Treaty of Alton Jul 1101

Jul 1101 Henry "Beauclearc" I King England [33] signed

Robert Curthose III Duke Normandy [50] signed

East Worldham

c 1322 John Burghesh born to Bartholomew "The Elder" 1st Baron Burghesh and Elizabeth Verdun


1644 Henry Bennet 1st Earl Arlington [26] wounded on the bridge of his nose during a skirmish.


1225 John St john born to Robert St john and Agnes Cantilupe

1259 Edward St john born to John St john and Agnes Fitzpiers

c 1262 Amadeus St john born to John St john and Agnes Fitzpiers

07 Mar 1266 Robert St john [66] died

Oct 1273 John St john 1st Baron St John Basing born to John St john and Agnes Fitzpiers

1275 Agnes St john born to John St john and Agnes Fitzpiers

29 Sep 1309 John St john [84] died

26 May 1310 Hugh St john 2nd Baron St John Basing born to John St john 1st Baron St John Basing and Isabel Courtenay

23 Apr 1323 John St john lagenham 2nd Baron St John Lagenham [42] died

14 May 1329 John St john 1st Baron St John Basing [56] died

29 Jun 1333 Isabel St john 4th Baroness St John Basing born to Hugh St john 2nd Baron St John Basing and Isabel Wake

1334 Edmund St john 3rd Baroness St John Basing born to Hugh St john 2nd Baron St John Basing and Isabel Wake

May 1335 Hugh St john 2nd Baron St John Basing [25] died

10 May 1335 Isabel Courtenay [52] died

30 Nov 1368 Edward St john [109] died

St Mary's Church

a 19 Mar 1556 Elizabeth Seymour [38] buried


Sherbourne St John

The Vyne

1440 William Sandys born

1470 William 1st Baron Sandys Vyne born to William Sandys


Beaulieu Abbey

a 17 Jan 1240 Nicholas Cornwall [0] buried with his mother

1486 Anne Beauchamp 16th Countess Warwick [60] resided

Perkin Warbreck captured


c 1446 Robert Scrope born to Henry 4th Baron Scrope Bolton and Elizabeth Scrope

Apr 1485 Richard Scrope [43] died

Bishop Waltham's Palace

10 Oct 1344 Mary Plantagenet of Waltham born to Edward III King England and Philippa Hainault Queen Consort England


c 1589 Richard Dummer born to Thomas Dummer


a 16 Apr 1833 Henry George Herbert 2nd Earl Carnarvon [61] buried


1319 Peter Cornwall born to Edmund Cornwall


06 Dec 1373 Elizabeth 6th Baroness Strange Blackmere born to John 4th Baron Strange Blackmere and Mary Fitzalan


Titchfield Abbey

23 Apr 1445 Henry VI King England, II King France [24] married Margaret of Anjou Valois-Anjou Queen Consort England


1375 Amice Pembridge [45] died

Nov 1517 Edward Willoughby [26] died




c 1358 Eleanor Montagu born to John 1st Baron Montagu and Margaret Monthermer


Isle of Wight

a 495 Cerdic King Wessex conquered


c 1693 Frances Worsley born to Robert Worsley and Frances Thynne

Carisbrooke Castle

17 Jul 1431 Philippa Mohun 2nd Duchess York died


02 May 1914 John Campbell 9th Duke Argyll [69] died


Osborne House

01 Jul 1862 Louis Hesse-Darmstadt IV Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine [25] married Alice Windsor

22 Jan 1901 Victoria I Queen United Kingdom [82] died


St Mildred's Church

23 Jul 1885 Henry Mountbatten [27] married Beatrice Saxe-Coburg-Gotha


c 1450 Edward Dinley born

Mortimer's Hall

1442 Robert Mortimer born


Netley Abbey

15 Apr 1136 Richard Clare died

New Forest

b 1075 Richard Normandy [21] killed hunting

Death of William Rufus 02 Aug 1100

Gilbert Clare [34] present

Roger Clare [34] present

William "Rufus" II King England [44] killed hunting

Henry Beaumont-Roger 1st Earl Warwick [50] present

Robert Beaumont-Roger 1st Earl Leicester [60] present

Old Basing

Battle of Basing: English 22 Jan 871

Æthelred King Wessex [24]

07 Mar 1429 Thomas Poynings 5th Baron St John Basing [78] died

Netley Marsh

508 Natanleod King Britons was killed by Cerdic King Wessex and 5000 of his men, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Portchester Castle

