Biography of Anne-Catherine Vernon


Paternal Family Tree: Vernon


In 1741. Enoch "The Younger" Seeman 1694-1744 (47) . Portrait of Anne-Catherine Vernon.


In 1749 Richard Lockwood 1712-1797 (37) and Anne-Catherine Vernon were married

Anne-Catherine Vernon was born to Henry Vernon 1686-1719


Father: Henry Vernon 1686-1719

GrandFather: George Vernon 1635-1702

1G GrandFather: Henry Vernon 1615-1658

2G GrandFather: Edward Vernon 1580-1657

3G GrandFather: Walter Vernon 1540-1592

4G GrandFather: Thomas Vernon 1522-1556

4G GrandMother: Eleanor Shirley 1528-1595

1G GrandMother: Muriel Vernon

2G GrandFather: George Vernon 1578-1639

3G GrandFather: Thomas Vernon 1537-1616

4G GrandFather: Robert Vernon 1510-1571

3G GrandMother: Dorothy Egerton 1545-

4G GrandFather: William Egerton 1505-1600

2G GrandMother: Jane Corbet 1586-

3G GrandFather: Richard Corbet 1564-1601

4G GrandFather: Reginald Corbet 1511-1566

GrandMother: Margaret Onely

1G GrandFather: Edward Onely