Paternal Family Tree


c 1495 born

01 Sep 1532 [37] present at Anne Boleyn: Investiture as Marquess of Pembroke at Windsor Castle

appointed Lady in Waiting: Anne Boleyn

appointed Lady in Waiting: Jane Seymour

appointed Lady in Waiting: Anne of Cleves

appointed Lady in Waiting: Catherine Howard

20 Sep 1543 [48] by marriage 1st Earl Rutland (3C 1525)

1551 [56] died

buried at St Mary the Virgin Church


Father: Thomas Manners 1st Earl Rutland (4G GS Edward III)

Henry Manners 2nd Earl Rutland 23 Sep 1526 [Mother:31] [Father:34]

John Manners c 1534 [Mother:39] [Father:42]

Gertrude Manners

Anne Manners

Frances Manners

Catherine Manners c 1510 [Mother:15] [Father:18]

Elizabeth Manners c 1530 [Mother:35] [Father:38]

Isabel Manners


Father: William Paston

Grandfather: John Paston

1G Grandfather: John Paston

2G Grandfather: William Paston

3G Grandfather: Clement Paston

3G Grandmother: Beatrice Somerton

2G Grandmother: Agnes Barry

3G Grandfather: Edmund Barry

1G Grandmother: Margaret Mautby

2G Grandfather: John Mautby

Grandmother: Margery Brewes

1G Grandfather: Thomas Brewes

Mother: Bridget Heydon

Grandfather: Henry Heydon