1702

James Stanley 10th Earl Derby 1664-1736

Edward Stanley 3rd Baron Stanley 1643-1671

Thomas Stanley 4th Baron Stanley 1670-1714

Edward Stanley 11th Earl Derby 1689-1776

James Smith-stanley Lord Strange 1716-1771

Edward Smith-stanley 12th Earl Derby 1752-1834

Edward Smith-stanley 13th Earl Derby 1775-1851

Edward Smith-stanley 14th Earl Derby 1799-1869

Edward Henry Smith-stanley 15th Earl Derby 1826-1893

Frederick Arthur Smith-stanley 16th Earl Derby 1841-1908

Edward Stanley 1st Baron Monteagle 1462-1524

Thomas Stanley 2nd Baron Monteagle 1507-1560

William Stanley 3rd Baron Monteagle 1528-1581

Elizabeth Stanley 4th Baroness Monteagle

James Stanley Bishop Ely 1465-1515

William Stanley Lord Chamberlain 1435-1495

Thomas Stanley 1st Baronet Stanley of Alderley 1597-1672

Peter Stanley 2nd Baronet Stanley of Alderley 1626-1683

Thomas Stanley 3rd Baronet Stanley of Alderley 1652-1721

Edward Stanley 5th Baronet Stanley of Alderley -1755

John Thomas Stanley 6th Baronet Stanley of Alderley 1735-1827

John Stanley 7th Baronet Stanley of Alderley 1st Baron Stanley Alderley 1766-1850

Edward John Stanley 2nd Baron Stanley Alderley 1802-1869

Henry Edward John Stanley 3rd Baron Stanley Alderley -1903

Edward Lyulph Stanley 4th Baron Stanley Alderley 1839-1925

William Owen Stanley Lord Lieutenant Anglesey 1802-1884

Edward Stanley Bishop Norwich 1779-1849

John Stanley 1423-1474


Ralph Stawell 1st Baron Stawell of Somerton in Somerset 1641-1689

John Stawell 2nd Baron Stawell of Somerton in Somerset 1669-1692

William Stawell 3rd Baron Stawell of Somerton in Somerset -1742

Edward Stawell 4th Baron Stawell of Somerton in Somerset -1755

Mary Stawell 1st Baroness Stawell of Somerton in Somerset 1725-1780


Fulk Strange 1st Baron Strange Blackmere 1267-1324

John Strange 2nd Baron Strange Blackmere 1306-1349

Fulk Strange 3rd Baron Strange Blackmere 1330-1349

John Strange 4th Baron Strange Blackmere 1332-1361

John Strange 5th Baron Strange Blackmere 1327-1382

Ankaret Strange 7th Baroness Strange Blackmere 1361-1413

Elizabeth Strange 6th Baroness Strange Blackmere 1373-1383

John Strange 1st Baron Strange Knockin 1253-1309

John Strange 2nd Baron Strange Knockin 1282-1312

John Strange 3rd Baron Strange Knockin 1305-1349

Roger Strange 5th Baron Strange Knockin 1326-1382

John Strange 6th Baron Strange Knockin 1351-1397

Richard Strange 3rd Baron Mohun Dunster 7th Baron Strange Knockin 1381-1449

John Strange 8th Baron Strange Knockin 4th Baron Mohun Dunster 1443-1479

Joan Strange 9th Baroness Strange Knockin 5th Baroness Mohun Dunster 1460-1514

Hamon Strange of Hunstanton 1583-1654

Hamon Strange 1605-1660


Robert Strelley 1397-1430


John Sutton 1st Baron Sutton of Dudley 1310-1359

John Sutton 2nd Baron Sutton of Dudley 1339-1370

John Sutton 3rd Baron Sutton of Dudley 1361-1396

John Sutton 4th Baron Sutton of Dudley 1380-1406

John Dudley 1st Baron Dudley 1400-1487

Edmund Dudley 1425-1483

Edward Dudley 2nd Baron Dudley 1459-1532

John Dudley 3rd Baron Dudley 1494-1553

Edward Dudley 4th Baron Dudley 1525-1586

Edward Dudley 5th Baron Dudley 1567-1643

John Dudley 1st Duke Northumberland 1504-1553

John Dudley 2nd Earl Warwick 1527-1554

Ambrose Dudley 3rd Earl Warwick 1530-1590

Robert Dudley 1st Earl Leicester 1532-1588

Robert Dudley 1574-1649

Andrew Dudley 1507-1559

William Sutton Bishop Durham 1425-1483


William Tailboys de jure 7th Baron Kyme 1415-1464

Robert Tailboys de jure 8th Baron Kyme 1450-1495

George Tailboys de jure 9th Baron Kyme 1467-1538

Gilbert Tailboys 1st Baron Tailboys of Kyme 1498-1530

Elizabeth Tailboys 4th Baroness Tailboys of Kyme 1520-1563

George Tailboys 2nd Baron Tailboys of Kyme 1523-1540

Robert Tailboys 3rd Baron Tailboys of Kyme 1528-1542


Gilbert Talbot 1st Baron Talbot 1276-1346

Richard Talbot 2nd Baron Talbot 1305-1356

Gilbert Talbot 3rd Baron Talbot 1332-1386

Richard Talbot 7th Baron Strange Blackmere 4th Baron Talbot 1361-1396

Richard Talbot Archbishop Dublin 1383-1419

Gilbert Talbot 8th Baron Strange Blackmere 5th Baron Talbot 1383-1419

Ankaret Talbot 9th Baroness Strange Blackmere 6th Baroness Talbot 1416-1421

John Old Talbot Talbot 1st Earl Shrewsbury 1st Earl Waterford 1383-1453

John Talbot 2nd Earl Shrewsbury 2nd Earl Waterford 1417-1460

John Talbot 3rd Earl Shrewsbury 3rd Earl Waterford 1448-1473

George Talbot 4th Earl Shrewsbury 4th Earl Waterford 1468-1538

Francis Talbot 5th Earl Shrewsbury 5th Earl Waterford 1500-1560

George Talbot 6th Earl Waterford 6th Earl Shrewsbury 1528-1590

Gilbert Talbot 7th Earl Shrewsbury 7th Earl Waterford 1552-1616

Alethea Talbot 13th Baroness Furnivall 17th Baroness Strange Blackmere 14th Baroness Talbot 1585-1654

Edward Talbot 8th Earl Shrewsbury 8th Earl Waterford 1561-1617

Gilbert Talbot 1452-1517

John Talbot 1485-1549

George Talbot 9th Earl Shrewsbury 1566-1630

John Talbot 10th Earl Shrewsbury 10th Earl Waterford 1601-1654

Francis Talbot 11th Earl Shrewsbury 11th Earl Waterford 1623-1667

Charles Talbot 1st Duke Shrewsbury 1660-1718

Gilbert Talbot 13th Earl Shrewsbury 13th Earl Waterford 1673-1743

George Talbot 14th Earl Shrewsbury 14th Earl Waterford 1719-1787

Charles Talbot 15th Earl Shrewsbury 15th Earl Waterford 1753-1827

John Good Earl Talbot 16th Earl Shrewsbury 16th Earl Waterford 1791-1852

Bertrand Arthur Talbot 17th Earl Shrewsbury 17th Earl Waterford 1832-1856

William Talbot Bishop Oxford Bishop Salisbury Bishop Durham 1658-1730

Charles Talbot 1st Baron Talbot of Hensol in Glamorganshire 1685-1737

William Talbot 1st Earl Talbot 1710-1782

Cecil Cardonnel 2nd Baroness Dynevor of Dynevor in Camarthenshire 1735-1793

John Chetwynd-talbot 1st Earl Talbot 1749-1793

Charles Chetwynd-talbot 2nd Earl Talbot 1777-1849

Henry John Chetwynd-talbot 3rd Earl Talbot 18th Earl Shrewsbury 18th Earl Waterford 1803-1868

Charles Chetwynd-talbot 4th Earl Talbot 19th Earl Shrewsbury 19th Earl Waterford 1830-1877

Charles Chetwynd-talbot 5th Earl Talbot 20th Earl Shrewsbury 20th Earl Waterford 1860-1921

John Chetwynd-talbot 6th Earl Talbot 21st Earl Shrewsbury 21st Earl Waterford 1914-1980

Charles Chetwynd-talbot 7th Earl Talbot 22nd Earl Shrewsbury 22nd Earl Waterford 1952-

John Talbot 1st Viscount Lisle 1426-1453

Elizabeth Talbot 3rd Baroness Lisle -1487

Thomas Talbot 2nd Viscount Lisle 1449-1470


William Egerton 1st Baron Egerton Tatton 1806-1883

Wilbraham Egerton 1st Earl Egerton 1832-1909

Alan Egerton 3rd Baron Egerton Tatton 1845-1920

Maurice Egerton 4th Baron Egerton Tatton 1874-1958


Nicholas Carew -1644

Arthur Throckmorton 1557-1626


Agnes Tilney 2nd Duchess Norfolk 1477-1545


Pain Tiptoft 1st Baron Tibetot 1279-1314

John Tiptoft 2nd Baron Tibetot 1313-1367

Robert Tiptoft 3rd Baron Tibetot 1341-1372

John Tiptoft 1st Baron Tiptoft -1443

John Butcher of England Tiptoft 1st Earl Worcester 1427-1470

Edward Tiptoft 2nd Earl Worcester 1470-1485


William Tresham -1450

Thomas Tresham 1420-1471

Thomas Tresham -1559


John Tuchet 4th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire 1371-1408

James Tuchet 5th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire 1398-1459

John Tuchet 6th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire 3rd Baron Tuchet 1426-1490

James Tuchet 7th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire 1463-1497

John Tuchet 8th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire 1483-1557

George Tuchet 9th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire -1560

Henry Tuchet 10th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire 7th Baron Tuchet -1563

