02 June 2018 - Church of St Barlok, Norbury Church, Derbyshire

Monument to Nicholas Fitzherbert 1400-1473

Yorkist or Wars of the Roses or Fluted 1440-1485 Period. Chellaston alabaster.

Collar of York suns and Tudor roses. Helm with a clenched fist crest unusually left handed and extended mantling.

Fine set of weepers. Two wives shown on one end.

Monument to Ralph Fitzherbert 1428-1484 and Elizabeth Marshall 1437-1490

Finely made in Chellaston alabaster of Period 5 Early Tudor 1484-1530

His effigy notable for being the only remaining with the boar of Richard III on his Yorkist suns collar. Bobbed hair with finely detailed ringlets. No facial hair. Head resting on a mantled tournament helm with right handed clenched fist crest; Fitzherbert. Feet resting on a lion with a beadsman beneath the right foot.

She wearing the butterfly headdress with a tight collar with an 'agnes dei' (lamb of God) pendant.

The chest finely made with weepers on the three extant sides. On one side five single men (a knight, a monk, two merchants and one unknown), and one couple. On the other side women, four single, two duos.

Ralph and Elizabeth had twelve children, six male, six female so probable the weepers represent their children, possibly with spouses, possibly with offspring since in the two females duos there is a noticeable difference in height.

The only extant example of the boar pendant, the boar being the emblem of the House of York, York being Ebor in Latin.

Fine sabbatons, the armoured feet, with spurs. Note the beadsman under the right foot. Unlikely the sculptor had ever seen a lion.

The Fitzherbert crest of a clenched fist.

A finely carved buttefly headress.

A finely carved collar with mother and child pendant.

Excellent weepers on all sides, probably their issue, possibly with grandchildren, on the longer sides since they had six boys and six girls.