Battle of Losecoat Field (Empingham): Lancaster 12 Mar 1470

Robert Welles 8th Baron Willoughby Eresby captured

Battle of Losecoat Field (Empingham): York 12 Mar 1470

Edward IV King England [28]


Church of St Peter and St Paul

1682 Baptist Noel 3rd Viscount Campden [71] buried

a 28 Jul 1690 Baptist Noel [32] buried

Exton Hall

1611 Baptist Noel 3rd Viscount Campden born


18 Oct 1314 Giles 2nd Baron Badlesmere born to Bartholomew 1st Baron Badlesmere and Margaret Clare


1197 Aliva Quincy born to Saer Quincy 1st Earl Winchester and Margaret Beaumont-Roger

1197 Hugh Despencer born to Thomas Despencer and Recuara Harcourt

1254 Philip Despencer born to Hugh 1st Baron Despencer and Aline Bassett

1358 Anne Despencer born to Edward 1st Baron Despencer and Elizabeth Burghesh


24 Mar 1335 Edward 1st Baron Despencer born to Edward Despencer and Anne Ferrers