George Tuchet 1st Earl Castlehaven 1551-1617

Mervyn Tuchet 2nd Earl Castlehaven 1593-1631

James Tuchet 3rd Earl Castlehaven 1617-1686

Mervyn Tuchet 4th Earl Castlehaven -1686

Edmund Tuchet Bishop Rochester Bishop Hereford Bishop Salisbury 1443-1524


John Tufton 1st Baronet Tufton Hothfield 1544-1624

Humfrey Tufton 1st Baronet Mote Kent 1584-1659

John Tufton 2nd Baronet Mote Kent 1623-1685

Nicholas Tufton 1st Earl Isle Thanet 1578-1631

John Tufton 2nd Earl Isle Thanet 1608-1664

Nicholas Tufton 3rd Earl Isle Thanet 1631-1679

John Tufton 4th Earl Isle Thanet 1638-1680

Richard Tufton 5th Earl Isle Thanet 1640-1684

Thomas Tufton 6th Earl Isle Thanet 1644-1729

Sackville Tufton 6th Earl Isle Thanet 1688-1753

William Tufton 1st Baronet Tufton of Vintners in Kent 1589-1650


John Tyrrell 1382-1437

James Tyrrell 1455-1502

Edward Tyrrell 1st Baronet Thornton 1573-1656


Robert Ufford 1st Baron Ufford 1279-1316

Robert Ufford 1st Earl Suffolk 1298-1369

William Ufford 2nd Earl Suffolk 1338-1382


Thomas Ughtred 1st Baron Ughtred 1292-1365

Thomas Ughtred 2nd Baron Ughtred 1325-1401

William Ughtred 3rd Baron Ughtred -1398

Thomas Ughtred 4th Baron Ughtred 1384-1411

Robert Ughtred 4th Baron Ughtred 1407-1472

Robert Ughtred 5th Baron Ughtred 1422-1487

Henry Ughtred 6th Baron Ughtred -1510

Robert Ughtred 7th Baron Ughtred


Gilbert Umfraville Earl Angus 1245-1308

Robert Umfraville Earl Angus 1277-1325


John I Beauchamp Baron Beauchamp 1248-1283

John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp Somerset 1274-1336

John Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Somerset 1306-1343

John Beauchamp 3rd Baron Beauchamp Somerset 1330-1361


Henry Younger Vane 1613-1662

Christopher Vane MP County Durham 1653-1723

Gilbert Vane 2nd Baron Barnard 1678-1753

Henry Vane 1st Earl Darlington 1705-1758

Henry Vane 2nd Earl Darlington 1726-1792

William Harry Vane 1st Duke Cleveland 1766-1842

Henry Vane 2nd Duke Cleveland 1788-1864

William Vane 3rd Duke Cleveland 1792-1864

Harry Powlett 4th Duke Cleveland 1803-1891

William Vane 1st Viscount Vane 1682-1734

William Vane 2nd Viscount Vane 1714-1789


Aubrey Vere 1st Earl Oxford 1115-1194

Aubrey Vere 2nd Earl Oxford 1163-1214

Robert Vere 3rd Earl Oxford 1165-1221

Hugh Vere 4th Earl Oxford 1208-1263

Robert Vere 5th Earl Oxford 1240-1296

Robert Vere 6th Earl Oxford 1257-1331

John Vere 7th Earl Oxford 1312-1360

Thomas Vere 8th Earl Oxford 1336-1371

Robert Vere 1st Duke Ireland 1362-1392

Aubrey Vere 10th Earl Oxford 1338-1400

Richard Vere 11th Earl Oxford 1385-1417

John Vere 12th Earl Oxford 1408-1462

John Vere 13th Earl Oxford 1442-1513

John Vere 14th Earl Oxford 1499-1526

John Vere 15th Earl Oxford 1471-1540

John Vere 16th Earl Oxford 1516-1562

Edward Vere 17th Earl Oxford 1550-1604

Elizabeth Vere Lady Mann 1575-1627

Henry Vere 18th Earl Oxford 1583-1583

Robert Vere 19th Earl Oxford 1575-1632

Aubrey Vere 20th Earl Oxford 1627-1703

Horace Vere 1st Baron Vere Tilbury 1565-1635

William Vere Bishop Hereford -1198


Richard Verney -1630

Greville Verney 7th Baron Willoughby Broke 15th Baron Latimer 1586-1642

Greville Verney 8th Baron Willoughby Broke 16th Baron Latimer 1620-1648

Greville Verney 9th Baron Willoughby Broke 17th Baron Latimer 1649-1668

William Verney 10th Baron Willoughby Broke 18th Baron Latimer 1668-1683

Richard Verney 11th Baron Willoughby Broke 19th Baron Latimer 1622-1711

George Verney 12th Baron Willoughby Broke 20th Baron Latimer 1659-1728

Richard Verney 13th Baron Willoughby Broke 21st Baron Latimer 1693-1752

John Verney 1699-1741

John Peyto-verney 13th Baron Willoughby Broke 21st Baron Latimer 1738-1816


Richard Vernon 1st Baron Vernon 1122-1196

Richard Vernon 2nd Baron Vernon

Hugh Vernon 3rd Baron Shipbrook 1113-1135

Warin Vernon 4th Baron Shipbrook 1148-1190

Richard Vernon 5th Baron Shipbrook 1165-1196

Warin Vernon 6th Baron Shipbrook 1178-1248

Francis Vernon 1st Earl Shipbrook 1715-1783

George Vernon 1508-1565

George Venables-vernon 1st Baron Vernon Kinderton Chester 1709-1780

William Vernon 1st Baron Haddon


William Villiers 2nd Viscount Grandison 1614-1643

Barbara Villiers 1st Duchess Cleveland 1640-1709

John Villiers 3rd Viscount Grandison -1661

George Villiers 4th Viscount Grandison 1617-1699

John Villiers 1st Earl Grandison of Leitrim 1684-1766

Edward Villiers 1620-1689

Edward Villiers 1st Earl Jersey 1656-1711

William Villiers 2nd Earl Jersey 1682-1721

William Villiers 3rd Earl Jersey 1707-1769

George Bussy Villiers 4th Earl Jersey 1735-1805

George Child Villiers 5th Earl Jersey 1773-1859

Thomas Villiers 1st Earl Clarendon 1709-1786

Thomas Villiers 2nd Earl Clarendon 1753-1824

John Villiers 3rd Earl Clarendon 1757-1838

George Villiers 4th Earl Clarendon 1800-1870

John Villiers 1st Viscount Purbeck 1591-1658

George Villiers 1st Duke Buckingham 1592-1628

George Villiers 2nd Duke Buckingham 1628-1687

Christopher Villiers 1st Earl Anglesey 1593-1630

Susan Villiers 1st Countess Denbigh 1583-1652


Edmund Walsingham 1480-1550

Thomas Walsingham 1526-1584

Francis Walsingham 1532-1590


Adam Welles 1st Baron Ughtred 1249-1311

Robert Welles 2nd Baron Welles 1296-1320

Adam Welles 3rd Baron Welles 1304-1345

John Welles 4th Baron Welles 1334-1361

John Welles 5th Baron Welles 1352-1421

Lionel Welles 6th Baron Welles 1406-1461

Richard Welles 7th Baron Welles 1428-1470

Robert Welles 8th Baron Willoughby Eresby -1470

Joan Welles 9th Baroness Willoughby Eresby -1475

John Welles 1st Viscount Welles 1450-1498


Garrett Wellesley 1st Earl Mornington 1735-1781

Richard Wellesley 1st Marquess Wellesley 1760-1842

William Wellesley-pole 3rd Earl Mornington 1763-1845

William Pole-tylney-long-wellesley 4th Earl Mornington 1788-1857

William Richard Arthur Pole-tylney-long-wellesley 5th Earl Mornington 1813-1863

Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke Wellington 1769-1852

Arthur Wellesley 2nd Duke Wellington 1807-1884

Charles Wellesley 1808-1858

Henry Wellesley 3rd Duke Wellington 1846-1900

Arthur Charles Wellesley 4th Duke Wellington 1849-1934

Arthur Charles Wellesley 5th Duke Wellington 1876-1941

Henry Wellesley 6th Duke Wellington 1912-1943

Gerald Wellesley 7th Duke Wellington 1885-1972

Arthur Valerian Wellesley 8th Duke Wellington 1915-2014

Henry Wellesley 1st Baron Cowley 1773-1847

Henry Richard Charles Wellesley 1st Earl Cowley 1804-1884

William Henry Wellesley 2nd Earl Cowley 1834-1895

Henry Arthur Mornington Wellesley 3rd Earl Cowley 1866-1919

Christian Arthur Wellesley 4th Earl Cowley 1890-1962

Frederick Arthur Wellesley 1844-1931


William Wentworth 1st Baronet Wentworth Woodhouse 1562-1614

Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl Strafford 1593-1645

William Wentworth 2nd Earl Strafford 1626-1695

Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl Strafford 1672-

William Wentworth 2nd Earl Strafford 1722-1791

Frederick Wentworth 3rd Earl Strafford 1732-1799

Philip Wentworth 2nd Baron Despencer 1424-1464

Henry Wentworth 4th Baron Despencer 1448-1501

Richard Wentworth 5th Baron Despencer 1458-1528

Thomas Wentworth 1st Baron Wentworth 1501-1551

Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth 1525-1584

Henry Wentworth 3rd Baron Wentworth 1558-1593

Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl Cleveland 1591-1667

Thomas Wentworth 5th Baron Wentworth 1612-1665

Henrietta Marie Wentworth 6th Baroness Wentworth 1660-1686

Anne Wentworth 7th Baroness Wentworth -1697


Thomas West 1st Baron West 1365-1405

Thomas West 2nd Baron West 1391-1416

Reginald West 3rd Baron West 6th Baron De La Warr 1395-1450

Richard West 7th Baron De La Warr 1430-1476

Thomas West 8th Baron De La Warr 1457-1525

Thomas West 9th Baron De La Warr 1475-1554

William West 1st Baron De La Warr 1520-1595

Thomas West 2nd Baron De La Warr 1556-1602

Thomas West 3rd Baron De La Warr 1577-1624

Henry West 4th Baron De La Warr 1603-1628

Charles West 5th Baron De La Warr 1626-1684

John West 6th Baron De La Warr 1663-1723

John West 1st Earl De La Warr 1693-1766

John West 2nd Earl De La Warr 1729-1777

William Augustus West 3rd Earl De La Warr 1757-1783

John West 4th Earl De La Warr 1758-1795

George Sackville-west 5th Earl De La Warr 1791-1869

Charles Sackville-west 6th Earl De La Warr 1815-1873

Reginald Windsor Sackville 7th Earl De La Warr 1817-1896

Mortimer Sackville-west 1st Baron Sackville of Knole in Kent 1820-1888

Lionel Sackville-west 2nd Baron Sackville of Knole in Kent 1827-1908

Lionel Sackville-west 3rd Baron Sackville of Knole in Kent 1867-1928


Robert Willoughby 1st Baron Willoughby Eresby 1271-1317

John Willoughby 2nd Baron Willoughby Eresby 1303-1349

John Willoughby 3rd Baron Willoughby Eresby 1323-1372

Robert Willoughby 4th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1349-1396

