Paternal Family Tree: Walsingham


c 1480 born to James Walsingham and Eleanor Writtle 1465-1540

13 Sep 1513 [33] knighted at Battle of Flodden: England at Branxton knighted by Thomas Howard 2nd Duke Norfolk

Jun 1520 [40] attended at Field of the Cloth of Gold at Balinghem

May 1521 [41] juror at Trial of the Duke of Buckingham at Tower of London

1521 [41] appointed Lieutenant Tower of London

b 1526 [46] married Katherine Gouter

a 01 Mar 1536 [56] married Anne Jerningham

1545 [65] elected Knight of the Shire: Surrey

09 Feb 1550 [70] died

buried at Scadbury Chapel


Mother: Katherine Gouter

Thomas Walsingham 1526-1584 [Father: 46] [Mother: 31]

George Walsingham

John Walsingham

Walter Walsingham

Mary Walsingham

Alice Walsingham

Eleanor Walsingham

Katherine Walsingham


Father: James Walsingham

Mother: Eleanor Writtle

GrandFather: Walter Writtle