Paternal Family Tree: Blois


4G Grandson William "Conqueror" I King England

2G Grandson Louis VII King Franks

10G Grandson Edward "Elder" King Anglo-Saxons


c 1239 born to Theobald IV King Navarre 1201-1253 and Margaret Bourbon

08 Jul 1253 [14] succeeded V Count Champagne

08 Jul 1253 [14] succeeded II King Navarre

04 Dec 1270 [31] died



Father: Theobald IV King Navarre (3G GS William I)

GrandFather: Theobald Blois (2G GS William I)

2G GrandFather: Henry Blois I Count Champagne (1G GS William I)

3G GrandFather: Theobald Blois II Count Champagne, IV Count Blois (GS William I)

4G GrandFather: Stephen Blois II Count Blois

4G GrandMother: Adela Normandy (D William I)

3G GrandMother: Matilda Carinthia

2G GrandMother: Marie Capet

3G GrandFather: Louis VII King Franks

4G GrandFather: Louis "Fat" VI King France

4G GrandMother: Adelaide Savoy

3G GrandMother: Eleanor of Aquitaine Poitiers Queen Consort France, Queen Consort England

4G GrandFather: William "Saint" Poitiers X Duke Aquitaine

4G GrandMother: Aenor Châtellerault

GrandMother: Blanche Ramirez

2G GrandFather: Sancho "Wise" Ramirez

3G GrandFather: García "Restorer" IV King Navarre

4G GrandFather: Ramiro Jiménez

4G GrandMother: Cristina Rodríguez Vivar

3G GrandMother: Marguerite Aigle

4G GrandFather: Gilbert Aigle Lord Aigle

4G GrandMother: Juliette du Perche Châteaudun

2G GrandMother: Sancha Ivrea

3G GrandFather: Alfonso VII King Castile, VII King Leon

4G GrandFather: Raymond Ivrea

4G GrandMother: Urracca "Reckless" Jiménez Queen Consort Leon

3G GrandMother: Berenguela Barcelona

4G GrandFather: Raymond Berenguer Barcelona III Count Barcelona

Mother: Margaret Bourbon