Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Eleanor Vitre


6Great Granddaughter __Edward III King England


c 1509 born at Wulf Hall

1536 [27] appointed Queen Consort England

24 Oct 1537 [28] childbirth at Hampton Court Palace

buried at Funeral of Jane Seymour at Henry VIII Vault


Father: Henry VIII King England and Ireland (S Henry VII and Ireland)

Edward VI King England and Ireland 12 Oct 1537 [Mother:28] [Father:46]


Father: John Seymour

Grandfather: John Seymour

1G Grandfather: John Seymour

2G Grandfather: John Seymour

3G Grandfather: Roger Seymour

3G Grandmother: Maud Esturney

2G Grandmother: Isabel Williams

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Coker

Grandmother: Elizabeth Darrell

Mother: Margery Wentworth

Grandfather: Henry Wentworth

1G Grandfather: Philip Wentworth

2G Grandfather: Roger Wentworth

3G Grandfather: John Wentworth

3G Grandmother: Agnes Dronsfield

2G Grandmother: Margery 3rd Baroness Despencer

3G Grandfather: Philip 2nd Baron Despencer

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Tiptoft

1G Grandmother: Mary Clifford

2G Grandfather: John 7th Baron Clifford

3G Grandfather: Thomas 6th Baron Clifford

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Ros

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Percy

3G Grandfather: Henry "Hotspur" Percy

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Mortimer

Grandmother: Anne Saye

1G Grandfather: John Saye

2G Grandfather: John Saye

3G Grandfather: John Saye

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Boteler

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Cheney

2G Grandfather: Lawrence Cheney

3G Grandfather: William Cheney

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Cockayne

3G Grandfather: John Cockayne Chief Baron of the Exchequer

3G Grandmother: Ida Grey