Paternal Family Tree


1524 born at Bedale

educated Magdalene College aka Buckingham

married Anne Girlington

06 Feb 1545 [21] admitted at Lincoln's Inn

c Jan 1550 [26] called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn

1562 [38] reader at Lincoln's Inn

1566 [42] treasurer at Lincoln's Inn

c Mar 1567 [43] reader at Lincoln's Inn

18 Jun 1567 [43] appointed at Lincoln's Inn Sargeant at Law

1571 [47] appointed Speaker of the House of Commons

08 Nov 1574 [50] appointed Chief Justice of the King's Bench

c Jul 1586 [62] passed sentence of death at Babington Plot

14 Oct 1586 [62] assessor to the tribunal at Trial of Mary Queen of Scots at Presence Chamber (Fotheringay Castle)

18 Apr 1589 [65] judge at Trial of Philip Earl of Arundel

07 May 1592 [68] died

buried at St Michael's Church


Mother: Anne Girlington

Isabel Wray

Frances Wray

William Wray 1st Baronet Glentworth 1555 [Father: 31]


Father: Thomas Wray

Mother: Joan Jackson

Grandfather: Robert Jackson