Biography of Anna Leeke


After 1471. St Leonard's Church, Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. Monument to Richard Willoughby -1471 and Anna Leeke. Excellent brass with Cadaver underneath. The arms being, left to right, Willoughy (Bugge), Willoughby (Bugge) impaled with Leeke (Wife Anna Leeke, Willoughby (Bugge) impaled with Foljambe (Mother Isabel Foljambe 1395-1417), Willoughby (Bugge) impaled with Annesley (Paternal Grandmother).

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Richard Willoughby -1471 and Anna Leeke were married

Anna Leeke was born to Simon Leeke -1467

Anna Leeke was buried at St Leonard's Church, Wollaton, Nottinghamshire


Father: Simon Leeke -1467