02 Feb 2018 - Willoughby Chapel, St James' Church, Spilsby, Lincolnshire

Monument to John 2nd Baron Willoughby Eresby 1303-1349 and his wife Joan Roscelyn

Camail and Jupon Period

John 2nd Baron Willoughby Eresby fought at the Battle of Crecy in 1346. Transitional armour ie between mail and plate. Interesting details at the shoulder and elbow joints. The Willoughby cross on the sword belt and shield.

Monument to John 3rd Baron Willoughby Eresby 1323-1372

Camail and Jupon Period

Monument to Robert 4th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1349-1396 and his third wife Elizabeth 5th Baroness Latimer Corby 1357-1395

Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period

Remarkable helm on which the Baron's head rests. The effigy of a bearded man, possibly generic. The presence of a coronet or crown may suggest the face is that of Edward III King England 1312-1377 in whose reign Robert died. Excellent orle around the Baron's bascinet.

Monument to Catherine 12th Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1519-1580 and Richard Bertie 12th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1516-1582

Elizabethan Period

Catherine married, firstly, Charles Brandon 1st Duke Suffolk 1484-1545, as his fifth wife, who had purchased her wardship from Henry VIII King England and Ireland 1491-1547 following the death of her father. He, Brandon, was forty-five, she fourteen. Their two two sons, Henry and Charles, died of the sweating sickness aged sixteen and fourteen on 14 Jul 1551.

She subsequently married Richard Bertie with whom she was eventually buried.

Monument to Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1555-1601 and his daughter Catherine

Elizabethan Period

Peregrine, born in Germany, named for his parents peregrinations through Europe to avoid the relegious persecution of Mary I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558.