William Willoughby 5th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1370-1409

Robert Willoughby 6th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1385-1452

Joan Willoughby 7th Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1425-1462

Robert Willoughby 1st Baron Willoughby Broke 1452-1502

Robert Willoughby 2nd Baron Willoughby Broke 10th Baron Latimer 1472-1521

Elizabeth Willoughby 3rd Baroness Willoughby Broke 11th Baroness Latimer 1512-1562

Christopher Willoughby 10th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1453-1499

Francis Willoughby 1st Baronet Willoughby 1668-1688

Thomas Willoughby 2nd Baronet Willoughby 1st Baron Middleton 1672-1729

Francis Willoughby 2nd Baron Middleton 1692-1758

Francis Willoughby 3rd Baron Middleton 1726-1774

Thomas Willoughby 4th Baron Middleton 1728-1781

Henry Willoughby 5th Baron Middleton 1726-1800

Henry Willoughby 6th Baron Middleton 1761-1835

Digby Willoughby 7th Baron Middleton 1769-1856

Henry Willoughby 8th Baron Middleton 1817-1877

Digby Wentworth Bayard Willoughby 9th Baron Middleton 1844-1922

Godfrey Ernest Percival Willoughby 10th Baron Middleton 1847-1924

William Willoughby 11th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1482-1526

Catherine Willoughby 12th Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1519-1580

William Willoughby 1st Baron Willoughby Parham 1515-1570

Charles Willoughby 2nd Baron Willoughby Parham 1537-1611

William Willoughby 3rd Baron Willoughby Parham 1584-1617

Henry Willoughby 4th Baron Willoughby Parham -1617

Francis Willoughby 5th Baron Willoughby Parham -1666

William Willoughby 6th Baron Willoughby Parham 1616-1673


Charles Henry MP Kingston-upon-Hull 1833-1907

Charles Henry Wellesley Wilson 2nd Baron Nunburnholme 1875-1924

Charles John Wilson 3rd Baron Nunburnholme 1904-1974

Ben Charles Wilson 4th Baron Nunburnholme 1928-1999

Charles Thomas Wilson 5th Baron Nunburnholme 1935-2000


Robert Wingfield 1403-1454

Anthony Wingfield 1488-1552

Richard Wingfield 1469-1525


Richard Woodville Chamberlain to the Duke of Bedford 1385-1441

Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers 1405-1469

Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England 1437-1492

Anthony Woodville 2nd Earl Rivers 1440-1483

John Woodville 1445-1469

Lionel Woodville Bishop Salisbury

Richard Woodville 3rd Earl Rivers 1453-1491

Edward Woodville -1488


Christopher Wray 1524-1592

William Wray 1st Baronet Glentworth 1555-1617

John Wray 2nd Baronet Glentworth 1586-1655

John Wray 3rd Baronet Glentworth 1619-1664

Christoper Wray 4th Baronet Glentworth 1621-1664

Bethel Wray 5th Baronet Glentworth 1623-

Bridget Wray 4th Baroness Norreys Rycote 1627-1657

Christopher Wray 1601-1646

William Wray 1st Baronet Ashby 1625-1669

Christopher Wray 2nd Baronet Ashby 6th Baronet Glentworth 1652-1679

William Wray 3rd Baronet Ashby 7th Baronet Glentworth -1687

Baptist Edward Wray 8th Baronet Glentworth -1689


Thomas Wriothesley 1st Earl Southampton 1505-1550

Henry Wriothesley 2nd Earl Southampton 1545-1581

Henry Wriothesley 3rd Earl Southampton 1573-1624

Thomas Wriothesley 4th Earl Southampton 1607-1667


Alan Zouche 1st Baron Zouche Ashby 1267-1314

William BBB Zouche 1st Baron Zouche Harringworth 1276-1352

William Zouche 2nd Baron Zouche Harringworth 1321-1382

William Zouche 3rd Baron Zouche Harringworth 1355-1396

William Zouche 4th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1373-1415

William Zouche 5th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1402-1462

William Zouche 6th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1432-1469

John Zouche 7th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1459-1526

John Zouche 8th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1486-1550

Richard Zouche 9th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1510-1552

George Zouche 10th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1526-1569

Edward Zouche 11th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1556-1625

William Zouche Archbishop York -1352



Geoffrey Ferréol Anjou 2nd Count Gâtinais -1043

Geoffrey Bearded Anjou 3rd Count Gâtinais 1040-1096

Fulk Réchin Anjou 4th Count Anjou 1043-1109

Geoffrey Hammer Anjou IV Count Anjou 1072-1106

Fulk Young King Jerusalem 1089-1143

Geoffrey Plantagenet Duke Normandy 1113-1151

Henry Curtmantle II King England 1133-1189

Geoffrey Plantagenet Archbishop York 1152-1212

William Plantagenet IX Count Poitiers 1153-1156

Matilda Plantagenet Duchess Saxony 1156-1189

Richard Lionheart I King England 1157-1199

Geoffrey Plantagenet 2nd Duke Brittany 1158-1186

Arthur Plantagenet 3rd Duke Brittany 1187-1203

Eleanor Plantagenet Queen Castile 1161-1214

Joan Plantagenet Queen Consort Sicily 1165-1199

John Lackland I King England 1166-1216

Henry of Winchester III King England 1207-1272

Edward Longshanks I King England 1239-1307

Edward II King England 1284-1327

Edward III King England 1312-1377

Edward Black Prince Plantagenet Prince Wales 1330-1376

Richard II King England 1367-1400

Lionel of Antwerp Plantagenet 1st Duke Clarence 1338-1368

Philippa of Clarence Plantagenet 5th Countess Ulster 1355-1382

John of Gaunt Lancaster 1st Duke Lancaster 1340-1399

Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Portugal 1360-1415

Henry of Bolingbroke IV King England 1367-1413

Henry of Monmouth V King England 1386-1422

Henry VI King England II King France 1421-1471

Edward of Westminster Lancaster Prince Wales 1453-1471

Thomas Lancaster 1st Duke Clarence 1388-1421

John Lancaster 1st Duke Bedford 1389-1435

Humphrey Lancaster 1st Duke Gloucester 1390-1447

Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Denmark 1394-1430

Catherine Lancaster Queen Castile 1373-1418

John Beaufort 1st Marquess Dorset 1st Marquess Somerset 1373-1410

Henry Beaufort 2nd Earl Somerset 1401-1418

John Beaufort 1st Duke Somerset 1403-1444

Margaret Beaufort 1st Countess Richmond 1st Countess Derby 1443-1509

Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland 1404-1445

Thomas of Lancaster Beaufort Count Perche 1405-1431

Edmund Beaufort 2nd Duke Somerset 1406-1455

Henry Beaufort 3rd Duke Somerset 1436-1464

Charles Somerset 1st Earl Worcester 1460-1526

Henry Somerset 2nd Earl Worcester 1496-1549

William Somerset 3rd Earl Worcester 1526-1589

Edward Somerset 4th Earl Worcester 1550-1628

Henry Somerset 1st Marquess Worcester 1577-1646

Edward Somerset 2nd Marquess Worcester 1602-1667

Henry Somerset 1st Duke Beaufort 1629-1700

Henry Somerset 2nd Duke Beaufort 1684-1714

Henry Somerset 3rd Duke Beaufort 1707-1745

Charles Noel Somerset 4th Duke Beaufort 1709-1756

Henry Somerset 5th Duke Beaufort 1744-1803

Henry Charles Somerset 6th Duke Beaufort 1766-1835

Henry Somerset 7th Duke Beaufort 1792-1853

Henry Charles Fitzroy Somerset 8th Duke Beaufort 1824-1899

Henry Adelbert Wellington Fitzroy 9th Duke Beaufort 1847-1924

Henry Hugh Arthur Fitzroy 10th Duke Beaufort 1900-1984

David Fitzroy 11th Duke Beaufort

Charles Henry Somerset 1767-1831

Poulett George Henry Somerset 1822-1875

Fitzroy James Henry Somerset 1st Baron Raglan 1788-1855

Richard Henry Fitzroy Somerset 2nd Baron Raglan 1817-1884

George Somerset 3rd Baron Raglan 1857-1921

Fitzroy Somerset 4th Baron Raglan 1885-1964

Thomas Somerset 1st Viscount Somerset of Cashel 1579-1651

Edmund Beaufort 4th Duke Somerset 1439-1471

Henry Beaufort 1375-1447

Thomas Beaufort 1st Duke Exeter 1377-1426

Edmund of Langley York 1st Duke York 1341-1402

Edward of Norwich York 1st Duke Aumale 2nd Duke York 1373-1415

Richard of Conisburgh York 1st Earl Cambridge 1385-1415

Richard York 3rd Duke York 1411-1460

Edward IV King England 1442-1483

Arthur York 1st Viscount Lisle -1542

Elizabeth of York York Queen Consort England 1466-1503

Cecily York 1469-1507

Edward V King England 1470-1483

Richard of Shrewsbury York 1st Duke York 1st Duke Norfolk 1473-1483

George York 1st Duke Bedford 1477-1479

Edmund York 1st Earl Rutland 1443-1460

Elizabeth York 2nd Duchess Suffolk 1444-1503

George York 1st Duke Clarence 1449-1478

Margaret York 8th Countess Salisbury 1473-1541

Edward Last Plantagenet York 17th Earl Warwick 1475-1499

Richard III King England 1452-1485

Edward of Middleham York Prince Wales 1473-1484

Thomas of Woodstock Plantagenet 1st Duke Gloucester 1st Duke Aumale 1355-1397

Humphrey Plantagenet 2nd Earl Buckingham 1381-1399

John of Eltham Plantagenet 1st Earl Cornwall 1316-1336

Thomas of Brotherton Plantagenet 1st Earl Norfolk 1300-1338

Margaret Plantagenet 2nd Countess Norfolk -1399

Edmund of Woodstock Plantagenet 1st Earl Kent 1301-1330

Edmund Plantagenet 2nd Earl Kent 1326-1331

Joan Fair Maid of Kent Plantagenet Princess Wales 1328-1385

John Plantagenet 3rd Earl Kent 1330-1352

Margaret Plantagenet Queen Consort Scotland 1240-1275

Edmund Crouchback Plantagenet 1st Earl Leicester 1st Earl Lancaster 1245-1296

Thomas Plantagenet 2nd Earl Leicester 2nd Earl Lancaster 5th Earl Salisbury 4th Earl Lincoln 1278-1322

