Biography of Mary Darby 1757-1800


On 27 Nov 1757 Mary Darby 1757-1800 was born to Nicholas Darby

Before 1800. John Hoppner 1758-1810 (attributed). Portrait of Mary Darby 1757-1800 as Perdita.


On 26 Dec 1800 Mary Darby 1757-1800 (43) gained popularity when she played the role of Perdita in Florizel and Perdita, an adaptation of Shakespeare. It was during this performance that she attracted the notice of the young Prince of Wales, the future George Hanover 1762-1830 (38) . At this time Amy "Emma Hart Lady Hamilton" Lyon 1765-1815 (35) sometimes worked as her maid and dresser at the theatre.

On 26 Dec 1800 Mary Darby 1757-1800 (43) died


Father: Nicholas Darby