Paternal Family Tree: Parr

Maternal Family Tree: Joan Bittelsgate 1390-1448


5G Granddaughter Edward III King England

8G Granddaughter Philip "Bold" III King France

15G Granddaughter Edmund "Ironside" I King England


Aug 1512 born to Thomas Parr 1483-1517 and Maud Green 1492-1531

12 Jul 1543 [31] was crowned at Marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Parr at Hampton Court Palace Queen Consort England

a 31 Jan 1547 [35] resided at Old Manor

05 Sep 1548 [36] died in childbirth at Chapel


Father: Thomas Seymour 1st Baron Seymour Sudeley (6G GS Edward III)

Mary Seymour 1548-1550 [Mother:36] [Father:40]


Father: Thomas Parr (4G GS Edward III)

GrandFather: William Parr

2G GrandFather: Thomas Parr

3G GrandFather: John Parr

4G GrandFather: William Parr

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Ros

3G GrandMother: Agnes Crophill

2G GrandMother: Alice Tunstall

3G GrandFather: Thomas Tunstall

GrandMother: Elizabeth Fitzhugh (3G GD Edward III)

2G GrandFather: Henry Fitzhugh 5th Baron Fitzhugh (7G GS Henry II)

3G GrandFather: William Fitzhugh 4th Baron Fitzhugh (6G GS Henry II)

4G GrandFather: Henry Fitzhugh 3rd Baron Fitzhugh

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Grey (5G GD Henry II)

3G GrandMother: Margery Willoughby (7G GD John I)

4G GrandFather: William Willoughby 5th Baron Willoughby Eresby (9G GS Henry I)

4G GrandMother: Lucy Strange (6G GD John I)

2G GrandMother: Alice Neville (2G GD Edward III)

3G GrandFather: Richard Neville 5th Earl Salisbury (1G GS Edward III)

4G GrandFather: Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland (5G GS Henry II)

4G GrandMother: Joan Beaufort (GD Edward III)

3G GrandMother: Alice Montagu (3G GD Edward I)

4G GrandFather: Thomas Montagu 4th Earl Salisbury (3G GS Edward I)

4G GrandMother: Eleanor Holland (2G GD Edward I)

Mother: Maud Green

GrandFather: Thomas Green

2G GrandFather: Thomas Green

3G GrandFather: Thomas Green

GrandMother: Joan Fogge

2G GrandFather: John Fogge

2G GrandMother: Alice Haute

3G GrandFather: William Haute

3G GrandMother: Joan Woodville

4G GrandFather: Richard Woodville Chamberlain to the Duke of Bedford

4G GrandMother: Joan Bittelsgate