Descent French Royalty: 10G Granddaughter Charles "Beloved, Mad" VI King France


On 14 May 1724 Dorothy Boyle 1724-1742 was born to Richard Boyle 3rd Earl Burlington 1694-1753 (30) and Dorothy Savile 1699-1758 (25)

Around 1740. George Knapton 1698-1778 (42) . Portrait of Dorothy Boyle 1724-1742 (15) .

On 10 Oct 1741 George Fitzroy 1715-1747 (26) and Dorothy Boyle 1724-1742 (17) were married.

On 02 May 1742 Dorothy Boyle 1724-1742 (17) died.


Father: Richard Boyle 3rd Earl Burlington 1694-1753

GrandFather: Charles Boyle 2nd Earl Burlington 1668-1704

1G GrandFather: Charles Boyle 3rd Baron Clifford 1639-1694

2G GrandFather: Richard Boyle 2nd Earl Cork, 1st Earl Burlington 1612-1698

3G GrandFather: Richard Boyle 1st Earl Cork 1566-1643

3G GrandMother: Catherine Fenton

4G GrandFather: Geoffrey Fenton 1539-1608

2G GrandMother: Elizabeth Clifford 2nd Baroness Clifford 1613-1691

3G GrandFather: Henry Clifford 5th Earl Cumberland 1581-1643

4G GrandFather: Francis Clifford 4th Earl Cumberland 1559-1641

4G GrandMother: Grisold Hughes

3G GrandMother: Frances Cecil 1593-1644

4G GrandFather: Robert Cecil 1st Earl Salisbury 1563-1612

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Brooke 1562-1597

1G GrandMother: Jane Seymour 1637-1679

2G GrandFather: William Seymour 2nd Duke Somerset 1588-1660

3G GrandFather: Edward Seymour 1561-1612

4G GrandFather: Edward Seymour 1st Earl Hertford 1539-1621

4G GrandMother: Catherine Grey 1540-1568

3G GrandMother: Honora Rogers

2G GrandMother: Frances Devereux

3G GrandFather: Walter Devereux 1st Earl Essex 1541-1576

4G GrandFather: Richard Devereux 1513-1547

4G GrandMother: Dorothy Hastings

3G GrandMother: Lettice Knollys 1543-1634

4G GrandFather: Francis Knollys 1512-1596

4G GrandMother: Catherine Carey 1524-1569

GrandMother: Juliana Noel 1672-1750

1G GrandFather: Henry Noel 1642-1677

2G GrandFather: Baptist Noel 3rd Viscount Campden 1611-1683

3G GrandFather: Edward Noel 2nd Viscount Campden 1582-1643

4G GrandFather: Andrew Noel 1558-1607

4G GrandMother: Mabel Harrington

3G GrandMother: Juliana Hicks 2nd Viscountess Campden

4G GrandFather: Baptist Hicks 1st Viscount Campden -1629

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth May

2G GrandMother: Hester Wotton 1615-1646

3G GrandFather: Thomas Wotton 2nd Baron Wotton 1587-1630

Mother: Dorothy Savile 1699-1758

GrandFather: William Savile 2nd Marquess Halifax 1665-1700

1G GrandFather: George Savile 1st Marquess Halifax 1633-1695

2G GrandFather: William Savile 3rd Baronet Savile 1612-1644

2G GrandMother: Anne Coventry

3G GrandFather: Thomas Coventry 1st Baron Coventry 1578-1640

4G GrandFather: Thomas Coventry

1G GrandMother: Dorothy Spencer 1640-1670

2G GrandFather: Henry Spencer 1st Earl Sunderland 1620-1643

3G GrandFather: William Spencer 2nd Baron Spencer Wormleighton 1591-1636

4G GrandFather: Robert Spencer 1st Baron Spencer Wormleighton 1570-1627

4G GrandMother: Margaret Willoughby 1566-1597

3G GrandMother: Penelope Wriothesley

4G GrandFather: Henry Wriothesley 3rd Earl Southampton 1573-1624

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Vernon 1572-1655

2G GrandMother: Dorothy Sidney 1617-1683

3G GrandFather: Robert Sidney 2nd Earl Leicester 1595-1677

4G GrandFather: Robert Sidney 1st Earl Leicester 1563-1626

4G GrandMother: Barbara Gamage 1563-1621

3G GrandMother: Dorothy Percy 1598-1659

4G GrandFather: Henry "Wizard Earl" Percy 9th Earl Northumberland 1564-1632

4G GrandMother: Dorothy Devereux 1564-1619

GrandMother: Mary Finch 1677-

1G GrandFather: Daniel Finch 2nd Earl Nottingham, 7th Earl Winchelsea 1647-1730

2G GrandFather: Heneage Finch 1st Earl Nottingham 1621-1682

3G GrandFather: Heneage Finch 1580-1631

4G GrandFather: Moyle Finch 1st Baronet Eastwell 1550-1614

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Heneage 1st Countess Winchelsea 1556-1634

2G GrandMother: Elizabeth Harvey

1G GrandMother: Essex Rich 2nd Countess Nottingham 1652-1684

2G GrandFather: Robert Rich 3rd Earl Warwick 1611-1659

3G GrandFather: Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick 1587-1658

4G GrandFather: Robert Rich 1st Earl Warwick 1559-1619

4G GrandMother: Penelope Devereux 1563-1607

3G GrandMother: Frances Hatton 1590-1623

4G GrandFather: William Hatton 1560-1597

2G GrandMother: Anne Cheeke

3G GrandFather: Thomas Cheeke 1570-1659

3G GrandMother: Essex Rich

4G GrandFather: Robert Rich 1st Earl Warwick 1559-1619

4G GrandMother: Penelope Devereux 1563-1607