Paternal Family Tree: Townshend


1515 admitted at Lincoln's Inn

1526 was appointed Justice of the Peace: Norfolk

b 1534 married Alice Poppy

1540 was appointed Sarjeant at Law

1543 was appointed King's Sarjeant

b 21 May 1545 was appointed Justice Chester

21 May 1545 was knighted at Hampton Court Palace by Henry VIII King England and Ireland

1545 was appointed Chief Justice of the Marches of Wales and Chester

08 Feb 1556 died

a 08 Feb 1556 was buried at St Laurence's Church


Mother: Alice Poppy

Thomas Townshend 1534-1591

Robert Townshend 1535-1613

Henry Townshend 1537-1621

Isaac Townshend

Roger Townshend

John Townshend

Elizabeth Townshend

Alice Townshend -1607

Amey Townshend

Eleanor Townshend

Thomazin Townshend

Grace Townshend

Bridget Townshend


Father: Roger Townshend