Paternal Family Tree


12Great Grandson Edward III King England

14Great Grandson Philip "Fair" IV King France


c 1710 born

03 Apr 1735 [25] married Harriet Dunch

21 Oct 1739 [29] succeeded 3rd Duke Manchester

10 May 1762 [52] died


Mother: Harriet Dunch

George Montagu 4th Duke Manchester 06 Apr 1737 [Father: 27]

Charles Greville Montagu 1741 [Father: 31]

Caroline Montagu

Louisa Montagu


Father: Charles Montagu 1st Duke Manchester (11G GS Edward III)

Grandfather: Robert Montagu 3rd Earl Manchester (10G GS Edward III)

1G Grandfather: Edward Montagu 2nd Earl Manchester (10G GS Edward I)

2G Grandfather: Henry Montagu 1st Earl Manchester (9G GS Edward I)

3G Grandfather: Edward Montagu (8G GS Edward I)

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Harrington

2G Grandmother: Catherine Spencer

3G Grandfather: William Spencer

1G Grandmother: Anne Rich (9G GD Edward III)

2G Grandfather: Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick (8G GS Edward III)

3G Grandfather: Robert Rich 1st Earl Warwick

3G Grandmother: Penelope Devereux (7G GD Edward III)

2G Grandmother: Frances Hatton

3G Grandfather: William of Newport Hatton

Grandmother: Anne Yelverton

1G Grandfather: Christopher Yelverton 1st Baronet Easton Maudit

Mother: Doddington Greville

Grandfather: Robert Greville 4th Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court