Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Eleanor Poynings


5Great Grandson __Edward III King England


c 1498 born

18 Jun 1520 [22] married Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount

1522 [24] had a grant of at Rokeby

1526 [28] appointed High Sheriff Lincolnshire

1527 [29] appointed Gentleman of the King's Chamber

a 03 Nov 1529 [31] succeeded 1st Baron Tailboys of Kyme

30 Apr 1530 [32] died

buried at Church of St Mary and All Saints


Mother: Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount

Elizabeth 4th Baroness Tailboys of Kyme c 1520 [Father: 22] [Mother: 18]

George 2nd Baron Tailboys of Kyme c 1523 [Father: 25] [Mother: 21]

Robert 3rd Baron Tailboys of Kyme c 1528 [Father: 30] [Mother: 26]


Father: George Tailboys de jure 9th Baron Kyme

Grandfather: Robert Tailboys de jure 8th Baron Kyme

1G Grandfather: William Tailboys de jure 7th Baron Kyme

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Bonville

2G Grandfather: William 1st Baron Bonville

3G Grandfather: John Bonville

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Fitzroger

2G Grandmother: Margaret Grey

3G Grandfather: Reginald 3rd Baron Grey Ruthyn

3G Grandmother: Margaret Ros

Grandmother: Elizabeth Heron

1G Grandfather: John Heron

Mother: Elizabeth Gascoigne

Grandfather: William Gascoigne

1G Grandfather: William Gascoigne

2G Grandfather: William Gascoigne

3G Grandfather: William Gascoigne

2G Grandmother: Margaret Clarell

1G Grandmother: Joan Neville

2G Grandfather: John Neville

3G Grandfather: Ralph Neville

3G Grandmother: Mary or Margery Ferrers

Grandmother: Margaret Percy

1G Grandfather: Henry Percy 3rd Earl Northumberland

2G Grandfather: Henry Percy 2nd Earl Northumberland

3G Grandfather: Henry "Hotspur" Percy

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Mortimer

2G Grandmother: Eleanor Neville

3G Grandfather: Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland

3G Grandmother: Joan Beaufort

1G Grandmother: Eleanor Poynings