18 Aug 2018 - Church of Mary Magdalen, Sherborne, Gloucestershire


A remarkable church adjacent to the former home of the Baron's Sherborne; now apartments. Full of fascinating scultpture from some of the best known: Westmacott Snr, Rysbrack, Theed amog others.

Monument to James Lenox Dutton 1713-1776 and his second wife Jane Bond -1776

Sculpted by Richard Westmacott I 1747-1808 in 1791.

Remarkble for the quality of the carving and the stone (probably Carrar Marble) and the skeleton.

Believed to be called "Immotality trampling Death".

Monument to John 2nd Baronet Dutton 1683-1743

Sculpted by John Michael Rysbrack 1694-1770.

Monument to James Dutton 1st Baron Sherborne 1744-1820

Sculpted by William Theed 1804-1891.

Monument to John Dutton 1594-1657

Sculpted by Burman.

Monuments to Ralph Heneage Dutton 1821-1892 and Isabella Mansfield 1824-1895

Monument to Anne Constance Dutton 1816-1858

Sculpted by Thomas Gaffin 1819-1869.

Monument to Elizabeth Howard 1803-1845

Sculpted by William Theed 1804-1891.

Monument to Charles Dutton 1842-1909

Monument to Emily Theresa Stern 1846-1905 and Edward Lenox Dutton 4th Baron Sherborne 1831-1919

Monument to Thomas Dutton 1507-1581, William Dutton 1537-1618, Anne Nicholas and Thomas Dutton -1610

Monument to John Dutton 2nd Baron Sherborne 1779-1862 and Mary Bilson Legge -1864