Old Manor

a 31 Jan 1547 Catherine Parr Queen Consort England [35] resided


30 Apr 1290 Gilbert "Red Earl" Clare 6th Earl Hertford, 7th Earl Gloucester [47] married Joan of Acre Plantagenet

22 Sep 1629 Robert Radclyffe 5th Earl Sussex [56] died

Farringdon Road

Fleet Prison

a 19 Aug 1565 Thomas Keyes [41] imprisoned for having married Mary Grey without the Queen's permission

c Feb 1621 Francis Norreys 1st Earl Berkshire [42] imprisoned for attacking Emanuel Scrope 1st Earl Sunderland in front of the House of Lords in the presence the future Charles I King England and Ireland

Fleet Street

Dorset House

27 Feb 1609 Robert Sackville 2nd Earl Dorset [48] died

16 Sep 1622 Richard Sackville 5th Earl Dorset born to Edward Sackville 4th Earl Dorset and Mary Curzon

28 Mar 1624 Richard Sackville 3rd Earl Dorset [35] died

George Croke's House

06 Aug 1605 Bulstrode Whitelock Lord Keeper of the Great Seal born to James Whitelock and Elizabeth Bulstrode

St Dunstan in the West

19 Aug 1605 Bulstrode Whitelock Lord Keeper of the Great Seal [0] baptised

St John's Church

08 Jan 1847 George Hanover 2nd Duke Cambridge [28] married Sarah Fairbrother



Geoffrey Saye held land




03 Jul 1536 John Vere 16th Earl Oxford [20] married Dorothy Neville


Blackfriars Church

b 05 May 1243 Hubert Burgh 1st Earl Kent [73] buried

c 1259 Margaret Dunkeld [66] buried

18 Jun 1356 Elizabeth Badlesmere [43] died

a 29 Jun 1497 James Tuchet 7th Baron Audley [34] buried

1512 William Parr 1st Marquess Northampton born to Thomas Parr and Maud Green

Gray's Inn

29 Feb 1588 Henry Wriothesley 3rd Earl Southampton [15] admitted

02 Feb 1589 Thomas Berkeley [14] commenced studies

20 Apr 1597 Oliver St John 1st Earl Bolingbroke [17] admitted

Henry Hastings 5th Earl Huntingdon educated

St Giles' Field

Babington Plot: Executions 20 Sep 1586

Chideock Tichbourne [24] hung, drawn and quartered

Thomas Salisbury [22] hung, drawn and quartered

Henry Donn hung, drawn and quartered

John Ballard hung, drawn and quartered

Anthony Babington [25] hung, drawn and quartered


a 12 Feb 1383 John Mowbray 1st Earl Nottingham [18] buried


St Mary's Church

Cecil Chapel

a 16 Nov 1638 Edward Cecil 1st Viscount Wimbledon [66] buried