Henry Plantagenet 3rd Earl Leicester 3rd Earl Lancaster 1281-1345

Henry of Grosmont Plantagenet 1st Duke Lancaster 1310-1361

Maud Plantagenet 5th Countess Leicester 1339-1362

Blanche Plantagenet 5th Countess Lancaster 6th Countess Leicester 1345-1368

Richard Cornwall 1st Earl Cornwall 1209-1272

Edmund Almain Cornwall 2nd Earl Cornwall 1249-1300

Geoffrey Cornwall 1st Baron Burford 1288-1335

Richard Cornwall 2nd Baron Burford 1313-1343

Geoffrey Cornwall 3rd Baron Burford 1335-1365

Bryan Cornwall 4th Baron Burford 1355-1400

Richard Cornwall 5th Baron Burford 1360-1443

Thomas Cornwall 6th Baron Burford 1407-1472

Edmund Cornwall 7th Baron Burford 1448-1498

Thomas Cornwall 8th Baron Burford 1467-1537

Richard Cornwall 9th Baron Burford 1493-1569

Edmund Cornwall 10th Baron Burford 1535-1585

Thomas Cornwall 11th Baron Burford 1538-1615

Thomas Cornwall 12th Baron Burford 1573-1635

Gilbert Cornwall 13th Baron Burford 1598-1671

John Cornwall 1st Baron Fanhope 1st Baron Milbroke 1364-1443

Joan Plantagenet Queen Consort Scotland 1210-1238

William Longsword Longespée 3rd Earl Salisbury 1176-1226

Margaret Longespée 4th Countess Salisbury -1310

Nicholas Longespée Bishop Salisbury -1297

Hamelin Warenne 4th Earl Surrey 1129-1202

William Warenne 5th Earl Surrey -1240

John Warenne 6th Earl Surrey 1231-1304

John Warenne 7th Earl Surrey 1286-1347

Geoffrey Plantagenet Count Nantes 1134-1158

Matilda Anjou Abbess Fontevraud 1111-1154

Elias Anjou 2nd Count Maine 1114-1151

Baldwin III King Jerusalem 1130-1163

Almaric I King Jerusalem 1136-1174

Sibylla Queen Jerusalem 1160-1190

Baldwin IV King Jerusalem 1161-1186

Isabella Queen Jerusalem 1172-1205


Adelaide Blois I Count Blois

Theobald Trickster Blois I Count Blois 913-975

Hugh Blois Archbishop Bourges -985

Odo Blois I Count Blois 950-996

Theobald Blois II Count Blois 985-1004

Odo Blois II Count Blois 983-1037

Theobald Blois III Count Blois 1012-1089

Stephen Blois II Count Blois 1045-1102

William Simple Blois Count Blois Count Chartres 1085-1150

Raoul Blois Abbot Cluny 1102-1176

Henry Blois Abbot Fécamp -1189

Eizabeth Blois Abbess Caen 1105-1128

Theobald Blois II Count Champagne IV Count Blois 1090-1152

Henry Blois I Count Champagne 1127-1181

Henry Blois II Count Champagne 1166-1197

Theobald IV King Navarre 1201-1253

Blanche Navarre Blois Duchess Brittany 1226-1283

Theobald Young II King Navarre 1239-1270

Henry I King Navarre 1244-1274

Joan I Queen Navarre 1273-1305

Theobald Good Blois V Count Blois 1130-1191

Louis Blois I Count Blois 1172-1205

Theobald Blois VI Count Blois -1218

Alix Blois Abbess Fontevraud

Marie Blois Abbess Fontevraud

William White Hands Blois 1135-1202

Stephen Blois I Count Sancerre 1133-1191

Stephen I King England 1094-1154

Eustace Blois IV Count Boulogne 1130-1153

Marie Blois I Count Boulogne 1136-1182

William Blois I Count Boulogne 1137-1159

Gervaise Blois Abbot Westminster

Henry Blois Bishop Winchester 1098-1171

Philip Blois Bishop Châlons-sur-Marne

Odo Blois V Count Troyes and Meaux -1093

Hugh Blois Count Champagne 1074-1125

Stephen Blois II Count Troyes and Meaux -1047

Odo Blois Count Troyes and Meaux I Count Champagne Count Aumale 1040-1115

Stephen Blois Count Aumale 1070-1127

William Fat Blois 1st Earl Albermarle 1st Earl York 1101-1179

Hawise Blois 2nd Countess Albermarle

Stephen Blois II Count Troyes and Meaux -1047



Reginar Reginar III Count Hainault 920-973

Reginar Reginar IV Count Mons 950-1013

Reginar Reginar V Count Mons 995-1039

Herman Reginar Reginar V Count Mons Reginar III Count Hainault -1049

Lambert Bearded Reginar I Count Louvain 950-1015

Henry Reginar I Count Louvain 1015-1038

Lambert Reginar II Count Louvain -1054

Henry Reginar II Count Louvain 1020-1071

Henry III Reginar III Count Louvain -1095

Godfrey Reginar I Count Louvain 1060-1139

Adeliza Reginar Queen Consort England 1103-1151

Godfrey Reginar VII Duke Lower Lorraine 1107-1142

Godfrey Reginar VIII Duke Lower Lorraine 1142-1190

Henry Reginar Godfrey VIII Duke Lower Lorraine I Duke Brabant 1165-1235

Henry Reginar II Duke Brabant 1207-1248

Henry Reginar III Duke Brabant 1230-1261

Henry Reginar IV Duke Brabant 1251-1272

John Reginar I Duke Brabant 1253-1294

John Peaceful Reginar II Duke Brabant 1275-1312

Margaret Reginar Abbess Valduc Abbey -1277

Albert Reginar Bishop Louvain 1166-1192

Jocelin Percy 4th Baron Percy Topcliffe 1121-1180

Richard Percy 5th Baron Percy Topcliffe 1170-1244

Henry Percy 1st Baron Percy 1273-1314

Henry Percy 2nd Baron Percy 1299-1352

Henry Percy 3rd Baron Percy 1321-1368

Henry Percy 1st Earl Northumberland 1341-1408

Henry Percy 2nd Earl Northumberland 1393-1455

Henry Percy 3rd Earl Northumberland 1421-1461

Henry Percy 4th Earl Northumberland 1449-1489

Henry Percy 5th Earl Northumberland 1478-1527

Henry Percy 6th Earl Northumberland 1502-1537

Thomas Percy 7th Earl Northumberland 1528-1572

Thomas Percy Baron Percy 1560-1560

Henry Percy 8th Earl Northumberland 1532-1585

Henry Wizard Earl Percy 9th Earl Northumberland 1564-1632

Algernon Percy 10th Earl Northumberland 1602-1668

Josceline Percy 11th Earl Northumberland 1644-1670

Henry Percy Baron Percy Alnwick 1604-1659

Thomas Percy 1st Baron Egremont 1422-1460

William Percy Bishop Carlisle 1428-1462

Thomas Percy 1st Earl Worcester 1343-1403

Thomas Percy Bishop Norwich

Albero Reginar Prince-Bishop of Liège 1070-1128



George Hanover Duke Brunswick-Lüneburg 1582-1670

Christian Ludwig Hanover Ledwig Duke Brunswick-Lüneburg 1622-1665

George Wilhelm Hanover Duke Brunswick-Lüneburg 1624-1705

George Louis I King Great Britain and Ireland 1660-1727

George Augustus II King Great Britain and Ireland 1683-1760

George William Frederick III King Great Britain and Ireland 1738-1820

George IV King United Kingdom 1762-1830

William IV King United Kingdom 1765-1837

George Fitzclarence 1st Earl Munster 1794-1842

William Fitzclarence 2nd Earl Munster 1824-1901

Geoffrey George Gordon Fitzclarence 3rd Earl Munster 1859-1902

Aubrey Fitzclarence 4th Earl Munster 1862-1928

George Fitzclarence 5th Earl Munster 1906-1975

Edward Hanover 1st Duke Kent and Strathearn 1767-1820

Victoria I Queen United Kingdom 1819-1901

Ernest Augustus King Hanover 1771-1851

George V King Hanover 1819-1878

Ernest Augustus Hanover 3rd Duke Cumberland and Teviotdale 1845-1923

Ernest Augustus Hanover Augustus Duke Brunswick 1887-1953

Augustus Frederick Hanover 1st Duke Sussex 1773-1843

Adolphus Hanover 1st Duke Cambridge 1774-1850

George Hanover 2nd Duke Cambridge 1819-1904

Edward Hanover Duke York 1739-1767

William Henry Hanover 1st Duke Gloucester and Edinburgh 1743-1805

William Frederick Hanover 2nd Duke Gloucester and Edinburgh 1776-1834

Henry Hanover 1st Duke Cumberland and Strathearn 1745-1790

William Hanover 1st Duke Cumberland 1721-1765

Ernest Augustus Hanover 1st Duke York and Albany 1674-1728


Louis Hesse-darmstadt II Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine 1777-1848

Louis Hesse-darmstadt III Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine 1806-1877

Louis Hesse-darmstadt IV Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine 1837-1892

Ernest Louis Hesse-darmstadt Louis Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine 1868-1937

Georg Donatus Hesse-darmstadt Ernest Louis Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine 1906-1937

