Biography of Alexander Giffard -1262


In 1248 Alexander Giffard -1262 took part during the Seventh Crusade

On 08 Feb 1250 Alexander Giffard -1262 fought at Mansoura during the Battle of Mansoura

In 1262 Alexander Giffard -1262 died or was possibly killed at Mansoura

After 1262. St Mary's Church, Boyton, Wiltshire. Monument to Alexander Giffard -1262. Believed to represent Alexander Giffard; possibly his father Hugh Giffard 1195-1246. Early Medieval effigy. Alexander fought on the seventh crusade and may possibly have died at the Battle of Mansoura in 1250. The effigy notable for the Otter at his feet, biting his sword, and for the arms on the shield being those of Giffard: Gules background, Argent differenced with a label five points across the chief indicating the son, possibly grandson, of the current owner of the arms.

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Alexander Giffard -1262 was born to Hugh Giffard 1195-1246 and Sibyl Cormeilles 1193-


Father: Hugh Giffard 1195-1246

GrandFather: Walter Giffard 1133-1226

1G GrandFather: Elias "The Boy" Giffard 1100-1159

2G GrandFather: Elias Giffard 1060-1130

3G GrandFather: Osberne Giffard 1020-1085

4G GrandFather: Osberne de Bolbec Giffard 945-1035

4G GrandMother: Avelina Unknown

Mother: Sibyl Cormeilles 1193-

GrandFather: Walter Cormeilles