Paternal Family Tree: Wingfield


5G Grandson Edward "Longshanks" I King England

9G Grandson Louis VII King Franks

13G Grandson Edmund "Ironside" I King England


c 1469 born at Letheringham to John Wingfield 1428-1481 and Elizabeth Fitzlewis

24 Jan 1496 [27] married Catherine Woodville

1511 [42] was appointed Deputy of Calais

c 1513 [44] married Bridget Wiltshire

1522 [53] was appointed 280th Knight Garter: Henry VIII

1524 [55] was appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

22 Jul 1525 [56] died at Toledo

a 22 Jul 1525 [56] was buried at San Juan de los Reyes


Mother: Bridget Wiltshire

Charles Wingfield of Kimbolton Castle 1513-1540 [Father: 44]

Thomas Maria Wingfield of Stoneley Priory

Jacques Wingfield of Stone Castle 1519-1587 [Father: 50]

Henry Wingfield

Jane Wingfield

Mary Wingfield

Margaret Wingfield

Anne Wingfield

Elizabeth Wingfield

Catherine Wingfield


Father: John Wingfield (4G GS Edward I)

GrandFather: Robert Wingfield (10G GS Henry I)

2G GrandFather: Robert Wingfield (9G GS Henry I)

3G GrandFather: John Wingfield

4G GrandFather: Thomas Wingfield

3G GrandMother: Margaret Hastings (8G GD Henry I)

4G GrandFather: Hugh Hastings 6th Baron Hastings (7G GS Henry I)

4G GrandMother: Margaret Everingham

GrandMother: Elizabeth Goushill (3G GD Edward I)

2G GrandFather: Robert Goushill

2G GrandMother: Elizabeth Fitzalan (2G GD Edward I)

3G GrandFather: Richard Fitzalan 11th Earl Arundel, 9th Earl Surrey (2G GS Henry III)

4G GrandFather: Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl Arundel, 8th Earl Surrey (5G GS John I)

4G GrandMother: Eleanor Plantagenet (1G GD Henry III)

3G GrandMother: Elizabeth Bohun (1G GD Edward I)

4G GrandFather: William Bohun 1st Earl Northampton (GS Edward I)

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Badlesmere (6G GD Henry I)

Mother: Elizabeth Fitzlewis