Louis Hesse-darmstadt Prince Hesse and by Rhine 1908-1968

Louis Mountbatten 1st Marquess Milford Haven 1854-1921

George Mountbatten 2nd Marquess Milford Haven 1892-1938

David Mountbatten 3rd Marquess Milford Haven 1919-1970

George Mountbatten 4th Marquess Milford Haven 1961-

Louis Mountbatten 1st Earl Mountbatten Burma 1900-1979

Victoria Eugénie Mountbatten Queen Consort Spain 1887-1969


Johann Wilhelm Wettin Duke Saxe-Weimar 1530-1573

Friedrich Wilhelm Wettin I Duke Saxe-Weimar 1562-1602

Johann Philipp Wettin Duke Saxe-Altenburg 1597-1639

Friedrich Wettin Duke Saxe-Altenburg 1599-1625

Johann Wilhelm Wettin Duke Saxe-Altenburg 1600-1632

Friedrich Wilhelm Wettin II Duke Saxe-Altenburg 1603-1669

Johann Wettin II Duke Saxe-Weimar 1570-1605

John Ernest Wettin Ernest I Duke Saxe-Weimar 1594-1626

William Wettin Duke Saxe-Weimar 1598-1662

Albert IV Wettin IV Duke Saxe-Weimar 1599-1644

Ernest The Pious Saxe-gotha I Duke Saxe-Gotha 1601-1675

Frederick Saxe-coburg-altenburg I Duke Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg 1646-1691

Frederick Saxe-coburg-altenburg II Duke Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg 1676-1732

Frederick Saxe-coburg-altenburg III Duke Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg 1699-1772

Ernest Saxe-coburg-altenburg Augustus Duke Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg 1745-1804

Augustus Saxe-coburg-altenburg Duke Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg 1772-1822

Frederick Saxe-coburg-altenburg IV Duke Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg 1774-1825

Albert Saxe-gotha Duke Saxe-Coburg 1648-1699

Bernhard Saxe-gotha I Duke Saxe-Meiningen 1649-1706

Henry Saxe-gotha Duke Saxe-Römhild 1650-1710

Christian Saxe-gotha Duke Saxe-Eisenburg 1653-1707

John Ernest Saxe-coburg-saalfeld IV Duke Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld 1658-1729

Christian Ernst Saxe-coburg-saalfeld John IV Duke Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld 1683-1745

Francis Josias Saxe-coburg-saalfeld Duke Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld 1697-1754

Ernest Frederick Saxe-coburg-saalfeld Duke Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld 1724-1800

Francis Saxe-coburg-gotha I Duke Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1750-1806

Ernest Saxe-coburg-gotha I Duke Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1784-1844

Ernest Saxe-coburg-gotha II Duke Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1818-1893

Edward VII King United Kingdom 1841-1910

George V King United Kingdom 1865-1936

Edward VIII King United Kingdom 1894-1972

George VI King United Kingdom 1895-1952

Elizabeth II Queen United Kingdom 1926-

Henry Windsor 1st Duke Gloucester 1900-1974

Richard Alexander Walter Windsor 2nd Duke Gloucester 1944-

George Windsor 1st Duke Kent 1897-1942

Edward Windsor 2nd Duke Kent 1935-

Arthur Windsor 1st Duke Connaught and Strathearn 1850-1942

Alastair Windsor 2nd Duke Connaught and Strathearn 1914-1943

Leopold Saxe-coburg-gotha 1st Duke Albany 1853-1884

Friedrich Josias Saxe-coburg-gotha 1918-1998



Richard Mór Burgh 1st Baron Connaught 1194-1242

Walter Burgh 1st Earl Ulster 1230-1271

Richard Red Earl Burgh 2nd Earl Ulster 1259-1326

Elizabeth Burgh Queen Consort Scotland 1284-1327

William Donn Burgh 3rd Earl Ulster 1312-1333

Elizabeth Burgh 4th Countess Ulster 1332-1363

Thomas Burgh 1st Baron Burgh 1431-1496

Edward Burgh 2nd Baron Burgh 4th Baron Strabolgi 1463-1528

Thomas Burgh 7th Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 5th Baron Strabolgi 1st Baron Burgh of Gainsborough 1488-1550

William Burgh 8th Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 6th Baron Strabolgi 2nd Baron Burgh of Gainsborough -1584

Thomas Burgh 9th Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 3rd Baron Burgh of Gainsborough 7th Baron Strabolgi 1584-1597

Robert Burgh 10th Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent 4th Baron Burgh of Gainsborough 8th Baron Strabolgi 1594-1602

Richard Mór Burgh Bishop Limerick

Richard Óge Burgh Bishop Limerick

Hubert Burgh 1st Earl Kent 1170-1243

Geoffrey Burgh Bishop Ely 1180-1228



Thorstein Avranches Viscount Avranches

Richard Avranches Viscount Avranches -1082

Hugh Wolf Fat Avranches 1st Earl Chester 1047-1101

Richard Avranches 2nd Earl Chester 1094-1120


Robert Beaumont-roger 1st Earl Leicester 1040-1118

Waleran Beaumont-roger 1st Earl Worcester 1104-

Robert Beaumont-roger Count Meulan 1142-1204

Robert Beaumont-roger 2nd Earl Leicester 1104-1168

Robert Beaumont-roger 3rd Earl Leicester -1190

Robert Beaumont-roger 4th Earl Leicester -1204

Roger Beaumont-roger Bishop St Andrews -1202

Henry Beaumont-roger 1st Earl Warwick 1050-1119

Roger Beaumont-roger 2nd Earl Warwick 1102-1153

William Beaumont-roger 3rd Earl Warwick 1140-1184

Waleran Beaumont-roger 4th Earl Warwick 1153-1204

Henry Beaumont-roger 5th Earl Warwick 1192-1229

Margaret Beaumont-roger 7th Countess Warwick -1253

Thomas Beaumont-roger 6th Earl Warwick 1208-1242

Rotrou Newburgh Archbishop Rouen -1183


Raoul Beaumont-sarthe 1st Viscount Beaumont 935-1014

Raoul Beaumont-sarthe 2nd Viscount Beaumont 965-1014

Raoul Beaumont-sarthe 3rd Viscount Beaumont 950-1040

Raoul Beaumont-sarthe 4th Viscount Beaumont 1012-1065

Hubert Beaumont-sarthe 5th Viscount Beaumont 1037-1095

Raoul Beaumont-sarthe 6th Viscount Beaumont 1075-1100

Roscelin Beaumont-sarthe 7th Viscount Beaumont -1176

Richard Beaumont-sarthe I Viscount of Beaumont-le-Vicomte 1135-1199

Ermengarde Beaumont-sarthe Queen Consort Scotland 1170-1233

Raoul Beaumont-sarthe I Viscount of Beaumont-le-Vicomte 1172-1239

Richard Beaumont-sarthe II Viscount of Beaumont-le-Vicomte

Raoul Beaumont-sarthe VIII Viscount of Beaumont-le-Vicomte


Renaud Courtenay Baron Okehampton 1125-1194

Robert Courtenay Baron Okehampton 1170-1242

John Courtenay Baron Okehampton 1224-1274

Hugh Courtenay Baron Okehampton 1251-1292

Hugh Courtenay 9th Earl Devon 1276-1340

Hugh Courtenay 10th Earl Devon 1303-1377

Edward Blind Earl Courtenay 11th Earl Devon 1357-1419

Edward Courtenay 1385-1418

Hugh Courtenay 12th Earl Devon 1389-1422

Thomas Courtenay 13th Earl Devon 1414-1458

Thomas Courtenay 14th Earl Devon 1432-1461

John Courtenay 15th Earl Devon 1435-1471

Edward Courtenay 1st Earl Devon -1509

William Courtenay 1st Earl Devon 1475-1511

Henry Courtenay 1st Marquess Exeter 1496-1539

Edward Courtenay 1st Earl Devon 1527-1556

William Courtenay 2nd Earl Devon 1529-1557

William Courtenay 3rd Earl Devon 1553-1630

Francis of Powderham Castle Courtenay 4th Earl Devon 1576-1638

William Courtenay 5th Earl Devon 1628-1702

William of Powderham Castle Courtenay 6th Earl Devon 1676-1735

William Courtenay 6th Earl Devon 1709-1762

William Courtenay 8th Earl Devon 1742-1788

William Kitty Courtenay 9th Earl Devon 1768-1835

Henry Reginald Courtenay 1714-1763

Reginald Courtenay Bishop Exeter 1741-1803

William Courtenay 10th Earl Devon 1777-1859

William Courtenay 11th Earl Devon 1807-1888

Edward Baldwin Courtenay 12th Earl Devon 1836-1891

Henry Hugh Courtenay 13th Earl Devon 1811-1904

Reginald Courtenay Bishop of Kingston 1813-1906

Richard Courtenay Bishop Norwich -1415

Peter Courtenay Bishop Exeter Bishop Winchester -1492

Peter Courtenay 1346-1405

Joscelin Courtenay I Count Edessa 1072-1131

Joscelin Courtenay II Count Edessa -1159

Joscelin Courtenay III Count Edessa 1159-1190


William Daubigny 1st Earl Lincoln 1st Earl Arundel 1109-1176

William Daubigny 2nd Earl Lincoln 2nd Earl Arundel 1138-1193

William Daubigny 3rd Earl Lincoln 3rd Earl Arundel 1180-1221

William Daubigny 4th Earl Lincoln 4th Earl Arundel 1200-1243

Hugh Daubigny 5th Earl Lincoln 5th Earl Arundel -1243

Nigel Daubigny 3rd Baron Thirsk 1st Baron Mowbray 1070-1129

Roger Daubigny 4th Baron Thirsk 2nd Baron Mowbray 1120-1188

Nigel Mowbray 5th Baron Thirsk 3rd Baron Mowbray 1146-1191

William Mowbray 6th Baron Thirsk 4th Baron Mowbray 1173-1224

Roger Mowbray 1st Baron Mowbray 1254-1297

John Mowbray 2nd Baron Mowbray 1286-1322

John Mowbray 3rd Baron Mowbray 1310-1361

John Mowbray 4th Baron Mowbray 5th Baron Segrave 1340-1368

John Mowbray 1st Earl Nottingham 1365-1383

Thomas Mowbray 1st Duke Norfolk 1368-1399

Thomas Mowbray 4th Earl Norfolk 2nd Earl Nottingham 1385-1405

John Mowbray 2nd Duke Norfolk 1392-1432

John Mowbray 3rd Duke Norfolk 1415-1461

John Mowbray 4th Duke Norfolk 1444-1476

Anne Mowbray 5th Duchess Norfolk 1472-1481


William Devereux 1st Baron Devereux Lyonshall 1244-1314

Walter Devereux 7th Baron Ferrers of Chartley 1432-1485

John Devereux 8th Baron Ferrers of Chartley 1464-1501

Walter Devereux 1st Viscount Hereford 1488-1558

Walter Devereux 1st Earl Essex 1541-1576

Robert Devereux 2nd Earl Essex 1565-1601

Robert Devereux 3rd Earl Essex 1591-1646

Edward Devereux 1st Baronet Devereux of Castle Bromwich 1544-1622



Walter Devereux 5th Viscount Hereford 1575-1656

Leicester Devereux 6th Viscount Hereford 1617-1676

Leicester Devereux 7th Viscount Hereford 1674-1683

Edward Devereux 8th Viscount Hereford -1700

Price Devereux 9th Viscount Hereford 1663-1740

Price Devereux 10th Viscount Hereford 1694-1748



John Devereux 1st Baron Devereux 1337-1393

John Devereux 2nd Baron Devereux 1378-1393

Joan Devereux 3rd Baroness Devereux 1379-


John Fitzalan 6th Earl Arundel 1223-1267

John Fitzalan 7th Earl Arundel 1246-1272

Richard Fitzalan 8th Earl Arundel 1266-1301

Edmund Fitzalan 9th Earl Arundel 1285-1326

Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl Arundel 8th Earl Surrey 1306-1376

