Paternal Family Tree


4Great Granddaughter __Edward "Longshanks" I King England


c 1425 born

25 Jul 1452 [27] succeeded 7th Baron Willoughby Eresby

b 13 Feb 1462 [37] died


Father: Richard 7th Baron Welles

Fourth Cousin (Common Ancestors: William 2nd Baron Ros Helmsley and Margery Badlesmere)

Robert Welles 8th Baron Willoughby Eresby

Joan Welles 9th Baroness Willoughby Eresby


Father: Robert 6th Baron Willoughby Eresby

Grandfather: William 5th Baron Willoughby Eresby

1G Grandfather: Robert 4th Baron Willoughby Eresby

2G Grandfather: John 3rd Baron Willoughby Eresby

3G Grandfather: John 2nd Baron Willoughby Eresby

3G Grandmother: Joan Roscelyn

1G Grandmother: Margery Zouche

2G Grandfather: William 2nd Baron Zouche Harringworth

3G Grandfather: Eudo Zouche

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Ros

3G Grandfather: William 2nd Baron Ros Helmsley

3G Grandmother: Margery Badlesmere

Grandmother: Lucy Strange

1G Grandfather: Roger 5th Baron Strange Knockin

2G Grandfather: John 4th Baron Strange Knockin

3G Grandfather: John 3rd Baron Strange Knockin

3G Grandmother: Isolde Chaworth

2G Grandmother: Joan Ingham

3G Grandfather: Oliver Ingham

1G Grandmother: Aline Fitzalan

2G Grandfather: Edmund Fitzalan 9th Earl Arundel

3G Grandfather: Richard Fitzalan 8th Earl Arundel

3G Grandmother: Alice Saluzzo

2G Grandmother: Alice Warenne

3G Grandfather: William Warenne

3G Grandmother: Joan Vere

Mother: Elizabeth Montagu

Grandfather: John Montagu 3rd Earl Salisbury

1G Grandfather: John 1st Baron Montagu

2G Grandfather: William Montagu 1st Earl Salisbury

3G Grandfather: William 2nd Baron Montagu

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Montfort

2G Grandmother: Catherine Grandison

3G Grandfather: William 1st Baron Grandison

3G Grandmother: Sibylla Tregoz

1G Grandmother: Margaret Monthermer

2G Grandfather: Thomas 2nd Baron Monthermer

3G Grandfather: Ralph 1st Baron Monthermer

3G Grandmother: Joan of Acre Plantagenet

2G Grandmother: Margaret Brewes

3G Grandfather: Peter Brewes

Grandmother: Maud Francis