Biography of Anne Campbell Countess Strafford 1715-1785


Around 1715 Anne Campbell Countess Strafford 1715-1785 was born to John Campbell 2nd Duke Argyll 1680-1743 (34)

In 1741 William Wentworth 2nd Earl Strafford 1722-1791 (18) and Anne Campbell Countess Strafford 1715-1785 (26) were married. Anne Campbell Countess Strafford 1715-1785 (26) by marriage Earl Strafford (2C 1711).

Around 1758 Joshua Reynolds 1723-1788 (34) . Portrait of Anne Campbell Countess Strafford 1715-1785 (43) .


In 1785 Anne Campbell Countess Strafford 1715-1785 (70) died


Father: John Campbell 2nd Duke Argyll 1680-1743

GrandFather: Archibald Campbell 1st Duke Argyll 1658-1703

1G GrandFather: Archibald Campbell 9th Earl Argyll 1629-1685

2G GrandFather: Archibald Campbell 1st Marquess Argyll 1607-1661

3G GrandFather: Archibald Campbell 7th Earl Argyll 1575-1638

4G GrandFather: Colin Campbell 6th Earl Argyll 1544-1584

4G GrandMother: Agnes Keith Countess Moray, Countess Argyll

3G GrandMother: Agnes Douglas Countess Argyll 1574-1607

4G GrandFather: William Douglas 6th Earl Morton 1540-1606

4G GrandMother: Agnes Leslie Countess Morton 1542-

2G GrandMother: Margaret Douglas Marchioness Argyll 1610-1678

3G GrandFather: William Douglas 7th Earl Morton 1582-1648

4G GrandFather: Robert Douglas -1585

4G GrandMother: Jean Lyon

3G GrandMother: Anne Keith Countess Morton

4G GrandFather: George Keith 5th Earl Marischal

1G GrandMother: Mary Stewart Countess Argyll 1628-1668

2G GrandFather: James Stewart 4th Earl Moray 1611-1653

3G GrandFather: James Stewart 3rd Earl Moray 1590-1638

4G GrandFather: James "The Bonnie Earl" Stewart 2nd Earl Moray 1565-1592

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Stewart 2nd Countess Moray 1565-1591

3G GrandMother: Anne Gordon Countess Moray

4G GrandFather: George Gordon 1st Marquess Huntly 1562-1636

4G GrandMother: Henrietta Stewart Marchioness Huntly 1573-1642

2G GrandMother: Margaret Home Countess Moray

3G GrandFather: Alexander Home 1st Earl Home 1566-1619

4G GrandFather: Alexander Home 5th Lord Home 1535-1575

3G GrandMother: Mary Dudley Countess Home 1586-1645

4G GrandFather: Edward Dudley 5th Baron Dudley 1567-1643

4G GrandMother: Theodosia Harrington Baroness Dudley

GrandMother: Elizabeth Tollemache Duchess Argyll 1659-1735

1G GrandFather: Lionel Tollemache 3rd Baronet Talmash 1624-1669

2G GrandFather: Lionel Tollemache 2nd Baronet Talmash 1591-1640

3G GrandFather: Lionel Tollemache 1st Baronet Talmash 1562-1621

3G GrandMother: Katherine Cromwell 1562-1620

4G GrandFather: Henry Cromwell 2nd Baron Cromwell Oakham 1538-1592

4G GrandMother: Mary Paulett Baroness Cromwell Oakham

2G GrandMother: Elizabeth Stanhope Baronetess Talmash

3G GrandFather: John Stanhope 1st Baron Stanhope 1549-1621

4G GrandFather: Michael Stanhope 1507-1552

4G GrandMother: Anne Rawson 1515-1588

3G GrandMother: Margaret Macwilliams Baroness Stanhope

4G GrandFather: Henry Macwilliams

1G GrandMother: Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale 1626-1698

2G GrandFather: William Murray 1st Earl Dysart 1600-1655