Paternal Family Tree: Legge


07 Aug 1638 commissioned to inspect the fortifications of Newcastle and Hull, and to put both in a state of defence.

02 Mar 1642 married Elizabeth Washington

12 Apr 1645 was appointed Groom of the Bedchamber: Charles I

19 May 1647 was imprisoned at Arundel Castle

Jul 1649 was imprisoned at Exeter Castle on a charge of high treason, for two years or more.

13 Oct 1670 died at Minories

a 13 Oct 1670 was buried at Holy Trinity


Mother: Elizabeth Washington

George Legge 1st Baron Dartmouth 1647-1691 [Mother: 31]

William Legge -1685

Son Legge

2 x Daughters Legge


Father: Edward Legge

Mother: Mary Walshe

GrandFather: Percy Walshe of Moy Valley