02 June 2018 - St Chad's Church, Longford, Derbyshire

Monument to Nicholas II Longford 1334-1373

Camail and Jupon Period

Monument to Nicholas III Longford 1351-1401

Camail and Jupon Period

Curious helm crest which at first sight appears to be surmounted with three mushrooms but on closer inspection are rounded plumes of feathers; the Longford crest.

Monument to Ralph Longford 1400-1432

Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Lancastrian SS Collar.

Arse Girdle

Monument to Nicholas Longford 1532-1610

Elizabethan Period

Monument to Anne Amelia Keppel 1803-1844

Monument to Thomas Coke 1st Earl Leicester 1754-1842