Paternal Family Tree


Great Grandson William "Conqueror" I King England


Dec 1127 born

1152 [25] succeeded I Count Champagne

1164 [37] married Marie Capet

16 Mar 1181 [54] died


Mother: Marie Capet (8G GD Alfred) [Fourth Cousin (Common Ancestors: Robert "Pious" II King France and Constance Arles of Arles)]

Scholastique Blois

Henry Blois II Count Champagne 29 Jul 1166 [Father: 38] [Mother: 21]

Marie Blois

Theobald Blois 13 May 1179 [Father: 51] [Mother: 34]


Father: Theobald Blois II Count Champagne, IV Count Blois (GS William I)

GrandFather: Stephen II Count Blois (6G GS Alfred)

2G GrandFather: Theobald III Count Blois (5G GS Alfred)

3G GrandFather: Odo II Count Blois (4G GS Alfred)

4G GrandFather: Odo I Count Blois

4G GrandMother: Bertha Welf (3G GD Alfred)

3G GrandMother: Ermengarde Auvernge

2G GrandMother: Gersenda Maine

3G GrandFather: Herbert "Wakedog" I Count Maine

4G GrandFather: Hugh III Count Maine

4G GrandMother: Unamed Penthièvre

GrandMother: Adela Normandy (D William I)

2G GrandFather: William "Conqueror" I King England ()

3G GrandFather: Robert "Magnificent" I Duke Normandy

4G GrandFather: Richard "Good" II Duke Normandy

4G GrandMother: Judith Penthièvre

3G GrandMother: Herleva Unknown

2G GrandMother: Matilda Flanders Queen Consort England (5G GD Alfred)

3G GrandFather: Baldwin "The Good" VI Count Flanders (4G GS Alfred)

4G GrandFather: Baldwin "Bearded" IV Count Flanders (3G GS Alfred)

4G GrandMother: Ogive Luxembourg-Ardennes

3G GrandMother: Adela Capet

4G GrandFather: Robert "Pious" II King France

4G GrandMother: Constance Arles of Arles

Mother: Matilda Carinthia