Biography of Hugh Calveley 1324-1394


Around 1324 Hugh Calveley 1324-1394 was born.

On 26 Mar 1351 thirty English and thirty French knights fought in an arranged battle at Guillac, Brittany known as Battle of the Thirty. Hugh Calveley 1324-1394 (27) fought, was captured and ransomed.

On 29 Sep 1364 Battle of Auray decided the Breton Succession in favour of John Montfort V Duke Brittany 1339-1399 (25) . The Breton and English army was commanded by John Chandos 1320-1369 (44) and included William Latimer 4th Baron Latimer Corby 1330-1381 (34) , Miles Stapleton 1320-1364 (44) and Hugh Calveley 1324-1394 (40) . Charles "Saint" Chatillon Duke Brittany 1319-1364 (45) was killed. Bertrand Geusclin 1320-1380 (44) surrendered. .

Around 1385 Hugh Calveley 1385-1433 was born to Hugh Calveley 1324-1394 (61) at Lea, Cheshire.

After 1394. St Boniface's Church, Bunbury, Cheshire. Monument to Hugh Calveley 1324-1394. Early Plate Period (Bascinet) Period. Finely carved Calf's Head on the breastplate representing Hugh Calveley's canting arms. Calf's Head Crest. Arse Girdle.

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On 23 Apr 1394 Hugh Calveley 1324-1394 (70) died.

After 23 Apr 1394 Hugh Calveley 1324-1394 was buried (probably) at St Boniface's Church, Bunbury, Cheshire.