Paternal Family Tree: Hauteville


1131 born to Roger II King Sicily 1095-1154 and Elvira Alfónsez Jiménez 1079-1157

succeeded I King Sicily

married Margaret Navarre

07 May 1166 [35] died


Mother: Margaret Navarre

Roger Hauteville IV Duke Apulia 1152-1161 [Father: 21]

Robert Hauteville Prince Capua 1153-1160 [Father: 22]

William Good II King Sicily 1155-1189 [Father: 24]

Henry Hauteville Prince Capua 1158-1172 [Father: 27]


Father: Roger II King Sicily

GrandFather: Roger I King Sicily

GrandMother: Adelaida Vasto

Mother: Elvira Alfónsez Jiménez

GrandFather: Alfonso "Brave" VI King Leon, VI King Castile

2G GrandFather: Ferdinand "Great" I King Leon

3G GrandFather: Sancho "Great" III King Pamplona

4G GrandFather: García Sánchez "Tremulous" II King Pamplona

4G GrandMother: Jimena Fernández Bermúdez

3G GrandMother: Muniadona García

4G GrandFather: Sancho García of Castile

2G GrandMother: Sancha Astur-leonese

3G GrandFather: Alfonso "Noble" V King Leon

4G GrandFather: Bermudo "Gouty" II King Galacia, II King Leon

4G GrandMother: Elviro Garcia Unknown

3G GrandMother: Elvira González

4G GrandFather: Menendo González

GrandMother: Jimena Muñoz