Biography of John Bacon 1740-1799


On 24 Nov 1740 John Bacon 1740-1799 was born in Southwark, Surrey.

In 1785. Monument to John Bentley Ashley in Saint Leodegarius Church, Ashby St Ledgers, Northamptonshire. Sculpted by John Bacon 1740-1799 (44) . Standing wall monument with two large allegorical figures flanking the inscription. Above them is a sarcophagus on which is a Roman lamp on front of a black obelisk. Also to James Ashley -1798. Simple wall monument with urn and obelisk. Also to Jane Ashley died 13 Jun 1784 and by whose will the monument was erected.

_PHOTOS/20190826-Ashby_St_Ledgers_Northamptonshire/Ashby St Ledgers Northamptonshire 20190826-105313.jpg

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After 07 Dec 1788. Monument to Anne Cust 1771-1788 in St Peter and St Paul Church, Belton House, Belton, Grantham, Lincolnshire. Sculpted by John Bacon 1740-1799.

_PHOTOS/20190908-Belton House/Belton House 20190907-100802.jpg

_PHOTOS/20190908-Belton House/Belton House 20190907-100835.jpg

On 07 Aug 1799 John Bacon 1740-1799 (58) died in Southwark, Surrey.

After 1800. St Leonard's Church, Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. Monument to Henry Willoughby 5th Baron Middleton 1726-1800, Francis Willoughby 3rd Baron Middleton 1726-1774, Thomas Willoughby 4th Baron Middleton 1728-1781 and Dorothy Cartright Baroness Middleton. Sculpted by John Bacon 1740-1799.

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