Paternal Family Tree


7Great Grandson __Edward III King England


07 Jul 1586 born at Finchingfield

19 Oct 1595 [9] succeeded 4th Earl Surrey (3C 1483)

19 Oct 1595 [9] succeeded 21st Earl Arundel (Sussex)

1644 [58] created 1st Earl Norfolk (5C 1644)

married Alethea 14th Baroness Talbot

04 Oct 1646 [60] died


Mother: Alethea 14th Baroness Talbot

Third Cousin (Common Ancestors: Thomas 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland and Elizabeth Greystoke)

Third Cousin (Common Ancestors: George Talbot 4th Earl Shrewsbury, 4th Earl Waterford and Anne Hastings)

James Howard 1st Baron Maltravers 1607 [Father: 20] [Mother: 22]

Henry Howard 22nd Earl Arundel, 2nd Earl Norfolk 15 Aug 1608 [Father: 22] [Mother: 23]

William Howard 1st Viscount Stafford 30 Nov 1614 [Father: 28] [Mother: 29]


Father: Philip Howard 20th Earl Arundel

Grandfather: Thomas Howard 4th Duke Norfolk

1G Grandfather: Henry Howard

2G Grandfather: Thomas Howard 3rd Duke Norfolk

3G Grandfather: Thomas Howard 2nd Duke Norfolk

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Tilney

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Stafford 3rd Duchess Norfolk

3G Grandfather: Edward Stafford 3rd Duke Buckingham

3G Grandmother: Eleanor Percy

1G Grandmother: Frances Vere

2G Grandfather: John Vere 15th Earl Oxford

3G Grandfather: John Vere

3G Grandmother: Alice Colbroke

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Trussell

3G Grandfather: Edward Trussell

3G Grandmother: Margaret Donne

Grandmother: Mary Fitzalan

1G Grandfather: Henry Fitzalan 19th Earl Arundel

2G Grandfather: William Fitzalan 18th Earl Arundel

3G Grandfather: Thomas Fitzalan 17th Earl Arundel

3G Grandmother: Margaret Woodville

2G Grandmother: Anne Percy

3G Grandfather: Henry Percy 4th Earl Northumberland

3G Grandmother: Maud Herbert

1G Grandmother: Katherine Grey

2G Grandfather: Thomas Grey 2nd Marquess Dorset

3G Grandfather: Thomas Grey 1st Marquess Dorset

3G Grandmother: Cecily 2nd Baroness Bonville, 7th Baroness Harington

2G Grandmother: Margaret Wotton 2nd Marchioness Dorset

Mother: Anne Dacre

Grandfather: Thomas 4th Baron Dacre Gilsland

1G Grandfather: William 3rd Baron Dacre Gilsland

2G Grandfather: Thomas 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland

3G Grandfather: Humphrey 1st Baron Dacre Gilsland

3G Grandmother: Mabel Parr

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Greystoke

3G Grandfather: Robert Greystoke

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Grey

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Talbot

2G Grandfather: George Talbot 4th Earl Shrewsbury, 4th Earl Waterford

3G Grandfather: John Talbot 3rd Earl Shrewsbury, 3rd Earl Waterford

3G Grandmother: Catherine Stafford

2G Grandmother: Anne Hastings

3G Grandfather: William 1st Baron Hastings

3G Grandmother: Katherine Neville

Grandmother: Elizabeth Leyburne

1G Grandfather: James Leyburne

2G Grandfather: Thomas Leyburne

2G Grandmother: Margaret Pennington

3G Grandfather: John Pennington