16 September 2018 - St Andrew's Church, Wingfield, Suffolk

John Wingfield 1320-1361

Camail and Jupon Period. He a veteran of the Battle of Crecy.

John Pole 2nd Duke Suffolk 1442-1492 and Elizabeth York 2nd Duchess Suffolk 1444-1503

A finely made Fluted Period alabaster monument. Both wearing their ducal coronets. He wearing a Leg Garter.

His head resting on a great helm with Saracen's Head Crest, feet resting on a Lion.

Michael Pole 2nd Earl Suffolk 1361-1415 and Katherine Stafford 1376-1419

Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. He died during the Siege of Harfleur. His eldest son Michael Pole 3rd Earl Suffolk 1394-1415 died a month later at the Battle of Agincourt.