Richard Fitzalan 11th Earl Arundel 9th Earl Surrey 1346-1397

Thomas Fitzalan 12th Earl Arundel 10th Earl Surrey 1381-1415

John Fitzalan 1st Baron Maltravers 1st Baron Arundel 1348-1379

John Fitzalan 2nd Baron Arundel 2nd Baron Maltravers 1364-1390

John Fitzalan 13th Earl Arundel 1385-1421

John Fitzalan 14th Earl Arundel 1408-1435

Humphrey Fitzalan 15th Earl Arundel 1429-1438

William Fitzalan 16th Earl Arundel 1417-1487

Thomas Fitzalan 17th Earl Arundel 1450-1524

William Fitzalan 18th Earl Arundel 1476-1544

Henry Fitzalan 19th Earl Arundel 1512-1580

Thomas Fitzalan Archbishop York Archbishop Canterbury 1353-1414


William Gascoigne Lord Chief Justice 1350-1419


Ranulf de Briquessart Gernon Viscount Bessin -1089

Ranulf le Meschin Gernon 3rd Earl Chester 1070-1129

Ranulf Gernon 4th Earl Chester 1099-1153

Hugh de Kevelioc Gernon 5th Earl Chester 1147-1181

Ranulf de Blondeville Gernon 6th Earl Chester 1st Earl Lincoln 1170-1232


Miles Gloucester 1st Earl Hereford -1143

Roger Fitzmiles 2nd Earl Hereford 1125-

Walter Fitzmiles Baron Bergavenny -1159

Henry Fitzmiles Baron Bergavenny -1165


Hugh Grandesmil 1032-1098


Roger I King Sicily 1031-1101

Roger II King Sicily 1095-1154

Alfonso Hauteville Duke Naples 1121-1144

William Wicked I King Sicily 1131-1166

Roger Hauteville IV Duke Apulia 1152-1161

Robert Hauteville Prince Capua 1153-1160

William Good II King Sicily 1155-1189

Henry Hauteville Prince Capua 1158-1172


Geoffrey Mandeville 1st Earl Essex -1144

William Mandeville 2nd Earl Essex -1166

Geoffrey Mandeville 3rd Earl Essex -1189


Roger The Great Montgomery 1st Earl Shrewsbury -1094

Robert II of Bellême Bellême 3rd Earl Shrewsbury 1056-1130

William Talvas Montgomery III Count Ponthieu 1093-1172

Guy of Ponthieu Montgomery II Count Ponthieu 1120-1147

John Montgomery I Count Ponthieu 1140-1191

William Montgomery IV Count Ponthieu 1179-1221

Marie Montgomery Count Ponthieu 1199-1250

Agnes Montgomery Abbess Montreuil

John Montgomery I Count Alençon -1191

Hugh Montgomery 2nd Earl Shrewsbury -1098

Roger The Poitevin Montgomery Viscount Hiemois 1065-1140


Odo Mortain Bishop Bayeux -1097

Robert Mortain 1st Earl Cornwall 1031-1090

William Mortain 2nd Earl Cornwall 1084-1140


Rollo Normandy Duke Normandy 846-930

William Longsword Normandy I Duke Normandy 893-942

Richard Fearless Normandy I Duke Normandy 933-996

Richard Good Normandy II Duke Normandy 963-1026

Richard Normandy III Duke Normandy 997-1027

Nicholas Normandy Abbot Saint Ouen Rouen -1092

Robert Magnificent Normandy I Duke Normandy 1000-1035

William Conqueror I King England 1028-1087

Robert Curthose Normandy III Duke Normandy 1051-1134

William Clito Normandy Count Flanders 1102-1128

William Rufus II King England 1056-1100

Henry Beauclearc I King England 1068-1135

William Adelin Normandy Duke Normandy 1103-1120

Robert of Gloucester Normandy 1st Earl Gloucester 1100-1147

William Fitzrobert 2nd Earl Gloucester -1183

Isabella Fitzrobert 3rd Countess Gloucester 1173-1217

Roger Fitzrobert Bishop Worcester -1179

Richard Fitzrobert Bishop Bayeux -1142

Sybilla Fitzroy Queen Consort Scotland 1092-1122

Cecilia Normandy Abbess Caen 1056-1126

Adelaide Normandy Count Aumale 1030-1090

Mauger Normandy Archbishop Rouen

William Talou Normandy Count Arques

Robert Normandy Archbishop Rouen 989-1037

Richard Normandy Count Évreux -1067

William Normandy I Count Évreux -1118

Emma Normandy Queen Consort England 985-1052

Geoffrey Normandy 1st Count Eu 962-1015

Gilbert Clare 2nd Count Eu 1000-1040

Gilbert Clare 1066-1117

Gilbert Clare 1st Earl Hertford 1115-1153

Roger Clare 2nd Earl Hertford 1116-1173

Richard Clare 3rd Earl Hertford 1153-1217

Gilbert Clare 4th Earl Hertford 5th Earl Gloucester 1180-1230

Richard Clare 5th Earl Hertford 6th Earl Gloucester 1222-1262

Gilbert Red Earl Clare 6th Earl Hertford 7th Earl Gloucester 1243-1295

Gilbert Clare 8th Earl Gloucester 7th Earl Hertford -1314

Gilbert Clare 1st Earl Pembroke 1100-1148

Richard Strongbow Clare 2nd Earl Pembroke 1st Earl Buckingham 1130-1176

Gilbert Clare 3rd Earl Pembroke 1176-1185

Isabel Clare 4th Countess Pembroke 1172-1220



Theobald Butler 1200-1230

Edmund Butler Earl Carrick 1268-1321

James Butler 1st Earl Ormonde 1305-1338

James Butler 2nd Earl Ormonde 1331-1382

James Butler 3rd Earl Ormonde 1359-1405

James White Earl Butler 4th Earl Ormonde 1393-1452

James Butler 1st Earl Wiltshire 5th Earl Ormonde 1420-1461

John Butler 6th Earl Ormonde 1449-1476

Thomas Butler 7th Earl Ormonde 1426-1515

Piers Red Butler 8th Earl Ormonde 1st Earl Ossory 1467-1539

James Lame Butler 9th Earl Ormonde 2nd Earl Ossory 1501-1546

Thomas Black Tom Butler 10th Earl Ormonde 3rd Earl Ossory 1532-1614

Edward Butler 1st Viscount Galmoye -1653

Walter Butler 11th Earl Ormonde 4th Earl Ossory 1559-1633

James Butler 1st Duke Ormonde 1610-1688

James Butler 2nd Duke Ormonde 1665-1745

Richard Butler 1st Earl Arran 1639-1685

John Butler 1st Earl Gowran 1643-1677

John Butler 16th Earl Ormonde 10th Earl Ossory 1703-1783

John Butler 17th Earl Ormonde 11th Earl Ossory 1740-1795

Walter Butler 1st Marquess Ormonde 1770-1820

James Wandesford Butler 1st Marquess Ormonde 1777-1838

John Butler 2nd Marquess Ormonde 1808-1854

James Butler 3rd Marquess Ormonde 1844-1919

James Arthur Wellington Foley Butler 4th Marquess Ormonde -1943

James George Anson Butler 5th Marquess Ormonde 1890-1949

James Arthur Norman Butler 6th Marquess Ormonde 1893-1971

James Hubert Theobald Charles Butler 7th Marquess Ormonde 1899-1997

Richard Butler 1st Viscount Mountgarret 1500-1571

Edmund Butler 2nd Viscount Mountgarret 1562-1602

Richard Butler 3rd Viscount Mountgarret 1578-1651

Edmund Butler Archbishop Cashel

Hubert Walter Archbishop Canterbury -1205



William Normandy 1st Count Eu 978-1057

William Busac Normandy Count Soissons 1020-1076

Renaud Normandy II Count Soissons -1099

John Normandy I Count Soissons -1115

Renaud Normandy III Count Soissons -1141

Manasses Normandy Bishop Cambrai Bishop Soissons -1108

Robert Normandy III Count Eu -1093

William Normandy II Count Eu 1020-1095

Henry Normandy I Count Eu 1075-1140

John Normandy 6th Count Eu

Henry Normandy 7th Count Eu

Hugues Normandy Bishop Lisieux -1077

Beatrice Normandy Abbess Montvilliers


William aux Gernons aka with Whiskers Percy 1st Baron Percy Topcliffe -1096

Alan Percy 2nd Baron Percy Topcliffe -1132

William Percy 3rd Baron Percy Topcliffe -1175

Agnes Percy 4th Baroness Percy Topcliffe 1135-1205


John Vesci -1289



Roger Fitzrichard 1st Baron Warkworth -1178

Robert Fitzroger 2nd Baron Warkworth 1160-1214

John Fitzrobert 3th Baron Warkworth 1190-1241

Roger Fitzjohn 4th Baron Warkworth -1249

Robert Fitzroger 5th Baron Warkworth 1240-1310



Roger Lacy 6th Baron Pontefract 7th Baron Halton 7th Baron Bowland 1171-1211

John Lacy 2nd Earl Lincoln 1192-1240

Edmund Lacy 8th Baron Pontefract 1230-1258

Henry Lacy 3rd Earl Lincoln 4th Earl Salisbury 1251-1311

Alice Lacy 4th Countess Lincoln 5th Countess Salisbury 1281-1348


William Warenne 1st Earl Surrey -1088

William Warenne 2nd Earl Surrey -1138

William Warenne 3rd Earl Surrey 1119-1148

Isabella Warenne 4th Countess Surrey 1137-1203



John Empty Coat I King Scotland 1249-1314

Edward I King Scotland 1283-1367


