Paternal Family Tree


4Great Grandson Henry VII King England and Ireland


c 1621 born

appointed 2nd Baron Seymour Trowbridge

04 Aug 1632 [11] married Mary Smith

1654 [33] married Eizabeth Alington

25 Aug 1665 [44] died


Mother: Mary Smith

Frances Seymour

Mother: Eizabeth Alington (8G GD Edward III) [Fourth Cousin (Common Ancestors: Edward Stanhope and Elizabeth Bourchier)]

Francis Seymour 5th Duke Somerset 17 Jan 1658 [Father: 37] [Mother: 22]

Charles Seymour 6th Duke Somerset 12 Aug 1662 [Father: 41] [Mother: 26]


Father: Francis 1st Baron Seymour Trowbridge (3G GS Henry VII and Ireland)

GrandFather: Edward Seymour (2G GS Henry VII and Ireland)

2G GrandFather: Edward Seymour 1st Earl Hertford (5G GS Edward III)

3G GrandFather: Edward Seymour 1st Duke Somerset (6G GS Edward III)

4G GrandFather: John Seymour (14G GS Henry I)

4G GrandMother: Margery Wentworth (5G GD Edward III)

3G GrandMother: Anne Stanhope (4G GD Edward III)

4G GrandFather: Edward Stanhope

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Bourchier (3G GD Edward III)

2G GrandMother: Catherine Grey (1G GD Henry VII and Ireland)

3G GrandFather: Henry Grey 1st Duke Suffolk (5G GS Edward III)

4G GrandFather: Thomas Grey 2nd Marquess Dorset (4G GS Edward III)

4G GrandMother: Margaret Wotton 2nd Marchioness Dorset

3G GrandMother: Frances Brandon (GD Henry VII and Ireland)

4G GrandFather: Charles Brandon 1st Duke Suffolk (6G GS Edward I)

4G GrandMother: Mary Tudor Queen Consort France (D Henry VII and Ireland)

GrandMother: Honora Rogers

Mother: Frances Prinne