Paternal Family Tree


b 13 Jun 1622 born

13 Jun 1622 [0] admitted at Emmanuel College

1624 [2] elected MP Bere Alston

1625 [3] elected MP Leicester

1626 [4] elected MP Lancaster

1626 [4] awarded at Emmanuel College Bachelor of Arts

1628 [6] elected MP Clitheroe

1629 [7] awarded at Emmanuel College Master of Arts: Cambridge University

b 10 Nov 1633 [11] married Rebecca Rodway

Apr 1640 [18] elected at Short ParliamentMP Corfe Castle

Nov 1640 [18] elected at Long ParliamentMP Bury St Edmunds

11 Nov 1659 [37] died


Thomas 2nd Baron Jermyn of St Edmundsbury in Suffolk 10 Nov 1633 [Father: 11] [Mother: 54]


Father: Thomas Jermyn Lord Lieutenant Suffolk

Grandfather: Robert Jermyn

1G Grandfather: Ambrose Jermyn

2G Grandfather: Thomas Jermyn

3G Grandfather: Thomas Jermyn

3G Grandmother: Catherine Bernard

2G Grandmother: Anne Spring

3G Grandfather: Thomas of Lavenham Spring

1G Grandmother: Anne Heveningham

2G Grandfather: George of Rushbrooke Heveningham

Mother: Catherine Killigrew

Grandfather: William of Hanworth Killigrew

1G Grandfather: John of Arwenack Killigrew

Grandmother: Margery Saunders

1G Grandfather: Thomas of Uxbridge Saunders