Portledge Manor

c 1495 William Coffin born to Richard Coffin



a 20 Jan 1258 Reynold Mohun [52] buried

Bere Ferrers

10 Nov 1521 Robert 2nd Baron Willoughby Broke [49] died

St Andrew's Church (Bere Ferrers)

a 10 Nov 1521 Robert 2nd Baron Willoughby Broke [49] buried

Berry Pomeroy

03 Jun 1638 Francis Courtenay 4th Earl Devon [62] died

Berry Pomeroy Castle

c 1563 Edward 1st Baron Seymour Berry Pomeroy born to Edward Seymour and Margaret Walshe


09 Jun 1421 John Arundell born to John Arundell and Margaret Burghesh

Hartland Quay

22 Sep 1387 Eleanor Montagu [29] died


Bodmin Priory

Budleigh Salterton

East Budleigh

Hayes Barton

Walter Raleigh childhood


1390 Philip Vache [42] married Elizabeth Clifford

a 29 May 1552 Peter Courtenay buried


c 1540 Edward Carey born to John Carey and Joyce Denny


28 Feb 1292 Hugh Courtenay Baron Okehampton [41] died


18 Mar 1395 John Holland 2nd Duke Exeter born to John Holland 1st Duke Exeter and Elizabeth Lancaster


11 Jun 1345 Agnes St John [70] died

02 May 1377 Hugh 10th Earl Devon [74] died

Battle of Clyst Heath: Lancaster-Courtenay 15 Dec 1455

Thomas 13th Earl Devon [41]

Battle of Clyst Heath: York-Bonville 15 Dec 1455

William 1st Baron Bonville [63]

Exeter Castle

Buckingham's Rebellion 08 Nov 1483

08 Nov 1483 Thomas St Leger [43] executed

Exeter Cathedral

a 11 Aug 1300 Isabel Vere [78] buried

a 16 Jul 1369 John Grandison Bishop Exeter [77] buried

18 Feb 1383 John Dinham [24] killed John Broun (his father's murderers)

Courtenay Chantry Chapel (Exeter Cathedral)

a 16 Sep 1360 William Bohun 1st Earl Northampton [50] buried

02 May 1377 Hugh 10th Earl Devon [74] buried

a 02 Feb 1405 Peter Courtenay [59] buried

c 1458 Thomas 13th Earl Devon [44] buried


c 1382 Muriel Dinham born to John Dinham and Eleanor Montagu

c 1412 Muriel Dinham [30] died


a 22 Sep 1387 Eleanor Montagu [29] buried

Kings Nymton

c 1215 William Zouche born to Roger Zouche and Margaret Bisset

1255 Joyce Zouche born to William Zouche and Maud Trailly

c 1313 Geoffrey Plantagenet born to Geoffrey Plantagenet and Margaret Mortimer-Woodham

Low Leyton

26 Oct 1601 George 8th Baron Berkeley [0] baptised


c 1533 James Blount 6th Baron Mountjoy born to Charles Blount 5th Baron Mountjoy and Anne Willoughby

North Melton

1190 Alain Zouche [65] died

09 Oct 1267 Alan 1st Baron Zouche Ashby born to Roger Zouche and Ela Longespée


1433 John 1st Baron Dinham born to John Dinham and Joan Arches


25 Mar 1251 Hugh Courtenay Baron Okehampton born to John Courtenay Baron Okehampton and Isabel Vere

c 1283 Isabel Courtenay born to Hugh Courtenay Baron Okehampton and Eleanor Despencer

11 Aug 1300 Isabel Vere [78] died

1435 John 15th Earl Devon born to Thomas 13th Earl Devon and Margaret Beaufort

Okehampton Castle

c 1170 Robert Courtenay Baron Okehampton born to Renaud Courtenay Baron Okehampton and Hawise Courcy


1478 William Pole born to John Pole


Powderham Castle

1391 Philip Courtenay [36] granted

Powderham Church

a 23 Jun 1630 William Courtenay 3rd Earl Devon [77] buried


24 Jun 1386 John Holland 1st Duke Exeter [34] married Elizabeth Lancaster

02 Oct 1501 Catherine of Aragon Trastámara of Aragon Queen Consort England [16] landed


c 1246 Robert Lisle born to Robert Lisle and Alice Fitzgerald


c Aug 1392 William 1st Baron Bonville born to John Bonville and Elizabeth Fitzroger

1534 William Pole [56] died

John Pole died


Woolbrook Cottage

23 Jan 1820 Edward Hanover 1st Duke Kent and Strathearn [53] died


South Towlon

c 1160 Constance Beaumont-Sarthe born to Richard Beaumont-Sarthe I Viscount of Beaumont-le-Vicomte and Lucie D Aigle


1296 Eudes Zouche [66] died



04 Oct 1497 Henry VII King England and Ireland [40] received the surrender of the Cornish Army

a 04 Oct 1497 Perkin Warbreck [23] imprisoned

Tavistock Abbey

c 1017 Eadwig "Ætheling" Wessex buried