Biography and Ancestry of Charles Stewart 2nd Duke Grafton (1683-1757)


Paternal Family Tree


Grandson Charles II King England and Ireland


25 Oct 1683 born

09 Oct 1690 [7] succeeded 2nd Duke Grafton (1C 1675)

30 Apr 1713 [30] married Henrietta Somerset

20 Oct 1714 [31] appointed at Coronation George ILord High Steward

1715 [32] appointed Privy Council

1720-1724 appointed Lord Lieutenant Ireland

1721 [38] appointed 537th Knight Garter: George I

06 May 1757 [74] died


Mother: Henrietta Somerset (11G GD Edward III)

Charles Henry Stewart 13 Apr 1714 [Father: 30] [Mother: 23]

George Stewart 24 Aug 1715 [Father: 31] [Mother: 24]

Augustus Stewart 16 Oct 1716 [Father: 32] [Mother: 26]

Charles Stewart 23 Apr 1718 [Father: 34] [Mother: 27]

Caroline Stewart 08 Apr 1722 [Father: 38] [Mother: 31]

Harriet Stewart 08 Jun 1723 [Father: 39] [Mother: 32]

Isabella Stewart 1726 [Father: 42] [Mother: 35]

Charles Stewart


Father: Henry Stewart 1st Duke Grafton (S Charles II and Ireland)

Grandfather: Charles II King England and Ireland

1G Grandfather: Charles I King England and Ireland

2G Grandfather: James VI King Scotland, I King England and Ireland

3G Grandfather: Henry "Lord Darnley" Stewart (1G GS Henry VII and Ireland)

3G Grandmother: Mary "Queen of Scots" I Queen Scotland (1G GD Henry VII and Ireland)

2G Grandmother: Anne of Denmark Unknown

1G Grandmother: Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England (8G GD Edward III)

2G Grandfather: Henry IV King France (7G GS Edward III)

3G Grandfather: Antoine King Navarre (6G GS Edward III)

3G Grandmother: Jeanne III Queen Navarre (8G GD Henry III)

2G Grandmother: Marie Medici

Grandmother: Barbara Villiers 1st Duchess Cleveland (13G GD Edward I)

1G Grandfather: William Villiers 2nd Viscount Grandison (12G GS Edward I)

2G Grandfather: Edward Villiers

3G Grandfather: George Villiers

3G Grandmother: Audrey Saunders

2G Grandmother: Barbara St John (11G GD Edward I)

3G Grandfather: John St John (10G GS Edward I)

3G Grandmother: Lucy Hungerford

1G Grandmother: Mary Bayning

Mother: Isabella Bennett