Paternal Family Tree: Tyrrell


c 1455 born to William Tyrrell 1408-1462 and Margaret Darcy

1469 [14] married Anne Arundell

04 May 1471 [16] was knighted at Battle of Tewkesbury: York by Edward IV

02 May 1502 [47] confessed at Trial of James Tyrrell at Guildhall to the murder of the Princes in the Tower

06 May 1502 [47] was executed at Trial of James Tyrrell

a 06 May 1502 [47] was buried at Austin Friars


Mother: Anne Arundell (6G GD Edward I)

Thomas Tyrrell -1551

James Tyrrell -1539

William Tyrrell

Anne Tyrrell


Father: William Tyrrell

GrandFather: John Tyrrell

2G GrandFather: Walter Tyrrell

3G GrandFather: Thomas Tyrrell

4G GrandFather: James Tyrrell

2G GrandMother: Eleanor Flambard

3G GrandFather: John or Edmund Flambard

Mother: Margaret Darcy