Robert Bruce 1st Lord Annadale 1st Lord Skelton 1070-1141

Robert Bruce 5th Lord Annadale 1215-1295

Robert Bruce Earl Carrick 1243-1304

Robert The Bruce I King Scotland 1274-1329

David II King Scotland 1324-1371

Edward King Ireland 1279-1318


Duncan The Sick I King Scotland 1001-1040

Malcolm III King Scotland 1031-1093

Duncan II King Scotland 1060-1094

Edgar The Valiant I King Scotland 1074-1107

Alexander Fierce I King Scotland 1078-1124

David I King Scotland 1084-1153

Henry Dunkeld 4th Earl Northumberland 3rd Earl Huntingdon 1114-1152

Malcolm IV King Scotland 1141-1165

William Lion I King Scotland 1143-1214

Alexander II King Scotland 1198-1249

Alexander III King Scotland 1241-1286

Margaret Dunkeld Queen Consort Norway 1261-1283

Alexander Dunkeld Prince Scotland 1264-1284

David Dunkeld 9th Earl Huntingdon 1152-1219

John Dunkeld 10th Earl Huntingdon 1207-1237

Edith aka Matilda Dunkeld Matilda Queen Consort England 1080-1118

Donald The Fair White III King Scotland 1032-1099


Robert II King Scotland 1316-1390

John or Robert III King Scotland 1337-1406

David Stewart 1st Duke Rothesay 1378-1402

James I King Scotland 1394-1437

James II King Scotland 1430-1460

James III King Scotland 1451-1488

James IV King Scotland 1473-1513

Alexander Stewart Archbishop St Andrews 1493-1513

James Stewart 1st Earl Moray 1499-1544

James Stewart 1st Duke Rothesay 1507-1508

Arthur Stewart 1st Duke Rothesay 1509-1510

James V King Scotland 1512-1542

Francis Stewart 5th Earl Bothwell 1562-1612

James Stewart 1st Earl Moray 1531-1570

Elizabeth Stewart 2nd Countess Moray -1591

Robert Stewart 1st Earl Orkney 1533-1615

Patrick Stewart 2nd Earl Orkney

John Stewart Earl Carrick 1566-1615

Robert Stewart 1st Earl Orkney 1541-1541

Mary Queen of Scots I Queen Scotland 1542-1587

Alexander Stewart 1st Duke Ross 1514-1515

James Stewart 1st Duke Ross 1476-1504

John Stewart 1st Earl Mar 1479-1503

Alexander Stewart 1st Duke Albany 1454-1485

David Stewart 1st Earl Moray 1455-1487

John Stewart 1st Earl Mar 1456-1479

Robert Stewart 1st Duke Albany 1340-1420

Murdoch Stewart 2nd Duke Albany 1362-1425

Andrew Stewart 1st Baron Castle Stuart 1560-1629

Andrew Stewart 2nd Baron Castle Stuart 1590-1639

Andrew Stewart 3rd Baron Castle Stuart

John Stewart 5th Baron Castle Stuart -1685

James Stewart 1st Earl Arran -1595

James The Bonnie Earl Stewart 2nd Earl Moray 1565-1592

James Stewart 3rd Earl Moray 1591-1638

James Stewart 4th Earl Moray 1611-1653

Alexander Stewart 5th Earl Moray 1634-1701

John Stewart 2nd Earl Buchan 1381-1424

Robert Stewart 1st Earl Ross

Alexander The Wolf of Badenoch Stewart 3rd Earl Buchan 1343-1405

Alexander Stewart Earl Mar 1375-1435

David Stewart 1st Earl Strathearn 1356-1389

Walter Stewart 1st Earl Atholl 1360-1437

John Stewart 1st Earl Angus -1331

Thomas Stewart 2nd Earl Angus 1331-1361

Margaret Stewart 3rd Countess Angus -1417

John Stewart 1st Count Évreux 1380-1429

John Stewart 1st Earl Lennox 1430-1495

Matthew Stewart 2nd Earl Lennox -1513

John Stewart 3rd Earl Lennox 1490-1526

Matthew Stewart 4th Earl Lennox 1516-1571

James VI King Scotland I King England Scotland and Ireland 1566-1625

Henry Frederick Stewart Prince Wales 1594-1612

Charles I King England Scotland and Ireland 1600-1649

Charles II King Scotland II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685

James Scott 1st Duke Monmouth 1st Duke Buccleuch 1649-1685

Charles Scott 1st Earl Doncaster 1672-1674

James Scott 1st Earl Dalkeith 1674-1705

Francis Scott 2nd Duke Buccleuch 1695-1751

Francis Scott 1721-1750

Henry Scott 3rd Duke Buccleuch 1746-1812

Charles William Henry Montagu-scott 6th Duke Queensbury 1772-1819

Walter Francis Montagu-douglas-scott 7th Duke Queensbury -1884

William Henry Walter Montagu-douglas-scott 8th Duke Queensbury 1831-1914

John Charles Montagu-douglas-scott 9th Duke Queensbury 1864-1914

Henry John Montagu-douglas-scott 1st Baron Montagu Beaulieu 1835-1905

Henry James Montagu Scott 2nd Baron Montagu of Boughton in Northamptonshire 1776-1845

Henry Scott 1st Earl Deloraine 1676-1730

Charles Don Carlo Fitzcharles 1st Earl Plymouth 1657-1680

Charles Fitzroy 1st Duke Southampton 2nd Duke Cleveland 1662-1730

William Fitzroy 3rd Duke Cleveland 1698-1774

Henry Fitzroy 1st Duke Grafton 1663-1690

Charles Fitzroy 2nd Duke Grafton 1683-1757

Augustus Fitzroy 3rd Duke Grafton 1735-1811

George Henry Fitzroy 4th Duke Grafton 1760-1844

Henry Fitzroy 5th Duke Grafton 1790-1863

William Henry Fitzroy 6th Duke Grafton 1819-1882

Augustus Charles Lennox Fitzroy 7th Duke Grafton 1821-1918

Alfred Fitzroy 8th Duke Grafton 1850-1930

John Charles William Fitzroy 9th Duke Grafton 1914-

Charles Alfred Euston Fitzroy 10th Duke Grafton 1892-1970

Hugh Denis Charles Fitzroy 11th Duke Grafton 1919-2011

Henry Fitzroy 12th Duke Grafton 1978-

Charles Fitzroy 1791-1865

Charles Fitzroy 1st Baron Southampton 1737-1797

George Fitzroy 2nd Baron Southampton 1761-1810

Charles Fitzroy 3rd Baron Southampton 1804-1872

Charles Fitzroy 4th Baron Southampton 1867-1958

Charles Fitzroy 5th Baron Southampton 1904-1989

Charles James Fitzroy 6th Baron Southampton 1928-2015

Edward Charles Fitzroy 7th Baron Southampton 1955-

George Fitzroy 1st Duke Northumberland 1665-1716

Charles Beauclerk 1st Duke St Albans 1670-1726

Charles Beauclerk 2nd Duke St Albans 1696-1751

George Beauclerk 3rd Duke St Albans 1730-1786

George Beauclerk 4th Duke St Albans 1758-1787

Vere Beauclerk 1st Baron Vere 1699-1781

Aubrey Beauclerk 5th Duke St Albans 1740-1802

Aubrey MP Kingston-upon-Hull 1765-1815

Aubrey Beauclerk 7th Duke St Albans 1815-1816

William Beauclerk 8th Duke St Albans 1766-1825

William Beauclerk 9th Duke St Albans 1801-1849

William Amelius Aubrey Beauclerk 10th Duke St Albans 1840-1898

Charles Beauclerk 11th Duke St Albans 1870-1934

Osborne Beauclerk 12th Duke St Albans 1874-1964

Charles Beauclerk 13th Duke St Albans 1915-1988

Murray Beauclerk 14th Duke St Albans 1939-

James Beauclerk Bishop Hereford 1709-1787

Charles Lennox 1st Duke Richmond 1672-1723

Charles Lennox 2nd Duke Richmond 1701-1750

Charles Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond 1735-1806

Charles Lennox 4th Duke Richmond 1764-1819

Charles Gordon-lennox 5th Duke Richmond 1791-1860

James II King England Scotland and Ireland 1633-1701

Mary II Queen England Scotland and Ireland 1662-1694

James Stewart 1st Duke Cambridge 1663-1667

Anne I Queen England Scotland and Ireland 1665-1714

Edgar Stewart 1st Duke Cambridge 1667-1671

Henry Benedict Stewart 1725-1807

James Fitzjames 1st Duke Berwick 1670-1734

James Fitz-james 2nd Duke Berwick 1696-1738

James Fitz-james 3rd Duke Berwick 9th Duke Veragua 1718-1785

Carlos Fitz-james Stuart 4th Duke Berwick 10th Duke Veragua 4th Duke of Liria 4th Duke of Jérica 1752-1787

Jacobo Fitz-james Stuart 5th Duke Berwick 5th Duke of Liria 5th Duke of Jérica 1773-1794

Jacobo Fitz-james Stuart 6th Duke Berwick 6th Duke of Liria 6th Duke of Jérica 1792-1795

Carlos Miguel Fitz-james Stuart 7th Duke Berwick 7th Duke of Liria 7th Duke of Jérica 14th Duke Alba 1794-1835

Jacopo Fitz-james Stuart 8th Duke Berwick 8th Duke of Liria 8th Duke of Jérica 15th Duke Alba 1821-

Carlos María Fitz-james Stuart 9th Duke Berwick 9th Duke of Liria 9th Duke of Jérica 16th Duke Alba 1849-1901

