Paternal Family Tree: Hussey


15G Grandson John "Lackland" I King England

20G Grandson Henry I King France

21G Grandson Edmund "Ironside" I King England


1599 born at Dorking to John Hussey -1632 and Mary Wood

married Theodate Bachiler

1633 [34] settled at New Hampshire

b 1660 [61] founded at Nantucket

10 Apr 1678 [79] swore at Hampton allegiance to Charles II King Scotland, II King England, Scotland and Ireland (the first to do so).

1686 [87] died


Mother: Theodate Bachiler

Huldah Hussey 1643-1740 [Father: 44]


Father: John Hussey (14G GS John I)

GrandFather: George Hugh Hussey (13G GS John I)

2G GrandFather: Thomas Hussey (12G GS John I)

3G GrandFather: Giles Hussey (11G GS John I)

4G GrandFather: John Hussey 1st Baron Hussey Sleaford (10G GS John I)

4G GrandMother: Margaret Blount (14G GD Henry I)

3G GrandMother: Jane Pigot

2G GrandMother: Bridget Bowes

Mother: Mary Wood