Paternal Family Tree: Willoughby


8G Granddaughter Edward "Longshanks" I King England

9G Granddaughter Philip "Bold" III King France


22 Mar 1519 born at Parham Old Hall

26 Mar 1519 [0] christened at Parham Old Hall

19 Oct 1526 [7] succeeded 12th Baron Willoughby Eresby

19 Oct 1526 [7] ward of Henry VIII King England and Ireland

01 Mar 1528 [9] ward of Charles Brandon 1st Duke Suffolk

21 Jul 1533 [14] chief mourner at Funeral of Mary Tudor at Bury St Edmund's Abbey

03 Jan 1540 [21] present at Anne of Cleves: Arrival at London at Blackheath

Mar 1549 [30] became guardian to Mary Seymour, daughter of Catherine Parr Queen Consort England and Thomas Seymour 1st Baron Seymour Sudeley

Aug 1567 [48] became custodian to Mary Grey, sister to Jane "Nine Day Queen" I Queen England and Ireland

19 Sep 1580 [61] died

buried at St James' Church


Father: Charles Brandon 1st Duke Suffolk (6G GS Edward I)

Henry Brandon 2nd Duke Suffolk 18 Sep 1535 [Mother:16] [Father:51]

Charles Brandon 3rd Duke Suffolk 1537 [Mother:17] [Father:53]

Father: Richard Bertie 12th Baron Willoughby Eresby

Susan Bertie 1554 [Mother:34] [Father:37]

Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby Eresby 12 Oct 1555 [Mother:36] [Father:38]


Father: William Willoughby 11th Baron Willoughby Eresby (7G GS Edward I)

GrandFather: Christopher Willoughby 10th Baron Willoughby Eresby (6G GS Edward I)

2G GrandFather: Robert Willoughby (8G GS John I)

3G GrandFather: Thomas Willoughby (7G GS John I)

4G GrandFather: William Willoughby 5th Baron Willoughby Eresby (9G GS Henry I)

4G GrandMother: Lucy Strange (6G GD John I)

3G GrandMother: Jane Fitzalan

2G GrandMother: Cecily Welles (5G GD Edward I)

3G GrandFather: Lionel Welles 6th Baron Welles (4G GS Edward I)

4G GrandFather: Eudo Welles (3G GS Edward I)

4G GrandMother: Maud Greystoke (6G GD John I)

3G GrandMother: Joan or Cecily Waterton

GrandMother: Margaret Jenney

2G GrandFather: William Jenney

Mother: Maria Salinas