Henry Fitzjames Duke Gloucester 1640-1660

Charles Stewart 5th Earl Lennox 1545-1576

Robert Stewart 6th Earl Lennox 1st Earl March 1552-1586

Esmé Stewart 1st Duke Lennox 1542-1583

Ludovic Stewart 2nd Duke Lennox 1st Duke Richmond 1574-1624

Esmé Stewart 3rd Duke Lennox 1579-1624

James Stewart 4th Duke Lennox 1st Duke Richmond 1612-1655

Esmé Stewart 5th Duke Lennox 2nd Duke Richmond 1649-1660

Charles Stewart 6th Duke Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond 1639-1672

Bernard Stewart 3rd Lord Concressault 3rd Lord Aubigny 1452-1508

John Stewart 1st Earl Atholl 1440-

John Stewart 2nd Earl Atholl 1475-1522

John Stewart 3rd Earl Atholl 1507-1542

John Stewart 4th Earl Atholl -1579

John Stewart 5th Earl Atholl 1563-1595

James Stewart 6th Earl Atholl

Andrew Stewart Bishop Caithness -1541

James Stewart 1st Earl Buchan 1442-1499

Alexander Stewart 2nd Earl Buchan -1505

John Stewart 3rd Earl Buchan 1498-1551

Andrew Moray Stewart Bishop Moray 1482-1501

Walter Freckled Menteith 1st Earl Menteith 1227-1294

Alexander Menteith I Earl Menteith -1283



Waltheof Northumbria 1st Earl Huntingdon 1st Earl Northampton -1076

Maud Northumbria 3rd Countess Huntingdon



Merfyn Frych aka Freckled King Gwynedd -844

Rhodri The Great ap Mervyn King Gwynedd 820-

Idwal Foel aka Bald ap Anaward King Gwynedd -942

Iago ab Idwal ap Meurig Aberffraw Prince Gwynedd 1005-1039

Cynan ab Iago Gruffudd King Gwynedd 1014-1063

Gruffudd ap Cynan King Gwynedd 1055-1137

Owain Great King Gwynedd 1100-1170

Hywel ab Owain King Gwynedd 1120-1170

Gruffydd ap Llewellyn Aberffraw 1198-1244

Dafydd ap Gruffudd Aberffraw Prince Wales 1238-1283

Dafydd ap Llewellyn Aberffraw Prince Wales 1212-1246

Dafydd ab Owain Aberffraw Prince Gwynedd 1145-1203

Hywel ap Ieuaf King Gwynedd -985

Cynan ap Hywel King Gwynedd -1005

Cadwallon ab Ieuaf King Gwynedd -986

Cadell ap Rhodri King Seisyllwg 854-909

Hywel Dda aka Good King Seisyllwg King Deheubarth 880-950

Owain King Deheubarth -987

Rhys ap Tewdwr King Deheubarth 1065-1093

Gruffudd ap Rhys King Deheubarth 1081-1137

Maredudd King Deheubarth 1130-1155

Gruffydd ap Rhys Dinefwr Prince Deheubarth -1201

Rhys Gryg ap Rhys Dinefwr 1165-1234

Maredudd ab Owain King Deheubarth King Gwynedd King Powys -999

Rhodri ap Hywel King Deheubarth -954

Edwin ap Hywel King Deheubarth

Llywelyn ap Merfyn King Powys -942


Elisedd ap Gwylog King Powys -755

Brochfael ap Elisedd King Powys -808

Cadell ap Brochfael King Powys -808

Cyngen ap Cadell King Powys -855

Llywelyn ap Seisyll King Gwynedd King Powys King Deheubarth 1023-1023

Gruffydd ap Llywelyn King Wales -1063


David Cecil 1460-1540

Richard Cecil 1495-1552

William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley 1520-1598

Thomas Cecil 1st Earl Exeter 1542-1623

William Cecil 2nd Earl Exeter 1566-1640

William Cecil 16th Baron Ros Helmsley 1590-1618

Richard Cecil 1570-1633

David Cecil 3rd Earl Exeter 1600-1643

John Cecil 4th Earl Exeter 1628-1678

John Cecil 5th Earl Exeter 1648-1700

John Cecil 6th Earl Exeter 1674-1721

John Cecil 7th Earl Exeter 1700-1722

Brownlow Cecil 8th Earl Exeter 1701-1754

Brownlow Cecil 9th Earl Exeter 1725-1793

Henry Cecil 1st Marquess Exeter 1754-1804

Brownlow Cecil 2nd Marquess Exeter 1795-1867

William Alleyne Cecil 3rd Marquess Exeter 1825-1895

Brownlow Henry George Cecil 4th Marquess Exeter 1849-1898

William Cecil 5th Marquess Exeter 1876-1956

David George Brownlow Cecil 6th Marquess Exeter 1905-1981

William Martin Alleyne Brownlow Cecil 7th Marquess Exeter 1909-1988

Thomas Cecil 1797-1873

Edward Cecil 1st Viscount Wimbledon 1572-1638

Robert Cecil 1st Earl Salisbury 1563-1612

William Cecil 2nd Earl Salisbury 1591-1668

Charles Cecil Lord Lieutenant Hertfordshire 1619-1660

James Cecil 3rd Earl Salisbury 1648-1683

James Cecil 4th Earl Salisbury 1666-1694

James Cecil 5th Earl Salisbury 1691-1728

James Cecil 1st Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire 1748-1823

James Brownlow William Gascoyne-cecil 2nd Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire 1791-1868

Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-cecil 3rd Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire 1830-1903

James Gascoyne-cecil 4th Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire 1861-1947

Robert Arthur James Gascoyne-cecil 5th Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire 1893-1972

Evelyn Gascoyne-cecil 1st Baron Rockley of Lychett Heath in Dorset 1865-1941

Robert William Evelyn Gascoyne-cecil 2nd Baron Rockley of Lychett Heath in Dorset 1901-1976


Rhys ap Thomas Deheubarth 1449-1525

Gruffydd ap Rhys ap Thomas Deheubarth 1478-1521


William Glynne 1566-1620

John Glynne -1648

John Glynne 1602-1666

William Glynne 1st Baronet Bicester aka Bisseter in Oxfordshire 1638-1690

William Glynne 3rd Baronet Bicester aka Bisseter in Oxfordshire 1663-1721

Stephen Glynne 3rd Baronet Bicester aka Bisseter in Oxfordshire 1665-1729

Stephen Glynne 4th Baronet Bicester aka Bisseter in Oxfordshire 1696-1729

William Glynne 5th Baronet Bicester aka Bisseter in Oxfordshire 1710-1730

John Glynne 6th Baronet Bicester aka Bisseter in Oxfordshire 1712-1777


William Black William Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke 1423-1469

William Herbert 2nd Earl Pembroke 1451-1491

Elizabeth Herbert 3rd Baroness Herbert Raglan 1476-1507

William Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke 1501-1570

Henry Herbert 2nd Earl Pembroke 1538-1601

William Herbert 3rd Earl Pembroke 1580-1630

Philip Herbert 4th Earl Pembroke 1584-1650

Philip Herbert 5th Earl Pembroke 1621-1669

William Herbert 3rd Earl Montgomery 6th Earl Pembroke 1641-1674

Philip Infamous Earl Herbert 4th Earl Montgomery 7th Earl Pembroke 1652-1683

Thomas Herbert 5th Earl Montgomery 8th Earl Pembroke 1656-1733

Henry Herbert 6th Earl Montgomery 9th Earl Pembroke 1693-1749

Henry Herbert 7th Earl Montgomery 10th Earl Pembroke 1734-1794

George Augustus Herbert 8th Earl Montgomery 11th Earl Pembroke 1759-1827

Henry Herbert 1st Earl Carnarvon 1741-1811

Henry George Herbert 2nd Earl Carnarvon 1772-1833

Henry John George Herbert 3rd Earl Carnarvon 1800-1849

Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert 4th Earl Carnarvon 1831-1890

William Herbert 1st Baron Powis of Powis Castle in Powys 1573-1655

Percy Herbert 2nd Baron Powis of Powis Castle in Powys 1598-1667

William Herbert 1st Marquess Powis 1626-1696

William Herbert 2nd Marquess Powis 1660-1745

William Herbert 3rd Marquess Powis 1698-1745


Bleddyn ap Cynfyn King Gwynedd King Powys -1073

Maredudd ap Bleddyn King Powys 1047-1132

Madog ap Maredudd Mathrafal Prince Powys -1160

Owain Fychan ap Madog Mathrafal Prince Powys Fadog 1152-1191

Madog Mathrafal Prince Powys Fadog -1236

Gruffudd Maelor Mathrafal Prince Powys Fadog 1195-1269

Madog Mathrafal Prince Powys Fadog -1277

Gruffydd Fychan Mathrafal Prince Powys Fadog -1289

Madog Crypl ap Gruffydd Fychan Mathrafal Prince Powys Fadog 1275-1305

Owain Glyndŵr ap Gruffudd Mathrafal Prince Powys Prince Wales 1359-1415

Gwenwynwyn ap Owain Mathrafal Prince Powys Wenwynwyn 1177-1216

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn Mathrafal Prince Powys Wenwynwyn 1211-1286


Ednyfed Fychan aka Younger Kingdom Gwynedd 1170-1246

Tudur ap Ednyfed Fychan Kingdom Gwynedd -1278

Hywel ap Ednyfed Fychan Tudor Bishop Llanelwy 1240-1247

Goronwy ap Tudur Hen Tudor -1331

Tudur ap Goronwy Tudor -1367

Owen Tudor 1400-1461

Edmund Tudor 1st Earl Richmond 1431-1456

Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509

Arthur Tudor Prince Wales 1486-1502

Margaret Tudor Queen Consort Scotland 1489-1541

Henry VIII King England and Ireland 1491-1547

Henry Tudor Duke Cornwall 1511-1511

Mary I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558

Henry Fitzroy Tudor 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset 1519-1536

Elizabeth I Queen England and Ireland 1533-1603

Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553

Mary Tudor Queen Consort France 1496-1533

Edmund Tudor 1st Duke Somerset 1499-1500

Jasper Tudor 1st Duke Bedford 1431-1495

Rhys ap Tudor Tudor -1412


Roger Vaughan of Tretower Court 1410-1471


Thomas Wynn 1677-1749

John Wynn 1701-1773

Thomas Wynn 1st Baron Newborough of Newborough in Wexford 1736-1807

Thomas Wynn 2nd Baron Newborough of Newborough in Wexford 1802-1832

Spencer Bulkeley Wynn 3rd Baron Newborough of Newborough in Wexford 1803-1888