Biography of Joseph Gott 1785-1860


Around 1785 Joseph Gott 1785-1860 was born

After 1820. Monument to the Daughters of Hugh Percy 2nd Duke Northumberland 1742-1817 in Church of St John the Baptist, Stanwick, Yorkshire. Sculpted by Joseph Gott 1785-1860.

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In 1860 Joseph Gott 1785-1860 (75) died

Edward Hawkins Cheney 1778-1848 of the Royal Scots Greys fighting at Waterloo. His horse shot, collapsing; one of four he rode into battle. He survived the battle dying in 1845.
The frieze below the sculpture depicts Sergeant Ewart, related to Cheney by marriage, seizing the French Eagle Standard.
Sculpted by Joseph Gott 1785-1860 who apprenticed to John Flaxman between 1798 and 1802. In 1822 Gott travelled to Rome and met Canova.

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Joseph Gott 1785-1860