c 1200 Robert St john born


20 Jul 1101 Robert Curthose III Duke Normandy [50] landed

21 May 1662 Charles II King Scotland, II King England, Scotland and Ireland [32] married Catherine Braganza

Greyhound Pub

23 Aug 1628 George Villiers 1st Duke Buckingham [36] murdered


Sinking of the Mary Rose 19 Jul 1545

George Carew [41] died

South Stoneham

14 Nov 1739 Hans Sloane-Stanley born


Southampton Plot 31 Jul 1415

Richard Vere 11th Earl Oxford [30] judge

a 24 Aug 1562 Chideock Tichbourne born to Peter Tichbourne

Thomas "Bastard Neville of Fauconberg" captured

North Gate

Southampton Plot 31 Jul 1415

Thomas Montagu 4th Earl Salisbury [27] judge

Thomas 1st Baron Camoys [64] judge

Thomas Grey [31] beaheaded

Richard of Conisburgh York 1st Earl Cambridge [40] beheaded

Henry 3rd Baron Scrope Masham [42] beheaded


Stratfield Saye House

08 Jun 1900 Henry Wellesley 3rd Duke Wellington [54] died

Sutton Scotney

1310 Hugh Hastings born to John Hastings 13th Baron Bergavenny, 1st Baron Hastings and Isabel Despencer


Apr 1661 Anne Kingsmill born to William Kingsmill


14 Dec 1590 John West born to Thomas West 2nd Baron De La Warr and Anne Knollys


a 08 Oct 1892 Ralph Heneage Dutton [71] buried


a 10 Nov 1624 Henry Wriothesley 3rd Earl Southampton [51] buried

Titchfield Abbey

1434 Henry Beauchamp 1st Duke Warwick [9] married Cecily Neville


c Jun 1376 Luke Poynings 4th Baron St John Basing [59] died


12 Feb 1594 Herbert Pelham [48] married Elizabeth West

Wherwell Abbey

Sep 1141 John Fitzgilbert [36] took refuge


26 Oct 899 Alfred "The Great" King England [50] died

c 943 Edgar "Peaceful" I King England born to Edmund I King England and Ælfgifu Shaftesbury

c 01 Oct 959 Eadwig "All Fair" I King England buried

08 Jul 975 Edgar "Peaceful" I King England [32] died

c 1186 Arabella Quincy born to Saer Quincy 1st Earl Winchester and Margaret Beaumont-Roger

c 1242 Helen Zouche born to Alan Zouche and Helen or Ela Quincy

12 Aug 1270 Alan Zouche [67] beheaded

1350 Hugh 7th Baron Hastings born to Hugh 6th Baron Hastings and Margaret Everingham

07 Feb 1403 Henry of Bolingbroke IV King England [36] married Joan of Navarre Évreux Queen Consort England

05 Apr 1578 Henry Seymour [75] died

Church of the Holy Cross

Greyfriars Church

a 26 Dec 1352 John Plantagenet 3rd Earl Kent [22] buried

Hyde Abbey

c 1100 Alfred "The Great" King England [251] buried

St Gile's Hill

Revolt of the Earls 31 May 1076

31 May 1076 Waltheof 2nd Earl Northumbria, 1st Earl Huntingdon, 1st Earl Northampton beheaded

Winchester Cathedral

03 Apr 1043 Edward "Confessor" King England [40] crowned

b 1075 Richard Normandy [21] buried

27 Aug 1172 Henry Plantagenet [17] married Margaret Capet

a 11 Apr 1447 Henry Beaufort [72] buried

20 Sep 1486 Arthur Tudor Prince Wales born to Henry VII King England and Ireland and Elizabeth of York Queen Consort England

Christening of Arthur Prince of Wales 24 Sep 1486

Arthur Tudor Prince Wales [0] christened

Thomas Fitzalan 17th Earl Arundel [36] godfather

William Fitzalan 16th Earl Arundel [69] godfather

Cecily York [17] godmother and carried her nephew Arthur Tudor Prince Wales

Richard Woodville 3rd Earl Rivers [33] present

Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England [49] godmother

John Vere 13th Earl Oxford [44] godfather

Thomas Stanley 1st Earl Derby [51] godparent

Cecily "Rose Neville of Raby" [71] held the child

a 05 Oct 1528 Richard Foxe Bishop Exeter, Bishop Bath and Wells, Bishop Durham, Bishop Winchester [80] buried

Marriage of Queen Mary with Philip II of Spain 25 Jul 1554

Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain [27] married Mary I Queen England and Ireland

28 Feb 1556 Stephen Gardiner Bishop Winchester [73] buried

19 Mar 1602 Robert Burgh 10th Baron Cobham of Sternborough in Kent, 4th Baron Burgh of Gainsborough, 8th Baron Strabolgi [8] buried

Winchester Castle

01 Oct 1207 Henry of Winchester III King England born to John "Lackland" I King England and Isabella Angouleme Queen Consort England

19 Mar 1330 Edmund of Woodstock Plantagenet 1st Earl Kent [29] beheaded by a convicted latrine cleaner who was also facing the death penalty; no-one else would undertake the task.

Marriage of Queen Mary with Philip II of Spain 25 Jul 1554

Magdalene Grey walked in the bridal procession

John Gage Lord Chamberlain [75] bore the queen's train

Great Hall

17 Nov 1603 Walter Raleigh [49] tried by Henry Montagu 1st Earl Manchester

Winchester College

1716 James 5th Duke Hamilton, 2nd Duke Brandon of Suffolk [13] educated

1734 James 6th Duke Hamilton, 3rd Duke Brandon of Suffolk [10] educated

c 1771 Anthony Ashley-Cooper 5th Earl Shaftesbury [10] educated

c 1777 Thomas Thynne 2nd Marquess Bath [12] educated

Ataúlfo Alejandro Orléans-Galliera educated

Alonso María Orléans-Galliera educated

Alvaro Antonio Orléans-Galliera educated

George Grey 6th Earl Stamford, 2nd Earl Warrington educated


05 Oct 1528 Richard Foxe Bishop Exeter, Bishop Bath and Wells, Bishop Durham, Bishop Winchester [80] died

Wolvesey Castle

11 Apr 1447 Henry Beaufort [72] died



West Green House

11 Mar 1939 Evelyn Katrine Gwenfra Williams [84] died