Paternal Family Tree: Courtenay


Grandson Edward IV King England

6G Grandson Philip "Fair" IV King France

14G Grandson Edmund "Ironside" I King England


c 1496 born to William Courtenay 1st Earl Devon 1475-1511 and Catherine York 1479-1527

Feb 1511 [15] took part at Birth and Death of Prince Henry: Tournament: Challengers at Westminster as Bon Vouloir.

09 Jun 1511 [15] succeeded 2nd Earl Devon (4C 1511)

a Jun 1515 [19] married Elizabeth Grey 3rd Viscountess Lisle

25 Oct 1519 [23] married Gertrude Blount

1521 [25] was appointed 278th Knight Garter: Henry VIII

18 Jun 1525 [29] was created at Knighting of Henry Fitzroy at Bridewell Palace 1st Marquess Exeter (1C 1525)

10 Sep 1533 [37] carried at Christening of Elizabeth I at Palace of Placentia a taper of virgin wax.

15 Oct 1537 [41] supported at Christening Edward VI at Chapel Royal his wife the Gertrude Blount.

02 May 1536 [40] juror at Anne Boleyn: Trial: Jurors at King's Hall

12 Nov 1537 [41] attended at Funeral of Jane Seymour at St Georges Chapel

09 Jan 1539 [43] was beheaded at Exeter Conspiracy: Executed at Tower Hill


Mother: Gertrude Blount (9G GD John I)

Henry Courtenay 1527- [Father: 30] [Mother: 23]

Edward Courtenay 1st Earl Devon 1527-1556 [Father: 31] [Mother: 23]


Father: William Courtenay 1st Earl Devon (5G GS Edward I)

GrandFather: Edward Courtenay 1st Earl Devon (4G GS Edward I)

2G GrandFather: Hugh Courtenay (3G GS Edward I)

3G GrandFather: Hugh Courtenay (2G GS Edward I)

4G GrandFather: Edward Courtenay (1G GS Edward I)

2G GrandMother: Margaret Carminow

Mother: Catherine York (D Edward IV)

GrandFather: Edward IV King England (2G GS Edward III)

2G GrandFather: Richard York 3rd Duke York (1G GS Edward III)

3G GrandFather: Richard of Conisburgh York 1st Earl Cambridge (GS Edward III)

4G GrandFather: Edmund of Langley York 1st Duke York (S Edward III)

4G GrandMother: Isabella Ivrea (6G GD Henry II)

3G GrandMother: Anne Mortimer (2G GD Edward III)

4G GrandFather: Roger Mortimer 4th Earl March, 6th Earl Ulster (1G GS Edward III)

4G GrandMother: Eleanor Holland (2G GD Edward I)

2G GrandMother: Cecily "Rose Neville of Raby" (1G GD Edward III)

3G GrandFather: Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland (5G GS Henry II)

4G GrandFather: John Neville 3rd Baron Neville Raby (4G GS Henry II)

4G GrandMother: Maud Percy (6G GD John I)

3G GrandMother: Joan Beaufort (GD Edward III)

4G GrandFather: John of Gaunt Lancaster 1st Duke Lancaster (S Edward III)

4G GrandMother: Katherine Roet

GrandMother: Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England (6G GD Henry III)

2G GrandFather: Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers

3G GrandFather: Richard Woodville Chamberlain to the Duke of Bedford

4G GrandFather: John Woodville

3G GrandMother: Joan Bittelsgate

4G GrandFather: Thomas Bittelsgate

2G GrandMother: Jacquetta Luxembourg (5G GD Henry III)

3G GrandFather: Peter Luxembourg I Count Saint-Pol (4G GS Henry III)

4G GrandFather: John Luxembourg (3G GS Henry III)

4G GrandMother: Margaret Brienne

3G GrandMother: Margherita Baux (5G GD John I)

4G GrandFather: Francesco Baux 1st Duke Andria

4G GrandMother: Sueva Orsini (4G GD John I)