Biography of Bridget Cromwell 1624-1662


In 1624 Bridget Cromwell 1624-1662 was born to Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector 1599-1658 (24) and Elizabeth Bourchier 1598-1665 (26)

Before 05 Aug 1661 Cornelius Johnson 1593-1661. Portrait of Bridget Cromwell 1624-1662.


In 1662 Bridget Cromwell 1624-1662 (38) died


Father: Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector 1599-1658

GrandFather: Robert Cromwell 1563-1617

1G GrandFather: Henry Cromwell 1535-

2G GrandFather: Richard Cromwell 1495-1544

3G GrandFather: Morgan Williams

3G GrandMother: Katherine Cromwell

4G GrandFather: Walter Cromwell 1453-1510

4G GrandMother: Katherine Glossop

2G GrandMother: Frances Mirfyn

1G GrandMother: Joan Warren

2G GrandFather: Ralph Warren

GrandMother: Elizabeth Steward 1565-1654

Mother: Elizabeth Bourchier 1598-1665

GrandFather: James Bourchier