28 July 2018 - Church of St John The Baptist, Kinlet, Shropshire

Monument to Humphrey Blount 1421-1477 and Elizabeth Winnington

Gardner Early Tudor 1485-1530 Period.

He wearing a Yorkist livery collar. She wearing a fine butterfly headress with large flap as also detailed in the weepers. Finely made folds at the foot of her dress with dog nipping at the folds on the left.

Monument to John Blount 1469-1531 and Catherine Peshall

Gardner Post-Reformation 1530- Period.

Livery collar SS Lancastrian. Long bobbed ghair, no facial hair. Bare hands; gauntlets at the right side of the legs.

She wearing a short pediment or gable hood.

Chest tomb somewhat of the wrong period ie Renaissance suggesting this may be a replacement effigy, or re-used.

Probably carved by Richard Parker.