Paternal Family Tree


5Great Grandson __Henry VII King England and Ireland


1670 born at London

1685 [15] educated at Magdalene College aka Buckingham

06 Sep 1691 [21] married Auberie Anne Penelope Obrien

married Henrietta Somerset

1708 [38] appointed Privy Council

10 Dec 1709 [39] succeeded 6th Earl Suffolk (4C 1603)

19 Sep 1718 [48] died


Charles William Howard 7th Earl Suffolk 09 May 1693 [Father: 23]


Father: Henry Howard 5th Earl Suffolk

Grandfather: Theophilus Howard 2nd Earl Suffolk

1G Grandfather: Thomas Howard 1st Earl Suffolk

2G Grandfather: Thomas Howard 4th Duke Norfolk

3G Grandfather: Henry Howard

3G Grandmother: Frances Vere

2G Grandmother: Margaret Audley

3G Grandfather: Thomas 1st Baron Audley Walden

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Grey

1G Grandmother: Catherine Knyvet

2G Grandfather: Henry Knyvet

3G Grandfather: Henry Knyvet

3G Grandmother: Anne Pickering

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Stumpe

Grandmother: Elizabeth Home

1G Grandfather: George Home

Mother: Mary Stewart

Grandfather: Andrew Stewart 3rd Baron Castle Stuart

1G Grandfather: Andrew Stewart 2nd Baron Castle Stuart

2G Grandfather: Andrew Stewart 1st Baron Castle Stuart

3G Grandfather: Andrew Stewart

3G Grandmother: Margaret Stewart

2G Grandmother: Margaret Kennedy

3G Grandfather: John of Blairquhan Castle Kennedy

1G Grandmother: Anne Stewart

2G Grandfather: John Stewart 5th Earl Atholl

3G Grandfather: John Stewart 4th Earl Atholl

3G Grandmother: Margaret Fleming

2G Grandmother: Mary Ruthven